Hi friends I’m writing after a long time. Many of us fall in love. But what’s the real meaning of love? Is love means falling for a man/woman who is looking beautiful or perfect in every aspect. I don’t think so we are born to be real not to be perfect. Enjoy reading and pls give your reviews. Silent readers can u please spare a minute to comment on my story. This one is dedicated to Sammy.

Both Arjun and radhika are studying 12th std in a famous school. They belong to a school in which students from different parts of India study together. Arjun belong to a Punjabi family. His father was working in army and he has an elder brother studying in Delhi. On the other side radhika belongs to a Tamil family from Chennai. She is the only daughter for her parents. Radhika’s father was a business man. When her father decided to join her in this school she was against bcoz she don’t know hindi. Since hindi was the second language of the school she didn’t agree but due to her father’s decision she decided to give it a try. After joining the school, she first found it difficult but day by day she improved herself and scored very good marks in hindi. But still she was afraid to speak in hindi. It’s been 5 years but still she had the problem even after topping in her board exam results.

One day when she was walking in school corridor, she suddenly bumped into someone. Both of them fell down. When she saw the person she was awestruck he was not less than a greek god. In her entire life she never saw such a pair of eyes. On the other side Arjun was too lost in her eyes. Even though she was not so beautiful her simplicity was adding charm to her. Both of them broke their gazes when bell rang. He got up and forwarded his hand to her but she politely refused it and got up. Arjun started to shout on her in hindi “he said don’t u have eyes can’t u see who’s coming in front of u? she was too angry and she too started scolding him in English. But when they saw principal coming they both ran away.

When radhika entered into her class she was very angry her best friend sam saw her face and found she was angry. She slowly went to her and asked what happened? That’s it radhika started to erupt like a volcano. She was keep on scolding Arjun. Sam was much surprised of her behavior. Radhika never scolded anyone nor she fight with anyone. Even if someone shouts on rads, sam used to scold them on her behalf. Seeing sam’s weird expressions radhika asked what happened? Sam replied, Chashni, it’s going to rain today u r scolding someone for the first time in your life. Oh god I can’t believe this. Radhika said but how dare he can scold me? It was his mistake too. Sam asked curiously, but what’s his name? radhika said, I don’t know his name but if I see him again I’ll definitely kill him.

Suddenly her class teacher entered into class and asked students to sit in their respective places. Class teacher continued, students meet Arjun singh mehra your new classmate. I expect all of u to help him. Saying this she went out. Girls were smiling seeing him, some handsome boys thought he’s going to give a heavy competition for them. Despite of all this there were two persons lost in their own world. Arjun went near radhika and said you? She too was shocked but didn’t show that in front of him she calmly said after all it’s my class so I’ll be definitely be here only. Sam was shocked she asked the duo how do u know each other? Radhika said it was him who bumped with her in the morning and scolded her for no reason. But Arjun defended himself he said it was her mistake. They both started to fight again. Whole class was witnessing their fight. Everyone was shocked to see this new side of radhika including sam.

Suddenly a voice came “BOTH OF YOU STOP” it was none other than neil. Radhika said it was his mistake, please save me from this tom. Neil was surprised, he asked who is tom? The one standing before u. but to her surprise both neil and Arjun hugged. Neil continued, Chashni he is not tom, he’s Arjun my bestie. Both sam and radhika gave a shocking look. Arjun continued, so this is your Chashni the one whom u always talk abt but u said she is very quiet, but she’s no less than an atom bomb. Well instead of giving her the name Chashni u can call her jerry since she is short. It’s not jerry I got a name and it’s radhika.

Neil said, both of u not again and sam why didn’t u stop her? Sam came out of her dreamland she replied I was in a shock seeing radhika fighting with Arjun. Okay now both of u listen to me carefully let me give u a formal introduction radhika he’s Arjun and Arjun she’s radhika now both of u shake your hands. First they hesitated but neil forced them so both of them shook their hands. When both of their hands touched they felt something strange. It was like some electricity passed through them. But they ignored this and settled in their places.

After some days English sir asked radhika to prepare a speech on the toughest problem in her life. She prepared her speech and started to speak. She said about her initial problems with the language hindi and how she overcame it. Everyone clapped for her honest speech.

One day all of them went to trip while standing in the cliff radhika slipped down and was hanging in the verge of cliff. Arjun quickly went and saved her. She fainted in his arms due to the shock. He was shouting radhika open your eyes everyone was clearly able to see the pain in his eyes. When radhika opened her eyes he hugged her tightly radhika was confused she don’t know what to do? But she reciprocated back and rubbed his back to calm him. But Arjun came to senses and broke their hug. Radhika thanked him for saving her life. Sam took radhika back to home.

From that day radhika was feeling something new inside her. Whenever she saw Arjun her cheeks became red. She was blushing hard. She don’t know why? Above all she didn’t fight with him. It was during their study holidays radhika didn’t see Arjun for 2 weeks. So she decided to visit him surprisingly. When she was about knock the door she hears him speaking to neil.

Neil asked Arjun, I think u like Chashni, Arjun smirked looking at neil. He said neil I cannot fall for a girl like radhika, seriously man look at her she is no less than a behenji. She don’t know how to speak hindi how ridiculous it is? I saw her speaking in hindi oh god even a 2 years baby can speak better than her. There’s not even a single thing I like about her. How can u think I can fall for such a stupid girl? I can fall for any girl in the class but not her. She don’t deserve me. Look at me girls say I’m no less than a greek god. She can’t even come near to my foot.

