She loves him and that’s a secret!… SWASAN OS

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She loves him and that’s a secret!… SWASAN OS
He was driving the car harshly, it was raining heavily and even when the wiper cleared the rain water from the glass, it was so difficult for him to drive the car. He realized that the car was getting out of his control, he tried to bring the car under his control which seemed impossible. He again and again tried, tensed that he may hurt someone. The pouring of the rain increased with heavy thunders and then, the car finally stopped with a loud shout echoing in his ears. He immediately opened the door of his car and got out, the rain drenching him completely within a second, he moved in front of his car. His eyes widened as he saw a girl lying unconscious with her head bleeding. His face titled as he banged the car angrily with his bare palms that was closed in a fist. He could leave her, he swear he would have left her but as his mind went in a memory lane when his mom was lying helplessly on a road.

He closed his eyes tightly controlling his emotions before bending closer to the girl. Her perfectly almond shaped eyes covered by her eyelids with thick black hairs cornering it. The blood on her head flows till her neck, her face covered with water drops. His hand lifting her face holding the back of her head, his another hand touched her soft and cold cheeks as he shook her face trying to wake her up. Her eyes remained close, he sighed and lifted her. He made her lie in the back seat of his car, her hand was clutching his shirt. He released himself from her grip carelessly and then started the car all the way to his friend’s home..
“Sanskar!” laksh said surprised seeing his friend coming to his home at such a late night carrying an unconscious girl. “what happened?” laksh asked following sanskar who was going to guest room without even answering. Sanskar knew each and everything about this home. it was his best friend’s home whom he trusts more than anything…

Making the unconscious girl lie on the bed, he turned to laksh. “I dashed her with my car!” laksh widened his eyes shocked hearing him. It was then when he clearly noticed the girl and saw her head wrapped by a white kerchief with red marks showing her blood. “you know, right? Neither I can take her to the Hospital, nor I can take her to my home!” laksh nodded understanding his situation. He took his phone from his pocket and walked out. Sanskar sat near her and looked at her, just stared at her thinking absolutely nothing. His gaze moved to the door as he saw his friend coming inside. “I called my family doctor.

She is on the way. Leave from here sanskar.. quick!” sanskar stood from the bed all set to go, when he suddenly stopped making laksh confused. “I will stay here!” laksh sighed and moved near him. “sanskar! you can’t take risk! It was you who decided to be away from this world. Right?” he asked whispering. Sanskar looked at the girl lying on the bed with her closed eyes. “I wish, my mom was taken care like this!” his face went pale hearing sanskar. “the accident happened because of me! I have to stay here, I will hide somewhere not letting the doctor see me!” laksh nodded to sanskar while he walked out of the room searching a place to hide. Laksh looked back at the girl, he don’t know why, but he felt that he saw her before… somewhere!…

“who is she, laksh?” Doctor Sinha asked curiously while carefully treating the wound of the girl. “my cousin sister!” laksh said. The doctor nodded to him after dressing the girl’s wound. “how did she get hurt?” laksh got the prescription from her and answered before taking his wallet, “she fell from the stairs!” taking the money from the wallet, he paid her the money. She left from there before instructing him about the medicines and bidding a professional ‘bye’. Sanskar came out of his hiding place after making sure that the doctor left. “what did the doctor said?” sanskar asked. “she is fine, she will wake up after sometime and the doctor prescribed some medicines!” laksh said and sanskar nodded sitting on a chair in that room while laksh went to his room. The night passed with Laksh’s thoughts filling his dream about where did he saw that girl before! Sanskar’s sleep was far away, his gaze focused on the window looking at the heavy rain and sometimes, his eyes unknowingly stole glances at the beautiful sleeping beauty…
Her closed eyes didn’t fail to feel the bright light on her face. She closed her eyes more tightly, her hands reached her head feeling a strong pain, she felt a cloth instead of her skin. She finally opened her eyes struggling with the blurriness and pain. Her eyes moved around seeing an unfamiliar environment, she stopped her gaze at a boy who was sitting on a chair staring at her. She blinked her eyes confused while the boy sighed and moved towards her. “I am laksh! I am sorry for the accident!” he saw her looking at him confused. “do you even remember what happened yesterday?” laksh asked confused. He saw her closing her eyes and holding her head and then she opened her eyes and continued, “a car hit me!” he nodded to her and said, “YES! IT WAS MY CAR.

