Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 47, 48 and 49)


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Chapter 47- Deal between Saral and Niti

Niti came back all frowning. But she was happy too. Thanks to Jiya. A stranger like her was ready to help. Niti started to laugh out loud remembering the kick. She was one tough girl. Ankush sighed. She looked happy. Maybe Saral had changed and was right for her. Mala and Riddhima who were watching Niti got confused. Dada ji just smiled. Niti went to Dada ji and gave him a ladoo, making Mala and Riddhima gasp.

“God bless you beta” Dada ji smiled as he popped in the ladoo.

“Thank you” Niti smiled wide and went in.

That Saral!!

Monkey!! Donkey!! Stupid!! Idiot!!

What not!!

She had a lot of words in mind to scold. The worst of gutter words were at the tip of her tongue. But she stopped herself. He was the worst of people who had to be executed. But she was marrying him. She was going to spend the rest of her life with a criminal. A rogue. A person who can never be changed. With whatever love, whatever affection given, he can never be changed.


Why was she marrying him?


For her family. For all her loved ones. For everyone around her. Whom she valued. Whom she loved from deep down her heart.

For Neil. For Sam. For their unborn child. For Prerna. For Karthik. For Arjun. For Radhika. For Nandini. The Mishras. And last but not the least, Ahana.

She closed her eyes and let out a big sigh as she thought of the previous day’s happenings. She rested her head on the headboard and pressed her temples.

Niti was home early as she couldn’t concentrate on work. She was back after two weeks. So, it was a little hard. The medicines too were a little over dosed. Door bell rang. Niti thought that it’d be Riddhima and Ahana as they had gone out for groceries. Dada ji was supposed to be discharged on that day. She opened the door with a smile, but vanished the next moment. The person who stood in front of her was filled with so much negativity that she felt that her energy and stamina that she had, had been drained out.

It was.. SARAL.

Standing in front of her with a smirk. That very evil smirk of his. By seeing it anyone could tell that he was upto something BIG. Something bad. VERY BAD.

“You” she hissed.

“Yes me” he smiled all wide as he got in pushing her aside.

“Why are you here? Get out” she sneered.

“I’ll leave. But I have some work” he said.

“What work?” she asked.

“For which only you can help me. Only you” his lips twitched.

“You think I’ll be of your help? If you thought so, well I’m sorry. You though very wrong. I can’t help you and will never. Moreover, I’m not interested in looking at your face. How am I even tolerating a person like you? A person who took away four innocent lives. Who killed his own parents and brother and didn’t think of a one year old baby. His own niece. His sister in law’s father. Can even say ex-fiance’s father. A person who snatched a father away from a daughter. Did you even think once?” she screamed.

Saral stood silent. He was biting his inner cheeks. Having a hard time trying to control his laughter.

“I’m no way helping you” she screamed.

Saral laughed out loud holding his tummy. Niti’s eyes were red in anger. He always had a habit of laughing at her. Of whatever she spoke.

“Are you done?” he asked still laughing, trying to catch his breath “Omg!! You talk so much” he still laughed.

“You done?” she scowled.

“You’re the only one who can help me” he said as he composed himself.

“What makes you think I will?” she crossed her arms to her chest.

“I know it’s you and you will help” he gave a confident smile.

“How?” she was confused now.

Oh dear. What was he going to ask her now?

“You hate Arjun don’t you?” he smirked.

“So?” she cocked her eyebrow.

“Tell me if that’s a yes or no” he asked.

“Why does it matter to you?” she asked all annoyed.

“It does. Now tell me” he stressed.

“I do. I don’t” she sighed.

“How can you say that after all he’s done to Bonnie?” he shook her up.

“How do you know?” she gasped.

“I know all” he smiled.

All? Her eyes widened. Did he know of her being a Malhotra? Sam being pregnant? The Mishras staying with her? She had to call Karthik or Vaibhav. And she had to do it soon.

Really soon.

“I’m calling Karthik” she moved to take her phone.

