My watt pad I’d: Bhanumitra
di wake up it’s already 8 am “swara yelled at rags

“oh so wat after an hr it will be 9,” she said in sleepy tone

“no after hr, it will be our death ceremony dad will kill us if its late ” swara yelled while pulling her quilt

“no, yar its Sunday only na… let us sleep come on kiddo, ” she said while pulling swara on the bed

“lazy di get up fast plzzz y ur wasting time in sleep ” she yelled while hitting rags with a pillow

“sleep is time waste ah ” rags yelled in shock

“ahh its an unproductive work so time waste, ” swara said while settling her books

“we aren’t robots like you so sleep…. is needed for us ok ” she yelled while hitting a pillow

“ok cool no fight now get ready di plzz wake up ”
Dii u really wanna marry that laksh I Can’t u forget him ” swara asked

” wt the hell ur asking ” she yelled in shock

” di seriously love ND all are waste of time …love won’t exist di it’s just an attraction,” swara said with exclamation

Stop ur stupid lecture like dad I’m serious about lucky I can do anything for him nd vice Versa

” diii plz understand it’s not a love how can you love someone whom u know just a few days back”, yelled in angry

” sooo at least even you know sanskar from few days right” rags questioned

” he is our family member nd our family loves him” swara answered without thinking anything

” means you don’t love him ur just marrying him as Shekhar baba said, ” rags asked in surprise

” yes’s I will do anything dad says”

” so swara u don’t have any wish regarding ur life, ” rags asked

” nooo. My life belongs to dad ” she yelled out loud

” in this same way my life belongs to lucky ND this is called love soo even you know how to love but u don’t know How to accept nd realize, ?” rags said in cold tone while moving away from swara

” huhhh, even bade papa say’s noo,” I asked

” see swara I’m very sure if I wanna marry someone it will be only lucky I can’t imagine another person in that place
And coming to dad pov this is my life I should marry a person whom I love if I really wanna happy
Ge will understand or not I don’t care
The thing I care is my love my family means it’s you swara ND Shekhar baba sumi maa only

” so my little sister don’t think this more ” rags answered nd left

Swara pov,

Ho noo she is mad in love
She is serious in this
Means I should convince my family
But how? ?

She is still angry on bade papa ..?.

I, now I can’t even dare to speak with my dad only
Then how can I convince bade papa
And this sanskar …..disgusting
Ok before he disclose my di matter I should say to dad

My thoughts are brushed out by a whistle sound
I turned around to see

It’s again vamp ?

” are you planning against me? He asked with a smirk ?

” it’s none of ur business just get lost ” I yelled in frustration

” your my property soo I can know ur thoughts Jaan, ” he said with a mischieve smile

” don’t you dare to call me as jaan I will kill you ” I yelled in angry ?

” cool baby, ” he said while moving close to me

” don’t you dare to touch me” I yelled in angry and moved away

But he pulled me close by holding my waist in fraction of seconds
I found myself on his chest
I was hardly standing on my toes
He is just admiring me
II in his cute chocolate eye’s his words saying somethingIbut his eyes are expressing something different

” u look cute in this wet hair…u smell so tempting..” he whispered while snoring into my wet hair ?

I just shivered in his touch

Noo, wats going on he is not my sunny
He is a lusty vamp swara
Don’t fall My mind is stopping me

He is just starting me.

Suddenly we heard a coughing sound ” ahem ahem”

I tried to get away from his grip
But he is holding me tight on my waist

” oh noo di ”
” devar ji you haven’t married still ” she yelled with a wink ?

I pushed him back with a force in embarrassment ?

He stood speechlessly

” we are just talking, ” he said while sticking his eyes on floor

” haha it’s ok ? but do anything after locking door ?
Or else my baba will lock you …” She said while eyeing me ?

Already I’m dying while blushing ? only
“I think I should leave now ” I murmured

..” Kiddo it’s ok u can go but first listen nd go ”

” y u msgged me rags, ” sanskar asked

Wt rags… u messaged him

” actually today is Sunday so we had a get together evg sharp 7 hell club,” rags said

” means”

” means I had invited all my frnds nd our cousin’s so, we can have a great time
I wanna introduce sanskar to all my friends too ”

” noo way di… ” I yelled

” wt no way he is ur fiancée na ” rags reminded me

” yah sure rags my pleasure, ?” he said nd ended my words by holding by waist from back

” that’s great so night 7 ” she yelled in excitement ?

