Manmarziyan: A Passion Project – Chapter 32


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 32
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Arjun introduced bonnie to everyone, “guys, this is my little sister…my princess Bonnie Mehra.”
Everyone nodded and came forward….neil and teji shook hands with her while radz and sam hugged her.
Sam, “Arjun…we didn’t know you had a sister….you never talked about her…right?”
Arjun sighed, “yes… people had no idea….sorry….and that’s a long story…will tell you at the apartment….right now…lets just deal with this idiot.” He said pointing towards saral.

Neil and teji too came forward and saral gulped in fear. Arjun was about to punch him when bonnie held his hand…..she looked at him with pleading eyes, “no bhaiya..”
Arjun, “gudiya, keep quiet….you have no idea who he is and what is he capable of…….sam, just take her inside…”
Bonnie tried hard to explain, “bhaiya…..i know what he did….it was a mistake…and he is regretting it now….he himself told me the entire thing from the beginning to end…because he didn’t want to mislead me …….he honestly wants to rectify his mistake and then to let go of the past….he is here to apologise to Radhika.”
Radhika’s jaw hit the ground on the word apologise….,she mocked him, “what?? Saral joshi wants to apologise? What happened to male chauvinistic ego?”
Arjun, “bonnie…you are innocent….he fooled you….some people don’t ever change.”
Bonnie got irritated, she shouted “bhai!….i am not a 14 year old kid anymore….i can understand people…I know the difference between the right and wrong intentions i know, he meant what he said….you should give a chance to speak atleast.”
Neil who was observing saral intently the entire time, backed up bonnie now.., “Arjun…..looking at his manner it does show that he is guilty…and his eyes clearly state that he wants to get rid of the burden of his mistake…..”
Arjun still seemed unconvinced…so neil continued, “people deserve second chances….right chashni?”
Arjun slapped his forehead……neil was using her dialogue against her.
Radhika let out a sigh, “okay…fine….saral just say what you have to.”
Saral on being given a chance apologised profusely….and repeatedly……he admitted that he committed a grave sin…
Radhika and gang seemed convinced….
Radhika, “fine…its okay…but don’t you dare do anything of such a sort again.”
Saral happily nodded…..bonnie hugged saral sharing his happiness..
Radhika’s eyes widened and Arjun moved forward with visible irritation…he broke their hug and pulled bonnie with himself , “what the hell is going on? can somebody please explain?”
Bonnie explained how she met saral and how he told her everything about her….with saral filling out the missing bits..
Arjun was angry, “Bonnie you are not going out with him!”
Bonnie replied with equal anger, “Bhai, he is a great guy….he made a mistake but that doesn’t mean that you’ll go on punishing him forever. Plus, I really like him and I know he does too.”
Saral nodded in agreement.
Arjun wanted good for his sister….but he knew she was as stubborn as he was….but nevertheless, he engaged in the pointless battle, “no more arguments… are not to see him anymore. That’s final.”

Bonnie had tears in her eyes.
“sam, take her inside now!” he barked…
Sam quickly took her hand and started walking towards her cabin….she consoled her and assured her of their support….that they will talk about it with Arjun.
Arjun glared at saral with murderous rage….he spoke in a icy cold voice, “I forgave you in radhika’s case doesn’t mean you have the permission to go out with my sister. She is a kid…and I’ll handle her … *he said pointing a finger at him* should not be seen anywhere near her… that clear?”
Arjun roared on not getting a reply, “IS.THAT.CLEAR??”
Saral looked at him once and left…
The hearts which rejoiced a few minutes earlier at ishana being given a second chance…cried at the two lovers being separated….they knew it was for good….saral couldn’t be trusted so easily….but bonnie…she had fallen deep in dark pit of love….
Arjun was in immense anger….his head was throbbing hard….he went straight to his cabin and locked the door….he needed some time alone.
The rest of gang went to sam’s cabin…..they had some questions which needed answers…
Bonnie was drinking water…tears were clearly visible on her cheeks. Sam rubbed her back….she sighed when raneil and teji entered the room.
Radhika sat besides bonnie on the couch and arm hugged her. While neil and teji took the chairs.
Bonnie put the glass down, held Radhika’s hands, “radhika, sam told me, you are a situation changer……I know, bhai is really stubborn but I am told that the only person bhai listens to is you……can you please convince him to give saral a second chance?”
Radhika didn’t reply….she didn’t want to give false hopes to bonnie…but bonnie remained adamant…she asked her again and again….
Radhika cupped her cheeks and looked in her eyes, “you know bonnie…you have the same eyes as him….you are just like him….stubborn and willing to go to any extent to get what you want. Fine, I’ll try to talk to him….but I don’t promise you anything.”
Neil cleared his throat and spoke teasingly, “somebody had been looking in Arjun’s eyes a lot..”
Radhika’s eyes narrowed down to a slit…she threw a pillow at neil and when it hit his head, she showed him her tongue victoriously..
Bonnie hugged radhika tight, “your trying is more than enough, Bhabhi!”
Radhika caught herself smiling a little at Bhabhi…but she composed herself at the right moment.
Nesam and teji sat stifling their laughter anticipating Radhika’s reply….she shot them a look …and then turned her attention to bonnie…she spoke gently, “bonnie, I am not your Bhabhi…..arjun is just my best friend.”
At this moment, teji couldn’t control and he started laughing….which led to even nesam letting out their laughs.
Teji jumped from his chair at the precise moment to prevent a flying sandal from hitting his head….thus, began the cat and mouse chase through out the office…with Radhika running behind teji.