“No, you’re not” he snapped.

“What makes you think I won’t?” he smirked.

“Think of Sam. And her baby” he smirked.

“What?” she gasped.

‘You’re a Malhotra aren’t you?” he smirked.

“How do you know?” she gasped.

“I know everything” he said as he showed files in his hand.

Niti snatched the file and saw them. It was the DNA report and sam’s pregnancy reports. Her eyes widened. Where did he get them from? Saral smirked at the shocked and terrified look on her face. He pulled her to him and looked deep into her eyes. She pushed him away and stood a good distance away from him.

“How did you get these?” she screamed.

“I got them” he smirked.

“How?” she raised her voice.

“I snuck into your house” he replied.

“What? Why?” she gasped.

“I snuck in and saw you. On bed. I know it was because of me. I had thrown the knife at you and I apologize for that. I was shocked to see you in the Malhotra residence. So, I thought to check on. And guess what? I found this and your sister in law’s pregnancy reports” he replied.

Damn. This was bad.

Really bad.

He had done his homework well.

“You can’t just sneak in like that” she screamed.

“But I love doing it” he pouted like an innocent kid.

“Why did you kill your family?” she asked.

“They were the cause of my destruction. They supported that characterless Radhika than taking my side” he sneered.

“Mind your tongue” she snapped.

“That Arjun Mehra. What does he think of himself? He too my Radhu away. He snatched her from me” he snapped back

“You never deserved a good girl like her. Arjun bhai loves her. He’s the best for her and the same with him. They compliment each other well” she said.

“Arjun bhai?” he cocked his eyebrow “you forgave him is it?” he asked.

“That’s my decision. Why are you burning?” she smirked.

“Because I hate him” he hissed as he clutched her hair tight.

“Now you’re helping me” he hissed again.

“What makes you think I’ll help you?” she hissed as she flinched.

“Your to be nephew or niece” he smirked.

“What?!” she gasped.

“Help me in separating Arjun and Radhika” he smirked.

“No way I’m doing that. I don’t ruin others happiness and home” she snapped.

“Then kill them” he said.

“NO!!” she snapped.

“Kill the Mishras and my sister in law along with her daughter” he said.

“No way!!” she snapped.

“You won’t do any of these?” he asked.

“How much ever you ask me I’m never going to help you” she snapped as tried to free her hair from his deathly grip.

“Then get ready to lose your beloved niece or nephew” he smirked.

“NO!!” she cried.

“Then do as I say” he snapped.

“Anything other than hurting and others” she snapped.

“K then. Marry me” he chimed.

“What? Are you insane?” she pushed him away with all the strength she had.

“I’ve always had this crush type of feeling on you and I’d be honoured to marry you” he smiled.

“What?” she scoffed.

“Marry me and I’ll spare every single person. I won’t look at anyone” he said.

“How can I trust you?” she asked him.

“I never back out from what I say” he said.

“So it’s a deal?” she asked.

“Yes” he nodded.

“If I marry you, you sure you won’t hurt anyone? Dare not think about Sam and Neil’s baby” she looked at him in suspicion.

“Yes you can trust me on that” he nodded.

“Deal then” she shook hands.

“If you think of telling this out to anyone or calling the police, Sam’s baby will be no more. Keep that in mind” he snapped as he poked her temple.

“No no. Don’t do that. Please. I won’t tell anyone” she pleaded.

“Ok” Saral clipped as he pulled her cheek.

“We’ll get engaged soon honey. Then wedding” he smiled.

“Ok” she sighed.

She came out of her thoughts when she felt a hand massaging her temples. She sighed as she relaxed. Ankush smiles as he saw relax and continued to massage her temple. Suddenly her eyes shot open. She got up and looked at him. He just kept watching her with love and she sighed as she saw those love filled eyes. Eyes filled with hope too. He deserved better. A lot better.

Better than her.

She walked out, leaving a broken Ankush behind. He just sighed as he watched her walk away. There was something she was hiding. She didn’t seem happy. Well to him it seemed so.

