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Chapter 39- Finally it’s out!!

Neil opens the file and it was his allergy report along with the discharge details. There was another file with it, the DNA report file. He put it on his work table and left. He reached Bird Song and went to Niti’s cabin. She was with Ahana and Sam watching her. Niti was drawing flowers and Ahana was laughing. Niti then made funny actions that made Ahana laugh and Niti was awarded with sloppy kisses over her face. Sam and Neil laughed at how Niti was back to her old self. Was she really back or was it for Ahana? Then suddenly, Ahana started to cry.

“What happened baby?” asked Niti.

Ahana just cried rubbing her belly. Oh, the poor baby was hungry. Niti understood as she saw Ahana holding her tummy. She wouldn’t have had much from the long journey. There was a plate of biscuits on her table. Niti pulled it to her and took it to Ahana’s mouth. The kid never budged. She just pushed it away, wailing harder. Niti then crumbled the biscuits and added little water, mashing it. Niti slipped her fingers into Ahana’s mouth as it was in a semi solid state. Ahana smacked her lips as she tasted the biscuit paste on her tongue. She stopped crying and opened her mouth wide, asking for more. Niti chuckled as she fed Ahana. Ahana smiled as she kept swallowing fast. The poor little baby was hungry. Really hungry. Sam and Neil watched the two of them gel well. Neil came to Sam and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Sam looked up at him and smiled.

“I want a baby just like Ahana Neil” whispered Sam.

“Son or a daughter?” he asked.

“Anything. But has to be a cute, chubby handful one” smiled Sam.

“Don’t worry sister in law, you’ll get one” said Niti as she fed Ahana.

“What?” asked Neil.

“What what?” asked Niti.

“Sister in law?” asked Neil.

“You called me your sister. So she’s my sister in law. Well she’s not. Umm…. can we just chuck it” stammered Niti as she looked everywhere other than the two of them.

Niti got a call “What is it Akash?”

“Niti an emergency. Critical labour” clipped Akash.

“I’m leaving” she said as she hung up on the call and picked up a sleepy Ahana in her arms.

“I need to leave. Have an emergency case. I’ll leave Ahana to her family” said Niti as she rushed.

Akash kept calling Niti as she drove. Niti drove with a sleeping Ahana in the front seat. She had buckled up the seat belt on Ahana’s side. Niti reached in no time. She met Akash as she was taking long strides with Ahana in her arms.

“Who’s the kid?” smiled Akash.

“Don’t think too much. It’s Mrs. Joshi’s daughter. Brief me on the case” scowled Niti.

“Ok. The woman has triplets. Low BP. Excessive internal bleeding” briefed Akash.

“No chord around the neck?” asked Niti as she put in her green surgical suit in her cabin with sleeping Ahana in Akash’s arms.

“Nope” said Akash as he gave Niti back to her.

“Baby’s heads in position?” asked Niti as they reached the tensed Mishras and Mehras.

“Niti you here?” asked a shocked Ankush. He thought she was going to be handling his grandpa’s surgery.

Arjun too looked shocked to see her in her surgical suit. Radhika and the others were only staring at the two doctors.

“Actually that’s the problem” said Akash.

“Stupid why didn’t you tell me?” scowled nitu as she gave Ahana back to Riddhima.

“Ummm..” he was cut off.

“Tell me when is her due” sighed Niti.

“Two and a half weeks later” replied Akash.

“I’m gonna f**k your case” whisper hissed Niti.

“Sorry girl. I’m not this gynec thing” he said.

“Like I know on cardiology. But I do have basic knowledge don’t I?” she frowned.

“And by the way Mr. Ankush Mishra, I think you forgot that I’m a gynecologist. I have an emergency case in the next room” she informed with clear annoyance.

Before he could say anything, she stormed in with Akash following her. They could only pray. There was a man who was tensed. He sat there biting his nails. It was his wife inside. And the world’s best doctor was here to help. He thought she’d be an oldy, but no she was young and pretty.

Arjun went to him “your wife?” he asked.

“Yes” cried the man.

“That girl who went in was Nithika Rajput Malhotra. My chutki. She never fails. So, don’t worry and wait for the good news” smiled Arjun.

“Thanks. I just want my triplets and my wife to be fine” smiled the man through his tears.

