Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 9 (continued) & Chapter 10

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Chapter 9 (contnd) & Chapter 10

Her window got knocked by a random guy.. She then noticed four guys standing there.. They looked like dishevelled .. She crooked her neck to see behind, but the street was almost empty .. Her mind alerted her that few people present there also won’t turn as her saviors.. she cursed herself for parking at a lonesome place.. she tapped her legs trying to figure out the possibility of her clean escape., the road
before is still active with vehicles moving around.. with those lights brightening the area ahead, she had drove carelessly unaware and unexpecting such a trouble.. she smiled thinking about her advise to a random girl she said hours back..

‘Don’t Panic..’ she murmured and tried to behave normal… She decided to turn the iginition on after distracting them, and flew away.. the guy stood before her vehicle looked well built and she felt no problem in knocking him down..Right then, she saw a guy moving with a big stone to bang her window, while other two signaled and did filthy gestures.. She pulled the glove compartment open and there it was.. relaxing her
mind for less than a second she turned to smile at them… she raised her palm gesturing them to stop with a smile…they got it as a signal and the idiot threw the stone away.. She felt the chillness of the metal pass through her veins as she pulled her cold metal savior from its case.. her fingers went gently stroking throughout its metal body ,before holding it at them..

“you look cute” she said kissing the derringer,frightening them more.. ‘who smile, kiss a killer weapon’.. She deliberately did so, for she too know few guys won’t step back even for pistols and more over its a pocket pistol., there are chances for them to take it easy.. but she can’t fire to prove its power.. “Dishkyaaoon” she mouthed animatedly at them..
‘Just a distraction’ her heart raced that word while her eyes were on them.. They were already slightly confused thinking her to be a Psycho speaking with and kissing a pistol… Two guys retreated while one still stood with a sly smile as she expected…the other guy pulled his sleeves back as he made a move to lift something laying over there.. Probably to break her window glass, she thought and decided to fire if situation demands..

A loud long car horn made them to look back… she saw a car racing towards her in opposite.. She fired her engine, but the LED lights shone bright, fading her vision… she tried to see through.. but no.. It more looked like the vehicle is there to hit her… Without wasting a second she took a reverse in her vehicle,looking behind as rear view mirror vision got impossible.. Her Mobile in the adjacent seat displayed Arjun’s name.She picked quickly…”Its me..Radhika.. Stop” She heard him say..

“Huh” she applied brakes and saw the car infront of her.. She scrutinized her eyes., but still her grip steady on the wheel to drive on opposite, if it wasn’t him.. He switched off his vehicle’s head lights and stepped out. She heaved a sigh relieved.. she threw her savior in its place before reducing her head lights’ brightness. He gestured her to get down and moved towards the sea view. Her eyes searched for those men as she
stepped down…Arjun saw her messily messed hair bun., swollen cheeks and eyes still reddish, wrinkled clothes…

“They went”, he said pointing a car.

“Did you see them going?”, she asked to confirm herself.

“yeah..four.. two already were in the car and other two got inside when I got down .. Drunkards!!”, he gave a clear chit of info. She saw him with that and her eyes were lifeless.. still.,those brown orbs had a effect on him.. unconsciously he took steps forward and hugged her close to him..
He pecked her forehead.. His phone vibrated.,It was Raghav.. He kept in speaker..

“Arjun sir” his voice was shaky.. Radhika stood surprised listening Raghav’s voice..

“Bhaiyaa..” Radhika mumbled..

“Radhika is Safe Raghav.. In Nariman Point.. Thanks for giving the hint.. I will accompany her till home..” Arjun said swiftly..

she asked,”Why did he call you? and wait.. what hint?”… he pointed his watch.. Its 10.. she rolled her eyes muttering “That’s arrogant”.. She snatched his phone, spoke with Raghav privately to get to know what got transpired between them. He gritted his teeth when he saw the car of those guys turning around..He badly wanted to knock atleast one among them down.. But when Radhika drove in panic, he had no choice other than to stop himself abruptly.. his hands turned into a fist murmuring their vehicle number.. he saw her speaking biting her lips and nodding her
head., ‘she is relaxed., safe’,his mind tried to calm him.. But the view he got minutes before.., when he drove here just with a thought that she may not be here., stayed still fresh in his vision.. Two guys moving towards a car, signalling to other two men ., and one about to lift a rod over there.. ‘they had planned to take her in their vehicle’.His jaw clenched with that thought..

She saw Arjun standing towards the sea view when she came back from the call..

” Senior… shall we?” She asked turning into her self..

” Why.are. you behaving like this Radhika…. do you have any idea about our plight.. the man literally choked while enquiring about you..
and I couldn’t sense a trace of panic from your parents side… you are here alone.. pulling troubles around you…” he said anxiously taming his anger..

“Sorry.. he disturbed you…we…it’s because of me”, she said looking at the ground..her face clearly depicting her cheerless mindset..
He expected her to thrash him for not giving enough attention to her, that too after watching her cry..