Niti got a call.

“Yes mom” she sighed.

She knew that by now, Neil and Sam would have told her everything.

“Home now” clipped Prerna.

“But mom..” she started off.

“No its. No buts. Come home now” she clipped.

“Ok fine. I’m coming” she sighed.

“I want you here in the next 30 minutes. Not a minute more” she snapped.

“Yes mom” she sighed as she hung upon the phone and walked out with her keys.

“I’m here in 28 minutes” Niti clipped as she entered her home to see her mother in the living room with Neil and Sam.

“Good. Now tell me why are you marrying Saral?” Prerna asked.

“I love him. That’s why I’m marrying him” she replied.

“Niti I know you’re hiding something. You can talk to us. Please Niti” Sam pleaded.

Niti looked at Sam and her belly where her baby was growing. It had hardly been weeks she had confirmed of her pregnancy and all were happy. Now the baby was under danger. Anything for the baby. She could kill and risk her life for it. Anything for it. Neil and Prerna saw her lost. Now they were sure she was hiding something. Sam kept watching her and turned self cautious as her stare was on her.

“Niti” Neil shook her up.

“I said I’m marrying him because I love him. No more” she clipped as she walked out of her house.

“Gudiya wait” Prerna called out, but she was already out.

All of them let out a sigh in disappointment as this was not how things were supposed to go. Neil almost knocked down a vase, but Prerna caught it in time.

“Why? Why Neil why?” Prerna sobbed.

“I’m sure she’s hiding something. I know her well” Neil said.

Neil’s phone beeped. It was Arjun.

“Got anything?” he asked.

“No” sighed Neil.

“Now we have to go for the plan and I have a perfect one” he said.

What is that?” Neil asked as he put the phone on speaker so that Sam and Prerna could her too.

Arjun and Radhika told it and the others keenly listened. They kept looking at each others faces and Prerna worried. She was too worried about Niti. What if she really loved Saral?

No no no.

That can’t happen. But love is blind. Prerna shook her head brushing the thoughts away. She hoped for the best. She didn’t want her daughter falling for Saral and ending up with him. She wanted her to marry Ankush. He was a really good guy. She And he truly loved her.

“Will it work Arjun?” asked a depressed Prerna.

“It will aunty. I promise” Arjun said.

“I’m in Arjun” clipped Neil.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow” Radhika said.

“Does Ankush know?” asked Sam.

“Yes he does. He has to” replied Radhika.


Chapter 48- “Mission Saral” and sleeping pills in Sam’s juice

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Neil looked at a pale Prerna resting on the recliner in her room. He knew that she was worried for Niti. Niti was her doll. Her life. She loved her more than him, but never complained. By looks she was a xerox of Prerna, but inside it was Aarav who ran down her blood. Who ruled each and every cell and nerve inside her. But was a delicate flower. Emotional. Not tough like her father. She’d try and fail miserably. And she was doing the same now too. Aarav always loved the fire in her, but was worried of her soft and easily exploitable side. Prerna knew that well and always tried to pull her out of it. Neil was witty, but emotional too. He knew where and when it had to be used.

Prerna loved Niti more because Aarav had spoilt her so much. She was so used to his company. Being the only daughter after 10 generations of sons was a bad thing at the same time being good. She was pampered by every single person in the family. She was loved immensely by Prerna’s family too as she was the youngest and cutest. Niti had broken down when Aarav had left. He had left without meeting her. He couldn’t see his daughter’s broken state, so he left when she was out to play. He knew she’d go weak, but wanted her to be strong. Niti grew up to wake up without her dad’s wake up call and hot chocolate. Prerna had gone hysterical after Niti had gone missing. She had promised Aarav to keep her safe and be by her side always. Even when she was found after 15 long years, she was the same. But the world saw a different her. A fake Niti. Which was not her at all. A cold, shrewd computer engineer-gynaecologist. Now making the Advertising world was her puppet, making them dance to her tunes as she pulled the strings with ease.