” keep quiet jaan remember this… u want ur di happiness right so do this jaan ” he whispered in my ear nd left

as soon he left I close my door with a force

“wt the hell di why u wanna introduce him ahh. ” I yelled in angry

” ah bcoz he is ur fiancee ” she answered in calm voice

“wt the hell fiancée we haven’t even engaged then how can he be my fiancé ahhh ” I roared from my top voice

“why ur getting angry jaan u gonna get engaged nxt month only na ” her answer shocked mee

“next month….”

yeah, next month only baba said me yesterday don’t you know ” she asked me Iand I wanna introduce lucky as my boyfriend to everyone

“dii first say to bade papa nd dad, “I said in convincing tone

” I will leave in 2days na then I will inform dad about this nd tomorrow I will disclose this to ur dad ok chill, ”

chill ahh.. how can she take so easy this is a serious matter stay but she is reacting like a normal thing .. wt will happen if dad nd bade papa knows this my thoughts are wiped out with her sudden question

“don’t u love sanskar ? “she asked

“noo. ”

“then ur doing this marriage for dad ah…” she asked in shock

what should I answer her.. let it be yess.

yes I nodded to her

“without lv how can u spend ur entire life with him, ” she asked

“I don’t know ” I answered while grabbing my ph

“stupid.. brainless this is not a game … u should marry only if ur ok with that person in all ways ” she yelled

“di plz I don’t want any discussion in this plz leave this topic,” I said while leaving

” swara… Plzzz answer me ”

She asked while grabbing me towards the bed ND made me sit beside her

” dii wat”

” wt ur trying to do …wts going on in ur stupid brain answer me kiddo, ” she asked while cupping my face

I can’t lie to my di ?

” I I’m unable to accept anything di, ” I said while controlling my tears

” anything means ”

” means I’m not ready for this marriage di
I’m just 21 ”

” soo cool say this to dad, ” she said

” nooo I had said already…. he said me that I have time up to ur marriage,” I said while moving away ?

” huh y our family is that much interested in our marriage’s”

” it’s ok we can’t change it’s but plz inform bade papa
Already he seen a match for you may be u will get married in next month only but ur so cool ND casual” I yelled

” even I’m nervous but I don’t wanna show that ? if our family don’t accept thisII should go away from all
I want to make memories as much as possible ?
So will hope that all is well …

“Now noo more serious talks lets have fun ….Go ND complete ur work fast we will watch a movie. … ?
” ok di tc lv u ?”

afternoon 4pm
finally, I reached home after completing my work
the worst thing in this world is working on Sundays huh

asap I reached my sweet home my mom nd di are waiting for me
oh no I forgot about my lunch …

” hey gud afternoon ” I wished them with a smile

“I think ur watch is not working check out ur time only this is evg ” my di yelled in angry …that’s all her care

“sry di lost in work .. how is ur day nd mom y ur not talking anything, ” I asked while grabbing a book from the shelf but my mom gave an angry look nd left to her room

” in front, you dare to hold a book again ” my di yelled at me

“wtt this is a business magazine ” I answer in cold tone

“the hell with u nd ur business .. see stupid robot I just came for you from London but u don’t care me from mrg I’m waiting for you but even a Sunday working
I hate u …wt kind of sister ur ” she groaned in tears

she is really crying ah y my mom is not reacting
wt should I do now huh

“ok cool di her after whole day is urs come we will watch movie,” I said while pulling her

“pakka promise u should quit office until I leave this home, ” she asked with pout face

“ok di anything for you, “I said

“no promise ” she yelled while pulling me

“my words are same with promise or without promise that’s final ”

“ok that’s great then lv u come have ur lunch we are waiting for you ” she got up nd got the food plate and feed me
after having late lunch we left to our room

we had started watching a movie ; Twilight

she loves that movie but I’m not experienced in that movie its more romance so i used to stay away ?

I just close my eyes automatically when its comes point of romance ? ?

as I expected this is more romantic it’s awkward
I was unable to bear this awkwardness I turned my laptop down

“wt the hell kiddo ” my di yelled in angry

“woh di ? plz its too much ? I can’t watch, ” i said while blushing

“huh this is wat I call u kiddo ” she said while slapping my shoulder playfully

“its ok di shall we get ready we need to go out na, ” I said to divert topic

“no its ok first say me did u crossed limits with sunny ” her question dropped my jaws

“chi shut up di ” i yelled in angry

“huh i mean atleast kiss jaan ”
wt should I answer true or not

no I can’t say her about kiss it embarrassing but I can’t lie too
think swara think

” woh di I had a work you get ready now ” I ran out of my room without wasting a second

Evg 7 pm hell club

everyone left inside but I’m waiting out for Kushi nd Kavitha, Arnav

After some time they came we left in
My smile will turn into fear when I see this vamp ?

he I the bar counter with a smirk ?