Radhika couldn’t stand anymore she ran away and went to her room. She was crying vigorously. She cursed herself for liking a man who judge girls based on their beauty but not their character. She was very angry. Her heart broke into million pieces. She went to her locker and took out a photo of arjun. She said to herself from now this is your place in my life and throwed it in dustbin.

Neil felt like slapping Arjun. He angrily said to Arjun, u idiot can’t u see how much she likes u. it was her who saved u from getting fail in the practical. She only completed your project in time but she never told this to anyone. When u wished to become school pupil leader she withdrawed from elections and made u win. When u gave a party in which u didn’t even invited her by spending the school fees your father gave u, she paid your fees by giving her money from savings. She asked me to pay so that u will not doubt her. I never thought u would judge a person based on their beauty and language. She even speak better English than u but she never insulted u in front of anyone when u speak bad English instead she always supported u. I feel really disappointed with u Arjun, saying this he left.

Arjun felt like his world was collapsed. He reminisced each and every movement spended with her.

He said I’m sorry radhika I’m such a stupid to judge u by your looks. I love u radhika I’ll never leave u. he decided to confess his love to her after the exams. It seemed like she was avoiding him but he ignored it. He didn’t want her to have any distractions. Once the exam was over he went to her house it was locked. He asked neighbours they said they shifted their home but don’t know their address. He contacted neil and sam but they too don’t know about her. She deactivated all her accounts in social medias. There was no way of contacting her. He felt like his world collapsed.



Commissioner: to all the newly selected candidates I wish u a very happy and successful training year. Let me introduce the topper of this year’s UPSC exams MS.RADHIKA from Chennai. Everyone was clapping and she went to the stage. Commissioner continued and the next comes MR.ARJUN MEHRA the second ranker. Arjun was so happy to see her again. He knew very well she want to become IAS officer from her childhood. so he waited for the perfect time and worked so hard to crack IAS exams so that he can see her again. He want to hug her tightly and say how much he loves her. But he controlled himself. Commissioner asked radhika to speak few words. She said seeing arjun “I just want to say don’t judge a book by its cover” I hope u understood what I want to say, saying this she went down.

Arjun tried to speak with her but she purposefully avoided him. But one day Arjun went out of his control he knocked her room and she opened it seeing him she tried to close the door but he entered inside quickly. When radhika was about to shout he immediately closed her mouth with his hand. He started why u r pretending like u, you don’t know me at all. U know how much it hurts when u ignore me. Why u r avoiding me? Please tell me radhika what I did? He removed his hand from her mouth. She took a deep breath and said calmly mr.arjun I think u should go to your room now. but Arjun busted out he pulled her towards him and she bumped into his stone like chest. he was holding her waist. Their lips were inch apart. He was holding her so close. He whispered in her ears “tell me radhika did my presence didn’t affect u, did u never miss me, why u r avoiding me radhika? Tell me Saying this he pulled her more closer but radhika couldn’t tolerate this proximity she pushed him away from her and said angrily “do u want to know mr.arjun why I left u then listen u were such a characterless person, u judged me by my looks. U said I’m a behenji and don’t know how to speak hindi properly. U insulted me by saying u could fall for any girl but not me. I can’t even come near to your foot. Arjun realized she overheard his conservation btw neil and him.

Arjun said “radhika I was such a stupid to judge u by your look I’m really sorry. When u left me after the exams I became mad each and every day I went to that mountain where u fell down and how I saved u and hugged u. I’m such a stupid not realizing my love for u. I was extremely wrong pls forgive me radhika. I can’t live without u only for you I cracked this IAS exams pls accept me radhka. I’m incomplete without u. u can punish me radhika I’ll do anything for u but pls don’t ignore me. He was looking like 10 years old kid crying for a chocolate. His eyes were red it seemed like he was crying a lot.

Radhika said ok Arjun here is your punishment. Arjun became serious he knew she can give extreme punishments to him because he broke her heart and it was his turn to mend it. Radhika said “kiss me Arjun”. Arjun immediately replied yes, but wait did she said me to kiss her. Oh god am I dreaming. But radhika…. She stopped him and said Arjun I know how much u love me.


Neil and sam visited radhika. They recently got married. Both of them very well knew radhika was just pretending that she forgot Arjun but she couldn’t move on in her life. Neil gave her a gift and said it this will change your life. When she opened it she saw a diary It was none other than arjun’s diary. He deeply wrote all his feelings in it. She was crying after reading it. Just then she got neil’s call. Neil said Chashni he only loves u, no one can replace u in his life, he don’t know u r having his diary, if u didn’t forgive him he will definitely become mad. Chashni, just listen your heart and not your mind.


From that day I’m waiting for u. Arjun asked curiously did u forgive me? Radhika kept a straight face not until u finish the punishment. Arjun remembered her punishment and slowly leaned towards her and captured her lips. It was their first kiss. So passionate. They poured all the love they had for each other. After few minutes they broke the kiss. Arjun kneeled down in front of her and took out a ring from his pocket and said “will u marry me radhika”? radhika said yes I will Arjun.
I’m really sorry I’m discontinuing my ff manmarziyan recreating tragedies if anyone interested in continuing my ff. please let me know and Sammy really sry for not being active.

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    coming to this shot, it was great….well narrated,…..good job! 🙂

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