“Come in Neil” he heard his mother’s voice as he broke out of his trance.

“Mom stop worrying. She can never love Saral” he said.

“But the tone she used makes me think again” she sighed.

“She’s been alone for fifteen long years. She still isn’t back to her old self. It’ll take time” he whispered.

“I really didn’t understand why she was staring at me like at that. Anything wrong with me?” Sam sighed as she entered the room.

“Nothing is wrong with you. You have put on some weight. Maybe that’s why she was staring at you” Neil smiled.

“No Neil. She was looking too intense. I know the difference” she sighed.

It’s k. She’s lost. She herself is not happy. She’s hiding something. I need to make her spill the beans” he sighed.

“We’ll find out even if she doesn’t” Sam smiled.

“This is so bad. I feel like throttling that Saral” Sam gripped her hands like throttling a person.

“Not anything worse?” asked Prerna.

“Anything!!” hissed Neil.

“Ok. Let’s have dinner. I’m hungry” Sam pouted that made Neil and Prerna laugh.

The next day, both Sam and Neil left for office a little late as Prerna was down with fever, being worried sick about her daughter. Sam saw Niti working like an insane person. It was like she was so determined to finish what was there. Sam went to Arjun’s cabin shaking her head. She knocked, but no response. So, she went in. Sam smiled at the sight in front of her. Arjun cuddling Radhika like a kid. Radhika had her arms looped around Arjun’s neck and her face buried deep in his chest.

“I love you my honey bunny” she mumbled as she kissed his chest.

Sam pressed her lips at the statement.

Honey bunny?!


“Love you too kiddo” he whispered as he kissed the top of her head.


This was even more insane.

Sam was having a hard time pressing her lips and biting her cheeks. By then, Neil too had arrived. He smiled at the lovebirds in front of him. It was one and a half years ago, they could hardly stand each other’s presence, but now were cuddled up in each other’s arms. He put an arm around Sam’s shoulder and pulled her closer and smiled at her and she too smiled back.

“Arjun next time make sure to put a “DO NOT DISTURB” board outside your cabin” Neil rapped and laughed out loud holding his tummy.

Sam was so relieved that she was able to have some let out. She laughed out loud holding Neil’s bicep. Arjun and Radhika were so embarrassed that their cheeks turned pink.

“Omg!! This is the best day of my life” Sam held her chest “the Arjun Mehra is blushing” Sam laughed as she clicked his picture.

“Sam this is not going anywhere” Arjun warned.

“Oh yes it is. It’s going on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter” she grinned.

“No” Arjun warned.

“Oh yes. To some WhatsApp groups too. Some major fan followers of yours wanted a cute picture of yours. Wait let me post it” Sam grinned wider.

Arjun nodded his head at her ridiculous behaviour. Sam sent it to Niti and Niti who was on WhatsApp, saw Sam’s message and burst out laughing. She got up in a swift motion and almost fell off as she ran out of her cabin like a kid with her phone in her hand. Everyone who saw her smiled. She ran into Arjun’s cabin and saw Arjun in the same state. She looked at the picture and then his face. He looked even more cute in reality. Eyes widened and on top of it.

He was still PINK!!

She went to him “you look even more cute in reality bhai. Chhooo ccuuutttee. Muuaaahh to you” she pulled his cheeks as she spoke like a kid.

“What?” Arjun’s eyes widened.

He couldn’t believe that she called him Bhai. On top of it, called him cute and pulled his cheeks.

“The pic” she showed him that Sam had forwarded to her.

“Hehe” Arjun gave a fake smile. Deep down he was embarrassed.

Neil, Sam and Radhika smiled. Arjun and Niti in a good way. They just looked at the two. Niti laughing at Arjun. Arjun looking at her like she was some angel and he was dreaming.

“I hope I could have seen this you eight years ago. Nitin bhaiya wanted to see this side of you so badly. I wish I could send this picture of yours now. I want to fulfill this wish of his. But sadly I don’t have his contact” she sighed as she smiled.

