Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 1


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Chapter 1..

A Bright Morning never fails to charm a Nature Lover,but today it seemed to mesmerize even the girl who had never admired the Serene beauty of a sunset or a Heart warming Sunrise.She raised her head removing her shades and gave a pleasant smile looking above. So.,Its You who is welcoming me first.! thought the girl. She indeed was annoyed as none was there to receive her and right then the glint of Sunray made its way to get her attention. She Felt warm, pleased and still annoyed.. “Ma..Maam!!” came a voice from her left side.She was surprised to see her driver Raghav standing.

Clearing her throat she asked..”What are you doing here?”

” Maam.. Sahib asked me to receive you from Airport. Sorry mam! Got little late” Raghav said and started to deal with her luggages..

Well .. I shouldnt be surprised. This is wat I could expect after all being as Radhika Khanna..She thought to herself while walking towards her car..She halted a second noticing the Nissan Micra car..Seriously.. of all the sedans u have.., u found this one for me..Radhika’s face turned no less than a stone. U Forgot my likes too,” she thought about her dad. Raghav was fast in stuffing bags n hurried to drive.. After a good 30 minutes of drive she reached her home.
She remembered singing..”Home.. sweet home..” with her siblings whenever they return after a family outing .She just smiled looking the garden area.
There he was..Samrat Khanna near the lawn anticipating his daughter’s arrival. Radhika got down n gave one angry glare towards him n marched towards her room..
All the while walking she dint fail to notice the changes Khannas mansion got in these four years..Walls got painted again., Furnitures have been shifted n changed again..
servants.. lawn.. pool area.. everything..and not to forget.,again..! She smiled thinking to herself..

“Are u out of ur senses..” she heard a scream.. Radhika smiled n said to herself “Its Piyali Khanna yelling..AGAIN!!”

Well.. Anything when get exceeds fail to hold its value.. Piyali is one among the anything for Radhika.

Piyali noticed Radhika entering angrily and Samrat standing dumbfounded before her. Her irritation and anger rose high.. “What the hell is she thinking of herself?” she said and went down stairs only to meet Samrat sitting disappointedly. “I told u, Samrat.. She would never change. You are taking a big risk”. Samrat was about to speak but “Khannas love to take risks!!” came a high piched voice from upstairs. Radhika was standing there slouching on wooden handrails of their interior balcony as though she is watching a cricket match in stadium, all leisurely.

Samrat tried to ease the moment.. “Radhikaa..” he called out.

She was about to move , just turned her head and asked with a questioning look, “Radhikaa..??”

Samrat got up.. ” Beta ..listen..”

She again continued..”Umm.. Beta..??” raising her eyebrows.

Thats it. Samrat said” Princess.. Papa se baat karo na.. You can scold me dear. You do whatever you want. but dont stay away.. Princess.. please.”

There was a moment of silence.. Samrat’s vision blurred with tears. He couldnt withstand his daughter ignoring him. Radhika was looking him without a blink of eye.

She said “I will be back in a hour. We shall speak.” She turned her gaze on Piyali and continued..”anything should be before me.. not on my back.”

“We aren’t speaking behind ur back.. and where is your manners..Princess..” Piyali stressed the word Princess..

“Oh!! I had packed that with luggages, I guess..”She said as a matter of fact,” will unpack and give it to you..Piyuuu” she replied equally stressing the word Piyu

Samrat controlling his smile, moved aside saying ” Okay.. I too will get ready in the mean time.wat say Princess..”

” You have to.. You look like a Gardener now.. kaka Looks Handsome than you” Radhika replied and Samrat couldnt hold more.,started to laugh and tears had its way down.

Piyali went away silently glancing the Father and Daughter duo.

Radhika saw that her room hasnt been changed a bit.. Still I have my place ” she thought and went to fresh herself.. She took the White formals she got in Delhi for her first day in BS.. It was Neil who got this.Neil.. she thought…She smiled a little thinking about his do’s n don’ts list to be followed until he reaches Mumbai.. Did he really believe I would follow those..she asked herself while setting her hair.
“Okay.. done” she glanced herself and went down for breakfast. Samrat who saw her descending downstairs speaking in a call, just holded his look.” U look like a Perfect Businees woman, Princess.. Am proud”he said aloud.

” A three piece suit on your daughter makes u feel proud??” she asked.

” Why can’t you Speak like every other daughter??” Asked Piyali..

“I think we are here for breakfast..” Radhika said and sat down to have her food. Samrat warned Piyali through his look. he dont want his daughter to leave her breakfast.

After eating she asked ” So, Pa.. I think I shall leave to Birdsong. Meet you there. and Why are you having a tie?.. Are u going for a conference? Not nice” she got up to leave.

“Looking like a Business woman is a compliment you got coz of the attire you chose. To get it..” Piyali was cut abruptly by samrat ” Piyu.. I trust our Princess” he had warning look on her.

Radhika mumbled a Thanks and went to the porch. She looked at gate and then her watch,right then came a new white BMW car and Raghav opened the door and said” Madam..Its here, and the showroom guy will be here now”

“Good job” she said and got the keys. “What’s the need of a new car?” Piyali asked ” Punishment for sending someone else’s car to receive me.” she said without looking back.
Raghav nodded his head in negative to Piyali’s Questioning glance.

” So when u bought it?” Piyali asked surprised.. “Now.. Mom.!” She replied “and Pa.. The showroom guy is on d way to get the amount” she moved without looking back.

“Why she behaves so Samrat.? That was our Kiddo’s car..not someone else’s.. She could have asked.. she decides by herself..Why?” Piyali asked and Samrat was in no mood to reply her..