After a couple of hours, Radhika went to Arjun’s cabin taking along a plate of food with her….it was late and she knew he hadn’t had anything.
She stood outside…the door was locked from inside….she knocked….and not getting a reply she knocked again. She was about to go when she heard the lock click….she opened the door and peeked in. The cabin was all dark….the lights were switched off.
Arjun was sitting on the sofa…..with his shirt tucked out…his hair ruffled and his tie pulled down… was clear that Arjun had a tough time accepting the fact that his little sister liked the guy who tried to harm the girl he loved.
And putting it that way, it seemed right too. Radhika sighed, she had promised bonnie that she’ll try …there was no turning back now.
She moved forward, locked the door behind… kept the plate of food on the table….she sat beside Arjun on the couch….she touched his
Shoulder…..he melted with a single touch of hers…..he hugged her tight burring his face deep in her neck… Radhika held him close, till he felt better….
When he broke the hug, she silently brought the plate filled with food to him.
She had decided not to push him. This clearly, was a sensitive topic and she wanted to wait till he felt comfortable talking about it. She wanted him to bring it up first.
She placed the plate in front of him on the table and spoke in a very gentle caring voice, “Arjun have something…I know you’ve had nothing since the morning .”
Arjun opened his mouth wide like a little kid waiting for his mom to feed him…..radhika smiled at his action and placed the plate in her lap…..feeding him with her own hands.
After he was done eating, Radhika got up to leave but Arjun held her wrist and pulled her back…she fell on the sofa In arjun’s arms….arjun pulled his feet up and placed his head in her lap. He held one of her hands over his heart with both of his. She caressed his hair with the other…
He looked deep In her eyes and asked her, “so how do you think I should react?”
She spoke gently, “Arjun, I know bonnie is your little girl…and she always will be…but you need to understand that she isn’t little anymore…..she was pretty confident about her love and she trusts saral…maybe you should give a chance to prove himself..”
Arjun, “Radhika…I cant believe it…its you who is saying this out of all the people…afterall, saral targeted you.”
Radhika kept her hand on his forehead, “I know…but I also know, that people cross limits for love….bonnie has fallen deep for saral ….she sincerely wants you to accept him…she is as stubborn as you…..she wont wait for your approval her entire life…..she might take a step which may pain you all your life….so I want you to test saral while you have the chance to…..its a win win situation…if he passes your test, you’ll know he deserves bonnie and if he fails, bonnie will see your point…….understand?”
Arjun nodded and grabbed both her hands….wrapped his tightly around her and closed his eyes.., “how can you be so mature and so childish at the same time?”
Radhika smiled, “life’s all about keeping your inner child alive..”
Her reply just intensified arjun’s desire to make her his…
That night…
It was past midnight…it was as bright inside arjun’s heart as dark it was outside….
He was pacing left and right in his room as if making his mind about something …
Finally, he clutched his hair in frustration, closed his eyes and punched the call button.
He called nesam to his room…
Neil came rubbing his eyes and sam hurriedly entered, worried if something was wrong.
With one look at his state and his room….nesam burst out laughing…
Sam teased Arjun, “before you ask….yeah….its high time to confess about your feelings to Radhika..”
Arjun’s eyes widened in disbelief.., “god! You could make money being an astrologer..”

Precap: Saral’s challenge…

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