“I’ve sent it to Nitin” Sam announced.

“How do you know him?” she asked.

“He’s my childhood friend and Nishanth uncle is a good friend of mom” Sam replied.

“Oh k. Have a good day you all. Bye cutie pie. My Coochie Poo” Niti cooed as she pulled Arjun’s cheeks again and hopped out of the cabin like a free bird.

“Coochie Poo!! Omg!! This is the best day ever!!” Sam laughed again.

“Thanks Sam” Arjun whispered with tears.

“Why are you crying? I’m so sorry Arjun. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ll delete the pictures that I just uploaded on social media” Sam said.

“No Sam. Not that” Arjun smiled as he wiped his tears away.

“Then what?” she asked.

“For bringing my Niti back. Atleast for a while. I know she’ll not remember, but thank you so much. For a minute, I felt so happy. So light. Free of guilt” he smiled.

“You two looked more like father-daughter duo than siblings or friends. It was cute” Radhika smiled.

“My adoptive daughter she is” he smiled.

“You made me mamma even before we have our kids?” Radhika pouted.

“I didn’t pull you in this. She’s like a kid of my own to me” he smiled.

“She’s cute” she smiled.

“Excuse me. It’s my sister you’re talking about” Neil crossed his arms to his chest.

“My sister in law” Sam too crossed her arms.

“Yes. She is yours before it comes to us” Radhika smiled.

“Ok. Now the plan” Sam said.

“Omg!! Arjun look at yourself. I can’t believe that a shrewd and shady businessman like you can blush” Ankush laughed as he entered the cabin.

“Not you” Arjun rolled his eyes.

“It’s so unbelievable” Ankush laughed.

“What’s so unbelievable? I too am a normal human being. I have hormones like you all. My adrenaline had a rush. That’s all” Arjun rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms to his chest.

“Ok man. Chill. Who asked you to dig the biology text book now” Ankush raised his hands in surrender.

“It’s not biology. It’s basic science” Arjun snapped.

“Ok. Now adrenaline replaced with testosterone. Wow. Your hormones are too active Arjun” Ankush mocked.

Neil and Sam burst out laughing. Radhika was blinking to see her brother and her husband talking biology. She too laughed with Ankush who also joined in a session of laughter. Arjun frowned, but in end ended up laughing along with them.

“Ok. What did you ask me to come for?” Ankush asked.

“Oh yeah. Let’s discuss on possibilities to nail Saral. To pull Niti out of all of these” Arjun replied.

“How do we know what can be done?” he sighed.

“Something. Anything” Sam said.

“Wait. Saral insulted Radhika last year at office. It’ll be recorded on the CCTV” Neil grinned as he snapped his fingers.

“We can get that from the security office” Arjun said as he relaxed.

“He almost slapped her in front of all. We can make her believe that he is this person who doesn’t respect women” Sam said.

“We need something else Sam. Something big that’ll make her believe. If she loves him she’ll shatter. If she doesn’t, it’s good. If she doesn’t love him why is she marrying a moron like him?” Arjun sighed as he pressed his temples.

“Will have to keep a close watch on him. I will do it” Arjun said again.

“Arjun are you serious?” Radhika asked.

“Yes. Anything for my chutki” he said.

“K then. I’ll come with you Arjun” Ankush said.

“K” Arjun said.

“We’re on it” said Radhika.

“Mission Saral” booed Sam.

They high fived each other and went back to their respective works. There was a pair of eyes that was keeping track of all the happenings. A smirk appeared on the face.

Sam got in her cabin and found a glass of juice in her cabin. She smiled and thought it was Neil who had kept the juice for her. She drank the juice and went back to work. But she felt giddy. She walked out and Niti saw her stumbling. She caught her before she fell on her face. She called out to Neil and they all rushed to the hospital.

“What happened?” Neil asked as Niti and another doctor walked out.