“They will” smiled Arjun.

Arjun smiled and got up. Now Arjun had a tensed look. Was Neil going to have the same look? Was he too going to be in the same state? Was Radhika going to be like this, leaving him all tensed outside. He brushed it away. When there’s Niti, there’s nothing to fear. They all waited outside. Nurses and ward boys kept running in and out. Everyone tensed. Finally, after three and a half hours there were cries of babies being heard. The man came running to the door.

Niti and another more nurse with two babies walked out. Niti smiled at him as she pulled down her mask.

“Congratulations. It’s daughters for you” smiled Niti.

The man smiled as he looked at his daughters with love. The others smiled. He looked to Arjun and mouthed a thank you. Arjun just smiled.

“They will sent to the ward after being cleaned up and normal check up” informed Niti.

“My wife?” asked the man.

“She’s still unconscious. Will be up soon. She’ll be sent to the ward once awake” smiled Niti “now please excuse us” she said as she walked away with the nurse following her.

Niti packed up. She had to leave to City Hospital. She had asked Neil and Sam to come. She went towards the operation theatre. They were still sitting there with hope. Waiting for good news. It had been five and a half hours. Open heart surgery. The surgery had started an hour before her arrival. Just then, Akash came out. Niti looked at him and he nodded in positive, making her heave a sigh of relief.

“How’s Dada ji?” asked Radhika.

“He’s all fine. Nothing to worry about. He’ll be shifted to ICU soon. Then to general ward. Any one of you can stay” smiled Akash “and you madam, congratulations on succeeding in such a complicated case” bowed Akash as he turned to Niti.

“Who do you think I am?” smiled Niti.

“Well yes, the Nithika Rajput” announced Akash.

“Lol. Found yourself a girl?” asked Niti.

“Nope” clipped Akash.

“You’ll never change” frowned Niti.

“But my heart’s not on sale” pouted Akash.

“What who is she?” squealed Niti. She almost woke up Ahana.

“You know her” said Akash.

“I know?” asked a confused Niti.

“Yes” he smiled.

“Stupid. I’m not talking to you. Get lost. Now I need to leave” said Niti “take care of Dada ji” smiled Niti as she walked away.

“Mami” called out Ahana as she saw her walking away.

But Niti who was in a hurry couldn’t hear Ahana. Ahana sobbed as Niti didn’t turn around. Riddhima put Ahana back to sleep. She looked up at Ankush who nodded his head in agreement. She smiled at her brother’s choice. Mala was surprised to see Ahana addressing Niti as Mami. She too smiled.

Sam and Neil came to City Hospital. They reached Niti’s cabin and she performed certain tests.

“Tests are normal. Sam needs a lot of rest. The foetus is healthy. Ten weeks old” she smiled.

“Baby. Call it baby. Not some fetus” frowned Neil.

“Well it’s our terms Mr. Malhotra. I’m a doctor, not a common man. And it’s foetus by the way. Not fetus” she clipped “Sam do you have morning sickness? Or evening sickness?” asked Niti.

“Nope” answered Sam as she shook her head.

“Good. I’ll be writing down some vitamins. She’ll be having mood swings from now on. Take care” smirked Niti as she warned Neil, who gulped down as he looked at Sam, who in turn laughed.

Niti left home and was surprised to Ankush, who came along with Riddhima and Ahana.

“Ahana wanted to be with you..” started off Ankush.

“They can stay” smiled Niti “it is getting lonely around here” sighed Niti as she looked around the house.

“We’re here. No need to worry” smiled Riddhima.

“I need to take you shopping tomorrow. I hate the white. I’m on a day off. You Ankush, heard me right?” she clipped.

“Yes” nodded Ankush.

“It’s not needed. I’m fine” sighed Riddhima.

“You don’t live in the 1600s. It’s the 21st century!! And are you going to wear the same white sari all your life? Yuck!! We need to shop even if it is for white saris. We’ll get some simple ones. Light colored. Even for aunty too. I really really hate the white. Just like Ahana, bwak. And you’re coming. Period” completed Niti as she signalled to zip up her mouth.

“Ok” smiled Riddhima.

“Your baby hates your colourless self. At least for her” requested Niti.

“Yes” smiled Riddhima.

“Thank you so much. Thank you” said Ankush.