I am really sorry!” she said nothing but continued to look around curiously making him confused. “what happened?” laksh asked and he saw her face going a little low as if she was uncomfortable. “who’s shawl is this?” she asked. Laksh sighed noticing the thick shawl that was wrapping her wet dress. It must be sanskar who made her wear this. “you were shivering with cold, I am sorry, I didn’t had any other option, I just made you wear this! It’s just a shawl!” he said frowning. God! He have to take all the blame on himself, but he can do this for his best friend. “doctor said that you should take rest! The doctor will come again for checking you! You can leave by afternoon”. She just nodded to him, she can’t ask anything more. At least he took care of her. “ask me if you need anything!” he said and started to go. “is there any girl’s dress here?” he turned to her hearing her. “I am very cold!” she whispered slowly. “I will arrange it!” he said and walked out to his room where sanskar was there..

“she is awake, I told her that it was me who hit her!” laksh said entering the room. Sanskar who was sitting on the bed and was staring at the floor looked up and said, “thank you!” laksh just smiled and said, “no need!” sanskar stood up from the bed when laksh said, “she need a dress!” sanskar looked at him hearing him. “shall I give your mom’s? few of her saris are here!” laksh asked whispering, silence prevailed for few seconds with sanskar just staring at him. he just nodded to him after sometime and moved to the balcony…
Sanskar entered and saw a girl with her long wet hair wearing a blue and a green sari. His mom’s sari! She was filling a glass with water thinking something, she was not seeing him. He turned and walked slowly when he suddenly heard her voice, “I saw you!” he stopped when she looked at him and walked near him. “who are you?” she asked. “this is my house! And why do you care who I am!” he said angrily hiding his shocked and scared face. God! She saw him! “I really don’t care! I asked because you came here and as soon as you saw me, you started going!” she raised her eyebrows and walked more closer to him saying, “if this is your home, then why don’t you get for whatever you came to kitchen! Why did you move seeing me?” she asked. Her wet hairs perfectly flying in air, her eyebrows raised with her eyes shining with enthusiasm and a devilish smirk playing on her lips. She was not any ordinary girl.

Sanskar thought before saying mockingly, “you ask so many questions as if you own this house!” she smiled and said, “one of the person who belongs to this house had hit me by his car. I have at least this much right to question someone!” she sipped the water from the glass still looking at him. she went near a stand to keep the glass back and when she turned, she didn’t find him…
“I am fine now! My family will be worried for me. I will leave!” laksh nodded to the girl. “you know the way?” he asked. “I will call my brother! Umm.. can I get a phone?” she asked and he pointed towards the landline. He saw her face frowning a little but she was clever enough to immediately change that. She moved towards the landline and made a call, after sometime she came to him. “thank you!” she murmured and walked out of the room when he suddenly said, “your name?” she turned to him confused. “I don’t know your name!” laksh said. She blinked her eyes and then walked out of the room before saying, “SWARA!”…
He went to his room and saw sanskar sitting on the bed with his palms covering his face. “sanskar?” he said and sanskar took his hands revealing his face as he looked at him. “she saw me!” laksh widened his eyes hearing him. “she left just now!” he said still shocked. Sanskar nodded to him and said, “I will think what to do, I hope she doesn’t cause problem to me!” laksh nodded to him scared as sanskar stood up. “I will leave now!” he walked out of the home and sat in his car driving to his home unaware that someone was following him…
Taking an alcohol bottle from the fridge, sanskar moved to his room lazily opening it. He started drinking it, not realizing that it tasted a little different than every other day. It was leaving a different effect on him this time, he felt so drowsy with his vision going blur. But he didn’t fail to see a girl coming inside his room. The same girl whom he hit by his car. The same girl who spoke so much to him this morning. “you?” he asked lazily. “swara!” she said coming and sitting near him on the bed. “swara is my name!” he was unable to move, he had no strength in him as he holded his head tightly. “I am not so much fool! I know it was you who hit me!” she said doing something in her bag and then stood up.

She continued leaning to the bed post smirking, “I wanted you to hit me!” she said as he looked at her still drowsily. “why did you kill her?” that was all her question making him fall in a misery pit. “why did you kill that famous business woman?” she asked a little louder. She frowned seeing him looking at her blankly. “why did you kill Kavitha?” she asked angrily sitting near him. it’s been months since he reacted. His life became deserted with his mom leaving him, all his tears dried out on his mom’s funeral. He was thirsty.. thirsty for the love of his mother for so long time and finally after a long time, he cried today. Swara saw his red moist eyes. She suddenly felt so much pain, but she is not going to be affected or she will not agree even if it affects her. She was a cop! And she had to do it! “I asked why!” she whispered.