“Sleeping pills were mixed in her eatable” Niti hissed.

“What?!” Neil gasped.

“Sam takes no sleeping pills. Then how?” asked a shocked Prerna.

“I know how” Niti hissed as she walked away.

Niti was walking and was suddenly pulled to a side. She saw it was Saral.

“Why the hell did you do it?” she snapped.

“You betrayed me” he snapped back.

“I never did” she screamed.

“Your friend Jiya. The way she insulted me” he hissed.

“She’s not my friend. She was a girl who came jogging. She spoke to me and predicted you to be my fiance. And by the way, you were the one who flirted with her” she screamed.

“I will kill you if you try to harm Sam and her baby” she hissed as she walked out his arms that had caged her.

This was watched by a pair of eyes. Video captured and saved neatly on phone.


Chapter 49- The Mehras and Malhotras along with along with Ankush gather proofs to nail Saral and Karthik meets Anitha

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Karthik was lost in thoughts. He wanted to talk to someone. He didn’t know what to do. To whom to go and talk to. Arjun had called him for the party which was organised the coming weekend. They had organised it to catch Saral. Karthik’s happiness knew no bounds when he thought of arresting Saral. No encounter. Anything. He had the arrest and encounter warrant ready. He had his team ready. Vaibhav too was there. He had assured him a no failure this time. He took his phone and walked out of his room. His driver saluted and offered him a drive, but Karthik took the driver’s seat leaving the old man shocked. He drove till his eyes watered and applied the brakes and walked out of car. He sat in a café and ordered a coffee. He had his eyes closed and suddenly opened his eyes as he heard a familiar voice. He opened his eyes to see Anitha. The person who ran away three years ago. Without a word, without a call. Without a note. Nothing.

“Anitha” he called out and she turned around as she knew his voice.

“Karthik” she whispered as she had tears.

She had always loved him. But couldn’t confess her love to him as he never believed in love. She would have the time of her life whenever they would spend time together. But she could take it no more. Her love for him kept increasing with every second that ticked by. His dedication to his dadi though she was the only one he had. And she was in India. He loved his loved ones to death. But saw her as a friend. Only friend. Not even best friend. It hurt. But when asked on if he loved anyone. It was a no. But when he answered after thinking for a long time, it was a maybe. It broke her. That maybe was more than enough to tell her that he valued a girl more than her.

“Hello” he called out as he snapped his fingers and waved his hand across her face.

“Huh? Yeah” she said as she broke out if her trance.

Before she could say anything, she was pulled into a big hug. She was too shocked to react. Karthik held her to him to his heart’s content. He didn’t want to let go. Where not he had searched for her. Like a lunatic he was roaming throughout Cambridge and Boston, searching for her. His heart raced. This feeling was new for him, but he liked it. She just stood numb in his arms. He then pulled away and cupped her face as he kept looking down at her. She looked around and he found that she was embarrassed and stepped back.

“How are you?” he whispered.

“I’m good. You?” she smiled.

“Good. Why did you leave?” he asked.

“Some questions are better when unanswered” she replied.

“Anitha” he started off.

“No Karthik. Don’t ask” she said as she nodded her head.

“Why?” he asked.

“I’m not answering. Even if you have a legal warrant against me” she said in a stern tone.

“Anitha please” he requested.

“No Karthik” she snapped.

How was she going to tell him that it was because of him. Because she loved him. The reason that made her leave Cambridge and return to India. To her ailing aunt. Who wanted her married. She wanted the best for her. She wasn’t like all the other relatives who wanted to wash off the burden. She loved Anitha like her own. Too bad she had no kids, because of which her husband, her so called uncle abandoned her and found happiness in another woman. The worst, to fall sick with kidney failure and had to go through dialysis every week. Totally bedridden. But could take small steps with support. She knew she was a burden to Anitha, but Anitha never complained. She took care of her aunt like her mother and balanced both family and profession.

“Ok fine” he sighed “atleast a cup of coffee?” he asked with eyes filled with hope and no one would have failed to notice.