” That was not I wanted….and about Raghav.. am glad that at least he had the thought to call me which never crossed your mind…and… what’s wrong with you and your parents..” he saw her blinking her tears hearing his words.. He pulled her before him., cupped her cheeks.. ” I have never seen you like this..and what’s that.. please.!!… try to understand me…” he said wiping her tears.

She hugged him the next second…”I too don’t want to be like this.. Take me away from here…from this place..I have no one..” she said in between her tears..

“Radhika..Am there for you!! and will be.. forever.. with you!” he said embracing and rubbing her back.. she lifted her head to see his face..Promise”? She kept his hand over her head.. Her eyes with lot of expectations and hopes met his determined ones… he forgot everything about him,looking her eyes with hopes on him.. her whole still shaking in agony in his arms..

“PROMISE” he said being captivated by their love.. “I will never leave you..” he said kissing her forehead… She smiled with her tears… He wiped with annoyance” I hate this.. don’t you know that ..Do you have a reservoir there, inside your eyes.?” he chuckled asking her..

Feeling her giggle, “…and don’t you dare to roam around like this..”, he warned in his usual. Radhika noticed his wound as he raised his finger..

“What happened.. You din’t even fight for me, but you had donned a beautiful bandage” she said with sarcasm., sniffing her nose, wiping her cheek with the back of her palm.

“Its because of you .. I got hurt while cooking ’cause of you.. “he said with real irritation in his voice.

“You thought about food when you got to know am missing” she said still staying in his embrace.

“I thought this to be your Prank,I even checked in that apartment of yours..”his voice with annoyance failed to reach her, as she was just starring him.. His words and his presence here at this moment worked like spell on her.. Her eyes scanned him, though he was on his ranting spree about how much he din’t want to search her..,she saw him wearing black shirt.. First two buttons were undone revealing her gift.. He still had that chain though she insulted him when he proposed, though they were in no contact for past 2 years.. The thoughts made her to fall more for him.. She saw him still speaking with his eyes on the dark horizon, a part of her desired to kiss him shut.. But her heart pulled her back.. She couldn’t hold more, when he laughed at something he uttered and said “One naughty girl yo…”

She crashed her lips on his, balancing herself on toes.. Arjun stood dumbstruck for a moment., she smiled at his state before pulling back. Arjun caught hers, before she could withdrew.. On her response, he din’t fail to make that as a memorable first kiss filled with his passion and love for her.. He din’t release his hold on her waist, though she stood on her toes after their kiss.. She blushed and hid her face in his chest.. He suddenly looked behind to have a check on people behind.. It was first time she was in his hug for this long.. He just relished the moment holding her close…After a while, she released herself from his hug, stood blushing at the ground below.. “I never thought you would blush to this extent,…Che’rie !”,he said with love in his eyes..She still had her eyes downcasted …
“Ma cherie..” he said huskily before make her look at him.. she threw her arms around his neck.. he lifted her effortless…

“I love you Radhika..!! I love you! More than…me.. More than.. anything else in this world..” he said happily kissing her cheek..

“Love you senior” she giggled as she pecked his cheek.. and wriggled before jumping down.. He stood smiling..”This isn’t enough.. I want a perfect Dream Proposal” he demanded.

“I think.. Am the girl” Radhika teased him more..

“So..what? I will demand..!” he said with his eyebrows raised at her, pulling her back to him he said,”Am sorr..”. His phone vibrated disturbing their moment.. She was in her car, when he finished his call..He gestured her to move as he buckled his seat belt.. He kept on warning about her speed through his call,as she increased to tease him more..Arjun followed her till she reached prena’s home..

“This is Prena’s aunt home..Neil’s know isn’t” Radhika said leaning towards the mobile in her dashboard.

“Hmm..yeah.. okay.. Good night” he replied abruptly in a hurry before racing his car..

“Kishore…Pls ask them to wait” Arjun spoke in his call as he drove..

“But… Listen Kishore! I need to finalize it tonight.. I don’t want Dad to be stressed..”


“What do you mean by late.. Its almost midnight here.. and stop arguing.. Don’t be a excuse” Arjun said sharply..


” Is it because of Sam working here,piyali fought with you?” Prena seethed in Anger looking her all worn out..Radhika’s face clearly depicted her trauma.. Sam stood wide eyed listening that…

” Not at all.. and Sam..why dint you go home still?” Radhika asked as she moved inside…

” I will be here with you di.. ” Sam said adamantly..

“We dint dine yet.. come fast” prena said arranging the table.. she tried to behave unaffected., Sam was giggling at her..”Don’t” prena said like a warning…Radhika ate in silence which irked prena more.. After dinner, Prena went for her kitchen chores., Radhika came behind her..

“Maa.. you know the reason..!! And Sam will feel bad if she knows….”

” I won’t feel bad” Sam said before Radhika could finish hers.. “di… stop keeping things away from me.. I don’t want you to struggle alone..”

” Sam ..”

” di.. you don’t worry…I won’t argue about this..I too want to know whats the real issue mom is hiding.. Mom said you won’t come.. but you came.. I know., u came for me!! …. You want me to be away from BS.. safe and secured… Am safe now.. I signed the bond with Aunt ..Paa had no qualms with that..He was really happy..!!” Prena and Radhika went speechless.. Radhika smiled hugging her…

“What made you realize this..” prena asked her..

