Marriage by Curse – Introduction by Aayu

Hello everyone,

I am back with a new story. This is a bit fictional and unbelievable but I hope that you guys like the plot of the story. Please do tell me if you want me to continue with this plot or not.

I also want to apologize to my dear readers who demanded an extra chapter in the Mafia Devil story. I am currently very busy with my engineering studies and I get very spare time so I thought that writing a new story, as promised, will be more interesting for all of you. The ‘epilogue’ of Mafia Devil is something that I leave upon the imagination of an individual.


Sanchi, Kabir, Veer, Isha, Pragya, Satish, Priya, Sanket, Riya and Vikrant had been classmates in their school years. After years, a curse binds them with one of their classmates and then they have to put with their respectives.

What happens when some people have changed considerably in the course of time?

What happens when they have to deal with their unfeeling crushes from school?

Will they be able to keep up with their partners or will they become a prey of the curse?

To know more,

Please do comment and let me know if I should continue the story or not?

  1. Just don’t think and start writing. I know you will definitely give us something very exciting and special story.

    1. AAYU

      Thank you so much Pooja
      I will try to meet your expectations and please do give suggestions

  2. Hey Aayu
    The plot is amazing I totally loved it
    Plz do continue writting this epilogue
    Eagerly waiting for the first episode
    Post soon
    Take care

    1. AAYU

      Thank you so much Tanvi
      I will try to post soon
      Take care you too

  3. Yippie u r back.. was waiting for ur new story..n as pooja said do fast, I love to read fantasy stories more bcoz it’s full of suspense n twists😀. All the best.luv u n Take care 😘 ❤

    1. AAYU

      Thank you so much Priyanshi
      I would try to add more suspense in the story
      Love you too
      Take care you too

  4. Dhruti

    Yippee u back aayu😃…… Don’t think to much and just start writing on this FF I love ur idea… next one asap…TC….. love you a lot😘

    1. AAYU

      Thank you so much Dhruti
      I will try to post soon
      Love you too

  5. Khamoshi

    Plot is really interesting. Would love to read that. Post soon

    1. AAYU

      Thank you Khamoshi
      I would try to post soon

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