“Dinner?” asked Niti.

“No it’s ok” said Riddhima.

“Come on. I’ve made for Ahana too. Come on Ankush” said Niti.

“Nunu” chimed Ahana as she stretched out her arms to Niti who took her in her arms immediately.

“Nunu bad” pouted Ahana.

“Why baby?” asked Niti.

“She called out to you and you didn’t turn around” said Riddhima.

“When?” gasped Niti.

“At the hospital” answered Ankush.

“I’m sorry baby” cooed Niti to a smiling Ahana who had a bunch of her long hair in her tiny fists. Ahana then poked out her tongue that made everyone laugh.

Ankush and Riddhima ate. Niti fed Ahana, who ate silently without any tantrums. Riddhima and Ankush were surprised to see Ahana eat so quietly. It was a humungous task making her eat. Moving Mt. Everest would be easier. Ankush left and Riddhima went on to sleep alone as Ahana wanted to sleep with her Nunu.

Neil and Sam had dinner. Prerna was so happy that she had cooked all of Sam’s favorite food for dinner. Neil made Sam have her medicines and put her to sleep. Neil then sat down in his study to finish up with the files. As he was going through, he came across the report file. He opened it and was shocked as he read it. He almost fell off his chair. Tears failed to stop as he went through the report. His sample had been matched with Niti’s. For further verification,it was matched with Prerna’s too. Now, it was proved Niti was his sister. His gudiya was found. He found his gudiya. He hit her back. His instincts were true. He was such an idiot. She was infront of him for almost six months and he couldn’t identify her. Sam was right be waa an idiot. He cried as he laughed loud. He was so happy that he started to dance till he fell hard onto the floor. Then realisation dawned. It was only him who didn’t know. Sam and Prerna knew. Now he understood why the both of them took hwe side and Prerna’s unconditional love for for her. And Niti’s presence at the Bravery Awards function.

“I’ll bring you back home my gudiya. Enough of the hide and seek. Enough of making me suffer” smiled Neil.

He cried thinking of how much he had hated her. How much he had insulted her. He threw water over her in front of the whole office. He cornered her to resign. He cried thinking of it all.

“I’m sorry. Im sorry for everything” he sobbed as he buried his face in his palms.

Neil went back to his room to sleep. He had the most peaceful sleep ever.


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Chapter 40- Ahana asks for her Pappa

Neil got ready earlier than usual. He was so happy. Neil came by and peeked Sam’s cheek, making her blush and Prerna roll her eyes. Her son was going shameless day by day. Sam and Prerna wondered what it was that made him so happy. Maybe her pregnancy news they thought. Little did they know that he had found out about his little gudiya.

Neil and Sam left for office. Neil straight away hopped to Niti’s cabin. The whole of Bird Song was shocked to see this side of Neil. He was a cheerful person, but had never seen this side of him. Neil scowled as he saw her cabin empty. Where could she go? She was a punctual person. She was worse than Arjun. Not a second early, not a second late. Where could she be? Neil stomped his foot as he was upset. Sam understood it as she saw everything from behind.

“You found out” whispered Sam as she placed her palm on his shoulder.

“I did and she’s not here. I wanted to pull her in my arms” he whispered, his voice breaking.

“She’ll come” smiled Sam.

“No she’s not” said Ankush from behind.

“Why?” scowled Neil.

“She’s taken Riddhima di for shopping. The white sucks on her. Pataka hates it. She hardly goes to her” replied Ankush.

“So?” frowned Neil. He was losing his patience.

“She told me to let you all know that she’s taking a day off today” replied Ankush in fear looking at Neil’s state.

“Aarrrrgggghhhhh” Neil threw his hands in the air annoyed.

“Did she have to take a holiday today?” screamed Neil as he raked his hand through his hair.

“Neil calm down” coaxed Sam. But it never worked.

“How can I Sam? I find out she’s my sister and she’s on a day off” frowned Neil.

Ankush gulped down in fear. Neil knew. Now he was out. Uh oh such a brother. How was the going to convince him. Sam saw a tensed Ankush and poked Neil to look at him. Neil looked at her with a mischievous smile. Ankush was one nervous cat.

“So, brother in law. When are you going to confess your feelings to my gudiya? After she has three kids? Or after she turns grandma?” laughed Neil.