I moved towards my cousins he followed me I I feel his gaze on me

My lucky jiju is so quiet

” hi lucky how are u, ” I asked

” fine movie; ”
” y ur so uncomfortable now I think jiju is blushing ?”


they had great time, likes lucky so much since childhood they had a great bonding like a brother nd sister ok but he is going to be her I …

all of them gathered around a huge round table swasan, raglak,arshi, kavsath , pavan nd liketh(written update … this is his pet name)

they started playing the game

truth or dare …(it’s quite common game but this is needed next time I will add some other game )

let us confess some truth today
although it’s been a long time I joined you

let’s start this I will rotate the bottle ” rags said while grabbing an empty beer bottle

I 1; whom u wanna kiss right now?
lets us see who will answer this question
rags rotated the bottle
swara crossed her fingers in nervousness but bottle stopped in front of sanskar
without wasting a sec he frankly I “, ” with a smirk towards her

“Ohh Ohh we expected although she is ur future wife u can, “rags said with a wink towards swara
swara just watched everything

next turn … I rotated the bottle
it stopped in front of rags nd pavan(swara cousin )

Pavan; what is the secret you have for a long time, um… I know it but confess it rags

rags; hmm, actually guys I wanna marry someone he is none other than lucky
I love him so we will get married soon

pavan; haha see guys this love birds never said us but maintained a love track behind

Lucky; nooo it’s not like that I confessed the last yr only we are focused on career,

, ; career or family focus…………??

rags; both but we are clear we wanna be together whatever it is

Swara; ok cool leave this topic now

sanskar; y I let me know there love story

movie;; nooo

, ; ok I’s continue our game

rags rotated the bottle it stopped in front of I
swara turn

Kavitha; um swara say I love you to someone

swara turned towards sanskarI everyone expected that she I’m express to sanskar but she turned towards sathvik nd said I love you… (as per swara pov she is secured with sathvik she feels him as his gud brother sathvik is positive he is in lv with Kavitha )

, turned red in angry he controlled his angry by fisting his hand as he can’t express in front of all
swara sensed his angry but still, she gave the least care nd moved some far away from him in her chair

I rotated the bottle it stopped in front of I
task is given by liketh

” kiss someone .. or ask someone for a kiss … anyone in this club its ok

got real chance to show his obsession
he moved towards I nd turning his bar stool towards her
” will u kiss me Jaan “he whispered in her ear this is hearable to all

Shall I kiss you then

swara gulped for it…. her jaws dropped
she nodded her head in a big noo

noo u only said dare right so do it “everyone

swara gave a pleasing expression towards rags

“yar its hard give easy one she can’t face it, “rags said while diverting others

“noo its perfect dare come on swara lets do it, “he said while moving from his chair towards swara

“she knows that he is serious she got up from chair nd started to go away she left towards a glass cabin and about to leave out but its too late sanskar pulled her wrist

“noo plz sanskar ” she stammered while moving back

“yes come on jaan I ‘m ur fiancee ”

“sanskar plz not here.. all are watching us ” she whispered in nervousness

he pinned her to the glass wall “let them I don’t care ”

“plz sanskar behave urself ” she murmured in fear nd disgust

“u can propose someone in front of all nd infront of ur finance but I shouldn’t kiss you ahaan isn’t it wrong … u should ??
u should know the side effects of hurting my ego don’t you… ” he whispered with a smirk while caging her with his hands

“I.III I’m sry plz stop this, ” she said in pleasing tone

“time up jaan lets complete ur punishment for you nd dare for me ” ??
he said while leaning towards her
he placed a lingering kiss on her neck while caressing her waist
she is trying hard to stop him but.. its impossible

“plz stop this sanskar ” she murmured in tears but he is in no mood to listen

“did u cried before completing ur dare… of proposing him then y ur crying now, ” he asked while biting her neck

she gasped in pain if she opposes him everyone will come to know about her hate towards sanskar nd sanskar will spoil her whole family
screen freezed

precap; rags will meet the real vamp

note; no proofreading so spare my mistakes i gave as long as possible …
nd as I said this sanskar is really bad he will do much more further so I hope you will support me …as the story goes on u will love it I can assure that
and next update will be late as I’m in abroad I was unable to have time for ff so I will be unavailable for 2weeks so plz forgive this delay
nd shower ur valuable votes nd comments

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