“Ok fine” she sighed.

They quietly sat down and sipped coffee. Karthik kept observing her. The changes in her. A policeman he was. She had grown to be even more beautiful. Her eyes, her features. Her body being perfect. It was perfect for him. She fit so perfectly in his arms.


She had grown to be a quieter person. Her eyes had lost the spark. The liveliness they used to have. She’d talk. Not too much. But wouldn’t stay quiet. She’d be smiling always. That smile was nowhere to be seen. She smiled, but it never reached her eyes. She didn’t even look at him even once since the time they’ve been sitting together. But she could feel his intense gaze on her. Why was he giving her so much importance? He held no feelings. Or maybe because they met after three years. She shrugged her shoulders and went back to sipping her coffee.

She got up to leave “will we meet again?” he asked.

“Do you want to?” she asked.

“You’re my best friend” he smiled.

She just walked away. Karthik sighed as she just walked away. Without even saying a bye. Anitha reached home as quickly as possible and ran to her room and slammed the door. Her aunt who was on the recliner aw her all disappointed and closed her eyes disappointed. She wanted her to settle down soon and find love soon. So that she can be happy.

Arjun came back disappointed as he couldn’t find anything much against Saral. But he was able to find out that there was someone who was supporting Saral. Who was sending him money for his living. It was impossible for him to inherit his property as Suhas Joshi, Saral’s dad had removed his name from the will. The property would be passed on to only Kabir. Then his children. It was only Ahana. The sole heir to the Joshi family.

Who was it? Who was it who was helping him. Arjun decided to continue the next day. But they had only two days left. They had to get something big to nail Saral for good. Just then, Radhika came in with coffee and he said phone beeped.


He sighed. Niti in trouble. He took the coffee and sipped on as he let out a sigh. Sam was still in hospital. Neil had managed to convince the security office for the CCTV footage. It would be in by tomorrow.

Neil opened the cabin to Arjun’s all pale. Anyone could tell that he had slept a wink. Arjun offered him coffee.

“How is Sam?” he asked.

“Just dropped her and mom home” Neil sighed.

“Niti?” he asked.

“Niti was the doctor on duty all night” Neil replied.

“She thought it was better that Sam stays at home. I saw her all pale Arjun. She’s terrified. She’s surely hiding something. Sam was worried when she was staring at her tummy. Gudiya was too worried. I heard her mumbling to herself that it was all because of her that Sam is in this state. I tried to talk, but couldn’t. She was too busy” Neil sighed.

“Relax Neil. It’ll all be fine” he smiled a little.

“What about the footage?” he asked.

“Will be here in three hours” Neil smiled.

Neil got the footage and they made extra copies. For backup. Arjun went back to Saral’s hideout. He saw him on phone. Arjun snuck in and asked Ankush to keep him posted, leaving him behind in the car. Arjun entered and heard him talk. He was laughing like a wicked evil. Arjun took out his phone and started recording.

“She thinks I’ll spear all of them if she marries me. Lol I thought her to be smart and shrewd, but she is nothing other than an emotional fool” he laughed like a lunatic.

There was a pause as the person on the other side was talking. Arjun kept thinking.


Spear who?

He went on recording.

“I’ll kill her right after I marry her. Then who will save them from me?” he smirked “from the Saral” he laughed again.

He hung up after some time and Arjun hid when he came in. Arjun snuck out with ease and left with Ankush. It was so disappointing. Saral wanted to kill Niti. His phone beeped again. He sighed as he opened the message. He saw that it was the video that was recorded in the hospital corridor. The argument between Niti and Saral. His eyes widened at the confession.

“Saral was the one who mixed sleeping pills in Sam’s juice” Arjun gasped.

“What?! How do you know?” asked Radhika.