“Everything.. everything.. what di did for me in this 5 days..”, Sam said with a smile..

” Don’t you think am manipulating you.. Shoving around with my decisions?”, Radhika asked looking deep into Sam’s eyes..

“No..if wouldn’t have been here. Is that what Mom said to you?” Sam asked her.. Radhika nodded negative..

“Di.. too don’t involve much in BS.. let them suffer with their stupidity”,Sam said extremely displeased..

“But you will miss me if I leave to Delhi” Radhika said looking her face intently.. Prena glared as she understood what she was up to.. she took a step back and gestured to nod yes..

But Sam din’t notice Prena, “No di..You go to Delhi.. I want you to be yourself…. you are stressed because of me.. now that am settled…you go.. go..”,she said holding Radhika’s hands in hers..Her voice almost broke..

Prena slapped Radhika’s back.. “you made my sam to cry…!! Eat your canteen food tomorrow” prena said with fake anger…

” di .. how was the food today” Sam asked sniffing her nose.. prena smiled at that…After Radhika moved from kitchen Prena asked sam,”Why did you say so., Is it possible for you?”

Sam nodded negative with tears,”But, Maa..I don’t want her to be like this.. I really can’t stay away from her..but.. I will do anything for di”, she said
sobbing…Prena admired the bond between them.. ‘had I been your mother.. I would have cherished you!’ she thought as she rubbed her back..

Sam agreed for Radhika’s plan for BS…She hugged her tight all the while listening.. “ will come once in a month atleast di?” Sam asked still hugging her..

“Anytime you ask me to..” Radhika said pressing her palms.. “Don’t turn weak,Sam..! I can’t hold then..” she said as she hugged Sam..

“I won’t di.. Its my turn..I want you to be happy.. I will make you feel proud..”,Sam said with a sudden determination.

“That’s my doll”,Radhika pecked her cheek.. The girls were busy checking infos about both the companies they handled.. Sam was time and again asking questions.,and Radhika with her eyes closed., gave explanation relaxing herself..


“It’s my mistake.. I believed uncle’s words..let her come back…I will book her tickets.. let her come.. what are they thinking about my Raddzie….” Neil said frustrated to Prena,as she had called him as usual. Neil kept on repeating the same since the time she called.

“Neil.. I don’t know what’s wrong in BS” prena said without a thought..

“BS.. my foot..!! Mom.. ask her not to go there..”his anger gave a raise in his voice..

Confused with his talks..” Why would I.. you say her.. Are you a king..Passing orders from there..”Prena replied irritated at his behavior as he still held him back in conversing with Radhika…”Radhu is worried a lot,Neil..You should be here now..,But See..” Prena was cut off by Neil..

” Good night…” Neil responded irrelevant.

Neil called Kavin immediately after his call with Prena..

“Tell me,Neil..” Kavin sounded anxious..

“Kavin..I should have asked this earlier.. can you help me finding about Arjun?” Neil asked expecting a positive reply..

“I will..Neil.. But.. finding?! I mean.,” Kavin din’t finished his, when Neil said,” Yes..Finding! I did thought we lost our contact owing to our busy business schedules.. later I couldn’t reach him whenever I tried.,and Now,I want to find him.. for my Radzzie…. Kavin… I was scared today listening she went missing” His voice turned low with that..

Kavin went speechless listening him..Neil continued, “She is not a irresponsible person to behave so, I feel am loosing my Radzzie.,My best friend..”

“You won’t loose your friend.. your twin isn’t..We will find Arjun” Kavin’s friendly reply eased the moment “..and what would you do If we get him?”, Kavin asked curiously..

“I would get them married..”Neil replied like a kid..

“Seems you are Marriage Maker! First ours., Now Radhika’s”,Kavin said laughing..” Hearing from you all,I too want to see him in person” he said before Neil bid him..

“Radzzie… I will bring your Arjun back.. I will get your happiness..”, Neil said looking towards their portrait, wiping his tear.. he smiled as he recalled
Kavin calling them ‘Twins’.. He smiled more remembering how Arjun tagged them both,”Equally idiotic you both are idiotic twins”.


Arjun looked tired after the video call.. he glanced his watch to see its 3 Am.. His hair perfectly combed., he was still in his 3 piece official steel grey suit, relaxing his neck muscles.. his vision keen on the screen before…

“Sir.. They had left.. and..Am sorry about the German clients”, a man in his early thirties said from the other side of the screen..

“Hmmm..That’s ok.. And Kishore..Don’t let Dad know about this..” Arjun said like a warning.. “…and Yea.. ask them about another day..within this week..” he said before he got up..he threw his coat aside,Pulled his tie off .

“Sir..Today’s office..” Kishore’s words trailed off watching Arjun turn irritated…

“Argh..It’s almost morning here man..See.,”Arjun pushed his sleeve back and brought his watch near the camera.. Kishore smiled at that.. “Good morning Sir!” he said the next second, which made the other man there to roar a hearty laughter..

Arjun too smiled at that..


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