Manmarziyan… Wild Justice (Chapter 1)


Hello all Manmarziyan fans..well m not new to this ff page but new to the author’s section.Inspired from all amazing ffs writers here I also started an ff…its basically a suspense story…plz have a look at it and let me know how was it..Kindly ignore my mistakes as m writing for d first time..

“Sir…sir..whats ur perspective at the bankruptcy of Mehra’s InfoTech..”
Sir…India wants to know what MGN is planning nxt”
Sir, in just one year duration three IT companies of MGN are padlocked , what is ur contest in d matter..”
Media bombarded their questions at Yash Mehra, a man in his mid 50s and Chief Managing Director of MGN, Mehra Global Networking, an IT organisation possessing nine well correction now Six renowned IT companies.Today was d closing ceremony of InfoTech, his another streamlined IT company.

“No Comments” enunciated Mr. Jaidev Wardhan, legal advisor of MGN and close family frnd of Yash Mehra. “We already had divulged our statement . MGN are planning to come up with something big and highly coherent and for that we need to do some modifications. These are just initial denouement of dat. U will soon get to know more. Now, please excuse us.”

“Please move aside” Deepak, an employee in his late 20s of MGN and Manager of Yash Mehra tried shoving d Media officials aside..Both Mr. Mehra nd Mr. Wardhan hurriedly marched towards d Mercedes parked at d entrance..

“But Sir…we have already witnessed dis comment n no. of times. Nd now people r really desperate to know of what great project Mehra’s are talking about for one year since d closure of their first company.”
a lady reported blasted her question at Yash when he was getting inside the car.

“No further comments..” Mr. Wardhan chimed again taking a seat beside his boss in d car.

“But Sirrr…before d reporter could complete her question, gate of the car was closed and engine was fired with lightening speed..

She then turned towards the camera “So u guys watched how yet again MGN didn’t provided any explanation for the closure of their another company and repeated their same statement. May be they are really planning for something momentous as stated or they are extremely traumatized after the failure of their three companies. Well as said truth cant be hidden for long so the real story will automatically come in front us . For now we can just pray dat the leftover companies of MGN progress well and doesnt shut down..Samaira Khanna..Indian Times..” Samaira concluded her interview with a devilish smirk playing on her face..

A person repeated d same smirk as of Sam got up from d sofa, walked towards d television and shut it off. “JUSTICE BEGINS” d person signed off..

Plz let me know if I should continue or not…

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  1. Brin

    Interesting story, please continue, waiting for the next update. ?

    1. Pankh

      Thnx Brin for ur comment dear

  2. Wohoo…… New plot…. Seems interesting… Waiting eagerly for the next episode.

  3. It is hell interesting.please continue

  4. arti viswanathan

    Interesting one pankh dear.. I will be waiting for next episode…… I loved to the core….

  5. ยงฤซรฅ

    The plot seems interesting bt proceed only when it is something different.. m really fed up reading common stories.

  6. Sulbi

    Quite interesting dear… waiting for nxt part… tc..

  7. _Ritu

    Wow Pankh…m so happy to see u in d Author’s section…story is quite intriguing dear ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess Sam nd d person r together against d Mehra’s ๐Ÿ™‚ suspense, mystery stories always attract me dear ๐Ÿ™‚ nd d way u have written everything…trust doesn’t feel lyk u r writing for d first time.. ๐Ÿ™‚ desperate for nxt..plz post soon…loads of love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Pankh

      Thanks Ritu for ur motivation..u r really a sweetheart dear..I see how u motivate every writer here with ur words and I appreciate that..about the story well for now m dropping d story coz I don’t think it will turn out good..will see in future…bt Thanks and yeah waiting for ur ff..update soon.

  8. Jewel

    This is really interesting pankh…. Nice start….. Waiting for next one….

  9. Start was fabulous but please don’t make it a regular story

  10. I mean m really fed up to read d usual story. So proceed only when u have something different

    1. Pankh

      Really Sorry to disappoint u Aarti…well will not continue with thanks for sharing ur views..

  11. Rossy

    Omg….seriously what m seeing…r u here pankhudi…m so happy to see u in authors sessions…after your one note u posted once…this amazing and very very intriguing plot…wild justice, from the name it sounds damdar….update soon dear…

    1. Pankh

      Yes Rosie..inspired from amazing writers like u m here..Thanks dear for ur support..well m planning to drop d story dear coz I don’t think it will turn out good nd u will lyk it..but thanks a lot for ur motivation ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Rossy

        But why dear….this is good…people will love it…intact I was waiting for it…plz resume it?…my request

  12. Jnana

    awesome dear….. post soon…

  13. Gianna

    Very interesting plot, will be waiting to read more from you.

  14. Hi Pankh… amazing start… I like all the mystery stories… eagerly waiting for next update…. pls post sn…

  15. Aasthu

    Hai Pankh… posted this one’s swaragini version in SR right??? its really nice…….plzzz update the next part soon……….is this an ArSam ff ???? or ???

    1. Pankh

      Thnx Aasthu for ur comment..ya I posted their dear its not an ArSam ff..its always NeSam And ArDhika for me bt m planning to drop this ff as of now coz I really think u all will not like it..but thanks for ur support.

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