“I didn’t kill her!” he said weakly. “I just pushed her and she got hit by the glass!” he whispered, his hands turning into a fist to gain energy, his mind completely unaware what he is even saying. “she hit my mother with her car and she didn’t care to take care of her”. He said and wiped his red nose and his tears. “she just went leaving her in the road and my mother died!” he whispered. “I went to kavitha’s home, I was so angry, I pushed her and she fell on a sharp glass and she was dead!” swara just looked at him keenly as tears rolled down his eyes endlessly. “I tried to make the police understand but no one listened me, all were just taking her side. So I decided to run! I decided to be away from anyone, only my best friend Laksh knew everything about me!” he whispered in a barely audible voice. She sighed and again did something with her bag, she was about to leave when he caught her hand.

“I didn’t kill her! It was not my fault!” she looked at him with absolutely no emotions trying hard to not melt at the way his tears flowed endless on his red face, with his eyes looking so innocent. She knelt down in front of him, her hand still in his grip. “you just didn’t push her! You strangled her neck and then pushed her!” she said, her voice cracking and hardly trying to sound in a professional voice. She was speaking like a heartless cop and she knew it, “you tried to kill her and that’s a crime!” she whispered and this time, her eyes became moist feeling sad for him. “she killed your mother and she is dead now! She got her punishment, you tried to kill her, so you should also get a punishment. Sanskar!” she stammered feeling weak under his moist, weak and broken gaze. He was just staring at her. His vision going blur with his tears as he felt her taking her hand from his grip and walking away and then the darkness consumed him…

He shivered feeling so cold and watery. He opened his eyes with great difficulty and realized that cold water was thrown on his face. He saw so many cops surrounding him and before he could do anything, they were dragging him outside his home. how did they get to know his home? he came out and saw the sky pitch dark realizing that it was a late night. Whatever happened few hours ago was playing in front of him in a blurred way making him understand nothing. He saw the same girl whom he hit was talking with the police. She looked at him and walked to him. he looked at her angrily and murmured, “you betrayer!” as slowly he started remembering everything. He saw her just staring at him, and then suddenly in a fraction of a second she snatched the gun from a police and started shooting everyone making everyone shocked.

She shooted all the cops perfectly with anger in her eyes, he was just looking at her and after shooting all the cops, she looked at him. he looked at her extremely confused and shocked, he was staring at her eyes trying to know what she was doing, what she wanted? She was also staring at him, he saw her eyes getting moist and then suddenly she kept the gun on her head and said, “everyone gets their punishment!”..

Sanskar widened his eyes in shock seeing the mad girl lying on the ground with blood flowing from her head, her hand still gripping the gun tightly. He immediately went and knelt down near her, he cupped her cheeks and lifted her head. His mind totally blank unable to understand anything, she lifted herself more moving so much near to his face and whispered, “I am sorry!” her lips brushed lightly his lips and then she fell on his shoulder breathing for the last time before saying, “take care!”…
“there were few cops who were payed money from the relatives of the famous business woman Kavitha to punish the one at any cost who killed her. All those cops were killed yesterday by the talented police woman Swara Gadodia”.
Laksh was shocked seeing the news finally remembering where did he actually saw swara before. She was a cop!

“she have submitted a video to the court where Mr. Sanskar who was accused of killing the business woman Kavitha has clearly said that he didn’t kill her! The top doctors of the city has checked him and had declared that he was given a drug and he can only speak truth that time. There were few video proofs before in which it was shown that Mr. Sanskar was strangling her neck but yesterday those video proofs were proven fake! Mr. Sanskar is free from this case now!”
Laksh gets happy seeing the TV, his friend was finally free. He searched for his phone to tell sanskar when the reporter said the next lines making him shocked.
“but why did the talented and the clever Police woman Swara Gadodia did suicide yesterday? It is still a mystery!”

Laksh covered his mouth with his hand to know that swara is dead. He called sanskar crying, but his phone was out of coverage area. He took a deep breathe and decided to see swara first seeing the TV in which they were showing her funeral…
Laksh saw so many people standing and crying. He got shocked seeing sanskar standing in a corner away from everyone and staring at her.. just staring at her!.. he went near him and whispered, “you are free now!” sanskar said nothing and continued to stare at her. “it seems, she had followed you to your house yesterday!” he said but sanskar remained in the same posture. “she wanted to know more about you! She even tried to get my number but I told her about the landline!” laksh said remembering the way swara frowned when he gave her landline instead of his phone. “any idea? How did she die?” and this time sanskar looked at him and said, “she did suicide in front of me!” laksh gets shocked hearing him. “why?” he asked in a bare whisper. “she said everyone gets their punishment!” he whispered choking and looked at her lifelessly lying adored with the garlands. “and she said sorry and then..” his voice going more weak as he said that. Laksh thought for some time and then said, “in news, they said that she is a very much sincere police officer.