Arjun gave her the phone and she saw the video. Her eyes widened. It was clear that Niti hated Saral. Saral wanted to harm Sam and her baby. But why? Niti was doing it all to save Sam and her baby. And he knew of her being a Malhotra. Not a Rajput. Radhika sat on the bed in a thud staring at the phone in her hand. Nandini who came in saw the husband and wife pale. She took the phone and saw the video. She had been upset ever since she had heard of Niti being betrothed to Saral. She was happy that she hated Saral. Now it was easy for Ankush. It was him and only him. A thought struck her.

Did she love Ankush?

Uh oh.

Now that was a thing they had to find out.

“Who sent it Arjun?” Nandini asked.

“It’s a private number Nandu. But whoever this person is, wants to punish Saral and wants to help us in it” he smiled.

“True that” Nandini agreed.

Arjun’s phone beeped again. Nandini opened it. Another video of Saral and Niti. Was taken at Bird Song. Her eyes widened. The person was someone from Bird Song.


“What is it Nandu?” he asked.

“Another video” she replied as she gave it to him.

Both Arjun and Radhika saw the video and their eyes widened. Bird Song. It was taken Two days before. After she had confessed she loved him. Saral had threatened her. One more against him. Niti can’t refuse now. They had solid proofs now. Arjun smirked.

“Now we can prepare for the party in happiness. Victory is ours!! “Mission Saral” is a solid success!!” Arjun picked Radhika and spun her in his arms.

He made a call.

“Chutki get your fiancé to the party” he said.

“Why?” she asked.

“Do as I say” he said.

“Why?” she asked again.

“He’s your fiancé. It’ll be your first party together. A perfect platform to announce your achievement to your next stage in life” he replied.

“Ok. Good night” she sighed as she hung up on the phone.

“No one can do anything to you chutki. No one. Not even that lunatic Saral” Arjun gave his signature smile.

He made another call.

“Karthik are you ready?” he asked.

“You tell me I’ll blow him now” Karthik hissed in anger.

“Calm bro. We have solid proofs. He can’t escape this time” he said.

“I want to shoot him down. Here you’re talking about arresting” Karthik snapped.

“Chill it man” he chuckled.

“There’s nothing funny in this” Karthik snapped again.

“Ok ok. Chill. I know there’s nothing funny” he said.

“You don’t know what he has done Arjun” Karthik sighed.

“What did he do?” he asked.

“He killed a girl seven years ago” Karthik sighed.

“What?!” Arjun gasped.

“I and Ankush saw that. We told him to let go of her. She was a minor. She had rejected him. They got into an argument and he pushed her off the terrace they were standing in. But he came clean as Mr. Joshi washed out all the proofs against his son and made it look like a suicide. That’s when the three of us fought and split up. Me and Ankush. He alone. We told our parents, but it was no use. He came clean. He was a spoilt brat. Money ran in their blood. It was so wrong Arjun. So wrong” Karthik’s voice broke.

“He was a lunatic since then” he hissed.

“Yes. I was shocked when Riddhi di was married off to that family. But Kabir bhai was a good man. He gave di all the love and respect she deserved. I was happy, but still I wasn’t satisfied that she was married off to that family. Ankush being a little comfortable with Saral. I didn’t like it all” Karthik sighed.

“Ok Karthik relax. Get some sleep. Good night” he said.

“Yeah good night” Karthik replied as he hung up on the phone.

Karthik’s phone beeped. A message. He opened it. His eyes widened. In the end, he smirked. He put his phone away and went to sleep. A peaceful sleep.

Niti made a call.

“You’re invited to the party” she said.

“Why?” Saral asked.

“I’ve decided to make our relationship public” she replied.

“Ok baby. I’ll attend. Only for you” he beamed.

“Good night” she said as she cut the call immediately.

She sighed as she looked at her phone and then anger took over. She threw her phone on the bed and threw herself on the bed trying to find some peace and sleep.

Done done done…. Uuuffff… God God God…. Hands… Ouchie… It’s almost over… hope you all liked it…. Let me know please… love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling… bear hugs to all of you ??

Up next: End of Saral… Promise of no evil

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