Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Fawad speaks about love

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher asking Mariam to manage kids, she will get the chocolates. Rifat says she got saved once again. Fawad sees Mariam dancing with the kids. He smiles seeing her. O yaara….plays…. He calls her. Mariam sees him. He says I need to say something, come upstairs. She says party is starting now, kids will get upset, come down and tell me, lets keep work for office, fix your ugly face and come in the party. She thinks what does he want to tell me, what was he thinking, why is he looking at me like this. He goes. Goons hide seeing Zain. Zain meets Aaliya and wishes her. He gifts her a guitar. He says I can teach you to play it. She smiles and hugs him. Everyone smiles. The lights go off. Everyone looks around. Fawad comes as Dracula. They all get shocked.

He scares the kids. He laughs and says sorry. The kids see Fawad and clap. Rifat says Fawad… Biji says he is looking cute even in Dracula costume.

Fawad says its birthday of sweet Aaliya, so I had to come, I promise you, I will just have fun, I won’t fight or shout, what’s the most imp thing in such themed party, everyone wears prince and princess costumes, what do kids wait for, that’s magic, the biggest magic in life is… Mariam says how did he change much, he looks cute. Fawad says its love, only lucky ones have it, it changes fate. Aijaz says great. Fawad says love is a feeling where person loses his consciousness, there is everything where there is love, else there is nothing. He sees Mariam.

Biji says he is saying such interesting things, he is amazing, but he looks arrogant. Madiha says yes, he has surprised everyone. Choti says I can’t believe it, is he Fawad. Rifat smiles. She asks the goons to go. Fawad speaks more about love. Mariam thinks what happened to him, he is lecturing on love. Fawad thinks I have to tell this to you. Aaliya asks did you sleep while standing. Aijaz says he is Fawad, none can understand him. Mariam says Aijaz is right, nobody could understand Fawad. Rifat says its Mariam’s last day here. Aaliya asks Fawad to become prince. He goes. He says I need to talk to you. Mariam looks at him.

Rifat asks goons not to make any mistake. Mariam comes to Fawad and clicks his pics. She jokes on him. He laughs. He asks do you laugh too, this will be my exclusive story. He thinks it wasn’t a good joke. He asks why are you following me. She says you told me that you need to say something. He says I will tell you later. He goes. He comes dressed up like a prince. She smiles. She says I m waiting, tell me. He says I was saying….

Fawad says I have to talk to you. Mariam goes to meet Fawad. She says I know what does he want to tell me. He says Manjeet I love you. Mariam gets kidnapped. Rifat smiles. Fawad says where is she.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nina

    Fawad is embarrassed, and he is hard telling about his love. He had made an attempt but didn’t his revelation.

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