“What?!” gasped Ankush.

“You silly. Go tell her before someone else comes and takes her away” smiled Sam.

“Will she accept me?” asked Ankush.

“It’s her decision. How will I know?” shrugged Neil.

“She’s your sister” frowned Ankush.

“But it’s her life” said Radhika from behind.

“Go on Ankush. It’s not that hard. Just an I Love You” smiled Arjun.

“Easy for you to say” said Ankush as he rolled his eyes.

“It isn’t” said Neil.

“With these killer ladies in front of us, we forget all our lines” pouted Arjun.

“Excuse me. Killer ladies?” Sam in Radhika in unison as they threw their husbands death glares.

“Yes. You ladies are so beautiful. We just get lost in your looks and red luscious lips” said Neil in fear.

“Yes. It’s true” stammered Arjun.

“Shameless idiots” scowled Sam and Radhika in unison.

Ankush burst out laughing. He fell to the floor holding his tummy tight. The four of them were watching him laugh. But they too ended up laughing. Ankush then got up still trying hard to control his laugh.

“You guys are cute. Such kids” said a breathless Ankush.

“Bhai” scowled Radhika.

“You’ll always be my baby, Choti” smiled Ankush as he pulled her cheeks.

“Ok let’s get to work” said Arjun and all of them dispersed to their respective work stations.

But it was so hard for Neil to work. With him not talking to Niti. But he somehow managed to pass time and do some work. He decided to go to her house in the evening and bring her back forever.

Riddhima, Niti and Ahana returned home after a long day of shopping. Niti had got Ahana her favourite big pink teddy. Ahana kept roaming around the house dragging the huge teddy along with her. Niti and Riddhima smiled as they watched a happy and smiling Ahana. Free of worries. No tension. Nothing. Being yourself. Being you.

“It’s so nice to be kids. You be so happy. Nothing to worry about” said Riddhima.

“It’s k. It’ll be fine” whispered Niti as she squeezed her hand.

“It’s the first time Ahana hasn’t asked about her dad. I donno what to tell and how to handle her if she asks” cried Riddhima.

“We’ll manage. But she’ll have to learn the truth sooner or later” sighed Niti.

“I donno. She can ask any time. And it’s hard to manage a mature kid like her” sobbed Riddhima.

‘We’ll take care at that time. She is a really mature kid” soothed Niti.

Ahana was standing right next to them remembered her daddy. Ahana looked around here and there. It wasn’t her house. Where was she? She went around looking for her Pappa, Dada and Dadi.

Sam along with Neil arrived. Radhika, Arjun and Ankush too came. They all wanted to see the reunion of the brother and sister. Just as they entered the house, Ahana started to cry loudly. Like really bad. It was so hard for them to calm her.

“Baby don’t cry please” said Riddhima as he tried to calm her daughter.

“Ana(Ahana) want Pappa” sobbed the baby.

“Pappa? Why Pappa?” asked Riddhima.

“Pappa” cried Ahana.

Ankush ran to her “Pappa will come soon Pataka” cooed Ankush.

“Ana want Pappa now” cried Ahana.

“Baby shall we have ice cream?” asked Neil, which only turned things worse.

Ahana cried harder. Everyone facepalmed themselves.

“Idiot you made her cry more” scowled Sam.

“I tried” pouted Neil which made Sam roll her eyes.

“No sugar for kids till they turn five” pouted Niti “they turn hyper with sugar” she said.

“I think she heard us talk” whispered Niti to Riddhima, who sighed and nodded in agreement.

Niti facepalmed herself for not being cautious. Ahana was a grasper. She really needed a treatment for her head and tongue. Niti sighed at the situation that was put up. She had to do something.

Arjun knelt down to her “shall we go for a long drive princess?” he asked.

Ahana nodded her head vigorously in a negative crying hard as tears flowed down the angelic face. Her face was red. Her cheeks and nose were so red. Eyes swollen.

“Baby come to Radhi. We’ll go and watch fireflies” smiled Radhika as she stretched out her hand.

