Manaya (Love can happen anywhere and anytime) Episode 1

Hii guys so I hop u like the first it wl be short since I am injured sorry for the inconvenience…

So there r three girls shown it is Rachita,Amaya and Jazz.Sneha comes and tells them that they have to go to work and jazz has to go to college.

They all at the same time say 5 mins.Sneha brings cold water and throws it on them,they all wake up in shock and Sneha starts laughing and says u’ll woke up in 2 mins.They look at her laughing and hug her.Amaya goes with Jazz to the college.Amaya comes there and finds out that it is the teacher had called all the parents to talk to them about they’re marks and behaviour.Amaya asks Jazz what is this and Jazz says I’m sorry Amu I forgot.Amu taps her head slightly.Amaya enters the class and apologises to the teacher and says that our mom is not well since recently our dad passed away so pls tell me any complain about her.He says no not all,don’t be sorry take care of ur mom at this time she needs ur support,Amu smiles.He says only one thing I need to tell u.Pls meet someone she helps a student in 2nd grade a lot pls meet his elder brother and one more request pls make her stop studying a lot,Amu looks confused at the teacher.He says she answers all the questions in one minute.He laughs while Jazz and Amaya laugh too.Amaya comes out of the class and hugs Jazz and says everyone is proud of u and u help everyone in the college.(Guys the college and school is one place).Jazz says Amu wait one min I wl go to the washroom and then show.Amaya walks in front but turns to see Jazz and while she walks without looking front.A boy is shown walking that way and Amaya walks towards him she loses her balance and he holds her.He is wearing sunglasses and they share an ilock.Dheere Dheere plays.

He makes her stand and says can’t u see and walk.Amaya says can’t u too.He removes his glasses and it is shown our one and only handsome and charming boy Mantu.He says u girls know to put the blame on us boys.Mantu says if u can’t see wear glasses and that too high power.Chiklu is standing nxt to them and says stop fighting like Tom&Jerry.Jazz comes back and sees Chiklu and gives him a hi five.She says how r u he says fine and says this is my elder brother Mantu.Jazz shakes hands with him,Mantu asks who is she.Chiklu says I kept telling u someone helps me in school which helped me in my studies.Mantu says ohh…and says thanks so much Jazz.Amaya says and I am her elder sister.Mantu murmurs totally different from the younger one.Amaya hears this and says u….she says u r so cute bcoz Jazz and Chiklu were lookin at them.Rachita enters her class and Rama stares at her.She teaches and Rama sees her beauty.In the end she asks for the books and Rama sees her and keeps the books and holds her hand.Rachita sees him and asks him what she he doing,Rama tries to find for an excuse and says actually there was a cockroach so I saw it and got scared.

Precap-Mantu and Amaya Tom&Jerry fight on the boat.

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