how many shades u have swara (part 1)


Hii….this is my new ff…there is introduction..I will directly enter into my ff

A beautiful morning…filled with pleasant surrounding. .chill chill sound of birds..a foamy atmosphere. ..
A girl is seen will be around 5.00 in mrng.soon she finishes her warm up, she left to her place

A big mansion
The same girl enters the mansion and moves towards her room.After sometime, she comes down wearing a salwar suit witha puff and one side pony tied.She enters the kitchenand start to make tea.she takes out a cup of tea ang goes to balcont and seated There. Many people who are passing through the roads waves their hand as if she was a celebraty.she takes out another cup of tea and knock a door.she keeps it down and left.
An elderly man of 45-50 comes out and takes the cup
Man (tears):why shona..why are u punishing urself. IM sorry Mishti..I couldnt make our daughter smile after u went.Why u left Mishti..I need our old daughter., who smile whole hearted. .
After sometimes. .
The same girl is seen driving her scooty with lost in toughts.she was interepted by a sweet voice
Girl:shonaa diii
Shona turns back. And smiles at her
Shona :mere chottu..what are u doing this time
Chottu:dii….wo…actually. .I.

Shona :exam fee naa
Chottu:how u knw dii
Shona :MAGIC. (saying so she took a chocolateand gives to her) dont worry.Ive already paid it
Chotty:thanku dii love u
She moves frm there
shw moves inside.All were wishing giid mrng maamm
She goes toward the middle
Shona :I’ve already said, never call me also a servant like u.the same management gives ne plz call me SWARA.thats it
She goes to her cabin..there is a name borad”Dr Swara Mishti”cardiologist…she is a famous there us a lot many people..who are the consutant of our swara
Another mansion…
Maheswary mansion
A lady comes down with some files
A young man of early 26 comes down..he is wearing a blue pant white shirt and a yellow blazer..he ws looking stunting
Sanskar:jii maa
Lady :here is ur file. Dont work like this..u r growing fastly..
Another lady interepted
Ladu :haa jiji…sanskar shall we find our daughter in law
sanskar:not again chachi
Lady :then when u will get married

Sanskar holds both the ladies hand
:look maa, chachi, you can select a girl bt will never get anyone of my choice
Chachi :wot is ur choicr
Sanskar:okay listen,
He says something. .which is muted
He leaves
Lady :look sujatha…can we ever find a girl
Sujatha:no jiji..anyways hope for the best
both smiles and go to kitchen
In car..
Sanskar is stuck in the traffic block..he us busy in phone which was disturbed by loud noises..he looks around and find a girl eating kulfi with choclate in other hand.she is playing witj many street children..sanskar feeks disgusting to see such thing
Sanskar to himself:such a low class girl. ..
He got another call
Sujatha:sanskar..ur dadaji

Sanskar:im coming
He drives fast.and sees dadji suffering frm heart attack..he takes him with help of Ap and sujatha.and drives to the hispital
Dadaji in ICU
sanskar:it has been more than 15 min..where is the dr
Nurse:sir. .actually. .that
Sanskar:dont break my patience
Nurse:maam…no no dr is out of hospital.
Nurse:probably she must in park
Sanskar:park??is she out of sense
Just then swara comes with same kulfi and choclate
nurse:here. .she comes
Sanskar:she…that too dr (with a disgusting face)
Nurse:yes sir..she us dr swara

Sanskar was fuming in anger..both ladies try to control in vain
He moves towards swara
And grabbed her hands and throw kulfi and choclate outside
Sanskar:are u out of sense. U are reputed dr..still behaving like unprivilised people..ihh I forget. .low class people will have same attitude naa
Swara:how darw u ti throw my kulfi..blo*dy fool
Sanskar:who gave u this can u become a dr??
Swara:BAAX Medical science of college
Swara:they gave me graduation…
Sanskar:what the hell..look ms low class…my dadaji is there in as a dr treat him..
Swara gies frm there and enters ICU

Precap:sanskar scolding swara.swara with many goons

I hope u all will enjoy this…thanku

Credit to: salluzz

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