Ahana cried more as she nodded her head in a negative. Radhika moved back dejected. It hurt her to see her baby crying.a Arjun who had knelt down got up and stood next to Radhika. Sam didn’t know how to handle a baby at all. Niti took a deep breath and went to Ahana and knelt down in front of her. She knew the feeling of not seeing the person you love the most. Your dad. She pulled her into a hug and sobbed. She had lost both her fathers. Everyone understood what she was going through too. It was silent. Only the sobs and wailing of Ahana could heard. Thunders clapped. Lighting struck. Winds blew. Seems like the heavens pitied the state of their daughters. Life was all about tests. Rain started to pour down not being able to hold itself. They too gave in with the pure souls. Ahana and Niti remained in each other’s embrace for a long time. Niti waited for Ahana to calm down.

“Ana want Pappa” sobbed Ahana as she broke out of Niti’s hug.

“Pappa will come soon” cooed Niti.

Everyone looked at her shocked. What was she doing? They looked at her waiting for her to talk. What was she trying to do? Igniting hopes in the young heart. It was wrong. No one knew what Niti had in hand. What was coming was unknown.

Ahana looked at Niti through her tear filled eyes. She waited for her to continue.

“Pappa will come baccha” whispered Niti as she wiped her tears.

“Pakka?” asked Ahana as she wiped Niti’s tears.

“Yes” smiled Niti as she saw that Ahana waa calming down.

“Pappa gone office?” asked Ahana.

Ankush who had had enough was about to go to Niti. But Riddhima and Radhika stopped him gesturing him to watch.

“No” replied Niti.

Ahana cocked up her eyebrow in confusion.

“Pappa has gone to God” said Niti.

“God?” asked Ahana as she folded her hands. She understood well.

“Yes. Even my Pappa has gone to God. My Maa, baapu and jiji too” a Niti.

Arjun was in tears as he heard her explanation. Neil looked at his sister handle the situation.

“Jiji?” asked Ahana.

“Yes my big sister” smiled Niti.

“Big sister?” asked Ahana as she showed big by stretching her arms wide.

“Yes” chuckled Niti.

Ahana waited for Niti to explain further.

Niti said “you see people who go to God take a loooonnnggg time. And when they reach, God blesses them and gives them a beautiful crown for their princesses.”

“Pwincess?” asked Ahana.

“It’s princess my doll” chuckled Niti.

“After getting the crown, they have good food and then come back. It takes a long time too” said Niti.

“Cwown?” asked Ahana.

“Crown” corrected Niti.

“And then Pappa will come and put it on his Ahana’s head” smiled Niti.

And Ahana will look beautiful” clapped Niti that made Ahana to clap her hands too.

“I will get two crowns” bragged Niti.

“Two?” asked Ahana.

“Yes. I have two Pappas” smiled Niti.

“Ana want Pappa” back to square one again. Niti sighed.

“Pappa will come” assured Niti.

“It will take a very long time. Pappa will come even more soon if Ahana doesn’t cry and throw tantrums. He will come if Ahana will promise to be a good girl and listen to mommy” smiled Niti.

“Ana good” squealed Ahana as she hugged Niti.

“Yes. The best daughter” said Niti as she kissed her head.

“Ana ait(wait) for Pappa. Ana want two cwowns” pouted Ahana.

“You can have mine. My doll it’s crown” chuckled Niti.

“Two cwowns. Two cwowns” clapped Ahana as she hugged her newly bought big teddy. Niti rolled her eyes.

She was happy that she changed her mood. She was so relieved to see a happy Ahana. So cheerful. Everyone smiled. Niti was so intelligent. She’d be a great mother. Niti broke down as she lied to a kid. About her dad returning. Riddhima ran to her and hugged her. No one was going to return. No crowns. Nothing. The journey to God was only one way. No return.

“It’s k. It’s k” whispered Riddhima as she patted her back.

Neil couldn’t see this side of his sister. It hurt. He punched the wall hard and stormed out. He went out in the rain and knelt down crying loud. Sam couldn’t go out as she was pregnant. She didn’t want to fall sick. Arjun and Radhika silently let Neil break down. Ankush decided to stay with the ladies. Neil then stood up and bought his car and left after Sam took the passenger seat.

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    1. Shree

      Awwwww mera baccha!! Thank you so much!! Yes I promise you I’ll do something light after Saral’s track…

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      Roma di!! Thank you so much!! Sorry that I made you cry… He knows the truth.. Thank you thank you thank you!!

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