You really strangled kavitha’s neck, right?” he asked but frowned seeing sanskar just looking at her. “maybe she regretted and did suicide because she proved that video fake!” sanskar smiled sadly and turned to him. “she proved it fake for me! She is not regretting for that!” laksh looked at him shocked as he noticed sanskar’s tears. he is seeing him crying after a long time. Sanskar holded the wall near him tightly as tears rolled down his eyes, he took a deep breathe feeling suffocated to see her like that. “she regretted for betraying me!”.. sanskar fell on the floor crying more feeling his soul breaking completely. Laksh knelt and sat near him. he gets tears seeing him crying so much. Sanskar continued to cry whispering, “she regretted for betraying her love”…
Ragini.. laksh’s beloved wife was staring at Sanskar who was sitting on the hall staring at swara’s photo that was hanged on wall adored with a garland. She walked to him still thinking. Yesterday night, laksh told her everything about him and a sudden respect grew inside her for both sanskar and swara. It is not so easy to decide to run away from everyone, from the whole world. Everyone would have accused him for killing Kavitha and how he would have felt that time? That pain seems so cruel for her to even imagine. Swara! It is not so easy for a cop to do so much for a criminal, Laksh told her that swara loved sanskar and that was told to laksh by sanskar! but how did sanskar ever came to know that she loved him? did she confessed? She walked to him and said, “sanskar!” he looked at her and putted a smile on his face. “can I ask you something?” she asked, he nodded to her as she sat beside him. “laksh said he had seen you crying so much only two times!” he looked at her confused. “one, during your mom’s death! And second time, during swara’s d…”

she stopped seeing sanskar closing his eyes. “I am sorry!” she immediately said. He opened his eyes and said, “that’s fine! Tell!” she nodded to him still scared that she might hurt him. “umm.. why did you cry that time?” she asked and he looked at her confused. “I mean, I can’t even understand your story! Why did you cry? What do you… what do you feel for her?” ragini asked. What he feels? Swara first betrayed him but then helped him so much, she has always seen him staring at swara’s photo, so she was just curious to know, “I cried because I realized that I love her!” he said standing up and moving near to her photo making ragini instantly silent. He lost his love, what if she is hurting him by asking such questions to him. “and how do you know she loves you?” her curiousness was translated into words and rolled off her tongue in a blink of eyes making herself surprised, she was about to apologize that if she was hurting him but stopped seeing him thinking something deeply..

Sanskar was lost in his own world. Can someone even understand this? He felt her love for him when she fought cutely with him in the kitchen. He felt her love for him when she became teary hearing his story, he felt her love for him when she pecked on his lips for the first and the last time, he felt her love for him when she closed her eyes and breathed loudly for the last time near his ear that is still echoing to him.

he felt her love for her at the way she killed herself just because she was guilty, guilty that once she wanted to arrest him. how can he make anyone understand that it was a secret! Secret between the both of them, secret between the both of their hearts, their souls. Her last ever words ‘take care’ was the only reason that he was still taking care of himself, that he was still alive. Otherwise, he was waiting for death! Waiting for Death to consume him. he caressed her photo as his eyes became moist, he just didn’t wanted to caress her photo. He just didn’t wanted to hug her photo and cry every night. He wanted to hug her, to feel her and sleep peacefully. Tears flowed from his eyes as he looked her photo. He wanted to touch her, to feel her, tell her that he loved her, tell her that he knew that she too loves him. he wanted to hug her tightly to never let her go…

“I am sorry!” he heard a whisper, he wiped his tears and turned to find ragini. “I am really sorry if I hurt you! I was just so curious to know how you know that she loves you!” she said feeling guilty for hurting him. but she saw him smiling sadly and again turning to the photo. She moved to him and saw him just staring at her pic as he whispered, “no one can understand how I know it!” she looked at him confused while he continued whispering, “IT’S A SECRET!”…

A/N- hey guys! it’s Raina!! sad ending story for the first time.
hope you all will like it!
Thank you all!
Love you all…

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