He was happy that his Princess called him Pa.. Be it harsh or rude she speaks with him.. She Purchased a car when she wasnt offered hers.. He is Happy with that. He was busy thinking a lot about his daughter.
He gave a warm smile to the guy and handed the cheque and left to Birdsong.


“Why Everything has to trouble me today..? huh..” Sam spoke all frustrated to herself. She was holding a peach color dress and white color in both hands and came down happily to get a suggestion from her dear sister, but what she heard was Radhika saying her car was of someone else’s.. She felt sad. She saw her mom shooting questions and Radhika replying without seeing them.. Sam felt bad that she dint feel or about her presence. It was from the morning., Sam was restless to meet her sister. She took her dad’s car to receive her..If not she witnessed a guy misbehaving with a teen girl., Sam would have reached Airport on time..She felt annoyed on herself,Why did I got down to help some random girl. Whats the need to show my bravery and support.. Her Self thoughts got a break when Piyali yelled at her for standing like a idiot.

“What are you doing Sammy??”

“Mom.. I thought, Me and di will wear same color dress on her first day. I came to ask her.” Sam said in a sad tone

“Are u a fool? Same color u think you both are going for any party or function?” Piyali asked with anger and surprised look.. Here she is making efforts to bring her eligible to handle their business,and this girl is stuck with the color of her dress.

“Wats the big deal? After all its our company., we are sisters.. we can wear what we want. I saw Di.. I too will wear white.. not Peach one” she said n walked fast..

Sam was annoyed with her mom selecting dress every other day for office and dictating how to behave there. This is not her interest. She was in a real need of someone to pull her from office.

She got ready and imagined posing a selfie with her sweet sister.. Her phone ringed and it was Neil..

Sam Squealed and took the call “Idiot… Thanks a ton.. di is here.. I missed receiving her. She got annoyed as none of us went to receive. Mom was stupid to send my car.
She got a new one !!” She said in one go holding her breath and giggled for the last one.

” Sammy.. Now breath.. Am here! why are u on a verbal marathon. So.. Our Jhansi Rani’s first day started all annoyed! She is gonna kill me.. Am sure she will be cursing me” Neil replied

Sam giggled and continued ” But di got a new BMW car.. She made her day herself.. Thats my Cinderalla di!! She gifted herself for her first day”

“Its me who gifted her first.. Btw wats she wearing? and wats this first day? Are u going to join a school? Pls sammy dont say you had dreams of entering BS with Radz in a hand in hand style” Neil spoke with little annoyance

“Of course I had.. It was spoilt coz of me itself..” she pouted sadly and said “Di went in her car..”

“Hmm.. so wat was she wearing?”

“Why are u behind her dress? I dint see her Neil.. She was wearing White color.I too changed mine” she suddenly sounded dull

She is still a kiddo. Neil thought., else who would think this much for a simple thing

“Now dont cry Sammy.. Radz doesnt like that..”

“I knew..” came a instant reply

“Then Go.. get ready and meet her in office and yes.. Don’t say u spoke to me.. update me now and then”

“Okay.. when will you come..? and you are also joining our company isn’t?”

” After 10 days..Yes.. I will.. ”

“Miss you Neil.. come soon.. Di will miss u a lot”

“Hmm.. I will miss u both..Bye sammy”

Sam felt better after speaking with Neil.. I wish Di would speak with me.. She mumbled and went down


Radhika was busy deciding the interiors of her car while driving.. She quickly dialled Samrat “Pa., Bring Raghav with you.. I have some work..and yes..I want the Rose garden back in its place”

“U mean on the west side.. U noticed it?! Right side of your balcony..Sure Princess..!! I will arrange it myself.. The flower shape will do better”Samrat spoke highly excited without a break

“Pa.. over excitement! and..” She giggled.. U are Truely one..”


“Gardener” she laughed heartily

Samrat laughed and again he had tears..

Raghav who was already driving his car asked..”Sahib.. Baby ji..asked you to bring me isn’t?”

“Why everyone around me turn clever..”Samrat fake annoyed..

Raghav who was working as a driver for Khannas from his twenties just smiled.. He knew his Sahib..Baby ji..Kiddo and Piyali maam. Its Radhika who made him feel like their family from her tender age. She never differntiates between Rich and poor. She is a Angel for Raghav..

“Sahib.. Baby ji is so fast like Bade saab.”

Samrat knew Raghav mentions his Father. Yes. she has got few characteristics of him..

“Hmm.. She wants her Garden back..”

“I Knew Sahib.. Thats y I said while altering the lawn design”

“Yes..U said..” Samrat said with least interest

Raghav had a glance in rear view mirror and drove silently.


Radhika gave a look from the parking to the building bearing “Bird song” Name board.. She sighed and went inside..
Receptionist gave a instant smile to Radhika and she nodded to carry on.. There were few people on lobby.. She walked slowly looking the interiors.A tall guy was speaking something with receptionist. Just then a girl from nowhere came with a file running and dashed when she was busy analysing the reception area. The girl collided her when she turned and she fell backwards luckily holded the Reception desk.The girl was on her and file scattered.

“Oh..Am so sorry..” The male voice seemed familiar for her.. She quickly turned to see a Handsome young man asking the girl with concern. But the girl was hiding her view.

It was because of him she lost her balance. He turned in a lightining speed and she dashed on him. “No sir..It was my mistake” She turned “Sorry maam” she said and went busy collecting the papers.

Radhika’s eyes widened in shock and surprise looking him and he too was equally surprised..

Soon her Surprised look turned into happiness and she said “Arjuuunnn!!” and His eyes narrowed and turned all cold.


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