Twenty Four (24) Season 2 21st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 21st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 7pm and 8pm. Roshan asks Haroon when are we leaving from here. Haroon says tonight, that’s why its necessary to keep Jai alive. Roshan says you have grown up. Gyan asks is everyone’s computers synced. Zaara shouts yes. Gyan goes to her and says I m sorry for what I did, you may understand this was necessary. She says you could have told me, this was not necessary. Vedant says just you felt something is wrong, your instincts are very sharp, you can become great field agent, better than Mihir. Zaara apologizes to Gyan and asks Vedant is he fine. Vedant says I m fine, thanks.

Siddharth gets Veer’s call. Veer says Kiran is not there, there was some incident at neighbor’s call. Siddharth says there are changes here, come back. Veer says Kiran needs me, there is problem. Siddharth says I want you here fast. Veer tells this to Raj. Raj says this work is like that, hospital is close.

Inder shows his driving license and asks Mili to come to him. Kiran asks inspector can’t he see Mili is scared. Inder says you felt it was serious thing between us, it was just one night. She asks what. He says you have stalked me and troubled my wife, you kidnapped my daughter. Kiran says he is lying. Inspector says you have to come with us to police station.

Haroon asks Roshan what is he thinking. Roshan says I m thinking to close this deal, see how I make this 1000 crores. Haroon says but I told them 500 crores. Roshan says they are killing many lives, they will give even 2000 crores, they want to spread virus, police will be keeping eye on us, our network will finish, we have to get big amount for it, 2000 crores.

Aditya asks CM to talk to Prithvi. CM says Mane Shinde is angry with ATU. Prithvi says we were unaware of ATU. CM says you should talk to him. Prithvi says fine, I will talk to him. He calls Mane Shinde. Shinde’s wife/Prithvi’s GF Antara answers and tells him about the call. Prithvi tells him about ATU operation, we are trying to control situation, we will take action against ATU, but now its imp to support ATU. Shinde says Haroon and Roshan are here, the virus will spread, my party will not support you, ATU reports to central govt, so its your responsibility. Prithvi ends call. Shinde tells his wife that I thought Prithvi will greet you.

Maya goes to Jai and hugs him. she says I can’t believe you have come. He asks why, did you not trust me. She says I had trust and I was scared. He says I told you I will come. They kiss. Jai is called for dinner. Maya tells him that she heard Haroon saying Roshan that they will kill you. He says nothing will happen to me. She expresses love and hugs him.

Kiran goes out and Veer reaches there. Kiran says I did not do anything, this man is lying. Veer talks to inspector and says Kiran was saving Sarah and Mili from Inder. Inder says Kiran is lying. Raj takes Mili. Inder holds Kiran and says I will kill her, step back, I mean it. Veer says step back.

Roshan sees Jai and Maya together. Omkar sees Roshan seeing them and worries. Siddharth asks Shivani and Vedant whats their plan, will they wait till Jai calls. Vedant says Gyan can talk to Haroon if needed. Shivani says yes, we are following Jai’s plan. Siddharth says you don’t get tired to follow Jai, I can see your relation with Jai. She says Jai is my friend and senior, you won’t strong understand our relation, you don’t have courage to keep Kabir’s pic and can’t talk to me. Vedant goes. Siddharth says I don’t need to give you explanation, I have to work, go out and shut the door, do your work. She leaves.

Roshan asks Maya do you really love or playing any game. Haroon says I told you, Roshan is bullet, Maya loves me a lot. Jai comes. Roshan says I called you, Haroon said you started drinking wine a lot after your wife died, I had support of another woman after my wife died, have this wine. Jai drinks. Roshan aims gun and says you thought you both will fool me and beats him. Jai’s watch gets hit and signal gets lost. Haroon asks what are you doing. Roshan aims gun at Maya and asks Haroon to ask her. Haroon asks Maya to say what she did.

Inspector asks Inder to leave Kiran. Inder says I want a car else I will kill Kiran. Veer tells inspector that my plan will work, she is my sister, I know her well. Gyan tells Shivani we have lost Jai. Roshan asks Haroon to ask the lovers. Haroon asks they are lovers, no way. Roshan says you got blind in love, ask them. Haroon asks Maya to say it’s a lie. Maya gets silent. Haroon holds her neck and asks why did you do this, tell me. Omkar sits worried hearing them. Jai says leave her Haroon. Haroon says I wanted to marry Maya, you ruined this. Jai says its not Maya’s mistake, leave her. Haroon asks whose mistake is it. Omkar says its my mistake. Haroon leaves Maya and asks Omkar whats his mistake. Omkar says the way you killed the guy in stable, I was scared and wanted to run away, Jai heard us, I was afraid Jai will tell you, so Maya went to request Jai to save my life.

At 7.28pm, Siddharth asks Shivani any luck, it means we can’t contact Jai, I was afraid for this, PM also said this, we had to lose Roshan, Haroon and virus. She says we are trying, we have to inform Jai about transmitter. Mihir says he can link his watch with any radio. Shivani asks Gyan not to call Haroon this way, we should have some way. Siddharth says we don’t have all day. Roshan says I won’t believe Omkar, a father can say anything to save daughter, no need to kill Jai, he won’t break, Maya and Omkar will say truth. Haroon says Maya cheated me. Roshan says you can’t beat her like this, Jai can kill them. He asks Jai to beat Omkar. Jai beats Omkar. Maya cries. Roshan asks Maya to say truth.

Inspector says car is coming, don’t do anything to the girl. Raj gets the car. Inder asks him to move back. Kiran sees Veer in the car. Kiran gets back and Veer shoots Inder. Inder falls. Veer hugs Kiran and asks are you okay. She says yes. Maya asks Haroon to stop beating my dad, he will die. Gyan calls Haroon and tells him to be alert of the one he will meet today, their security system is strong, keep Jai along, he is trained to handle such situation, can I talk to him. Haroon asks why. Gyan says I have to tell him about the plan. Haroon puts it on speaker. Gyan tells Haroon to sync his watch with coastguard timings. Gyan says then repair it, else our plan will flop. Haroon says sync it with my watch. Gyan says fine, set it to 7.28. Haroon says fine and ends call.

Siddharth asks Gyan did Jai understand. Gyan says Haroon was listening too. Shivani says Jai understood, trust me. Aditya and Prithvi meet defence secretary Goswani. Goswani says we should focus in stopping the virus. Aditya asks whats your plan. General says I have few scenarios, we have to speak with ATU team first. They talk to Siddharth and Shivani. Siddharth says Jai know we lost the signal, Jai will do something. Shivani says we spoke to him, he is not caught. Aditya says we don’t have time. Siddharth tells about delta team being close and seizing virus.

General says your ground forces are of no use without signal. Shivani says we will follow Jai. Goswani asks are you sure of this that your team will contain virus at night in Roshan’s area. General says we have an idea, its success rate is good, we will use airforce drones, its without pilots, my team will control them from here, we can blow the place by bomb, Roshan and virus will end at the spot, some people will die, if we have to save many lives, I think there is no better plan than this.

Devyaani checks a patient. She is called by dean. Shivani says we don’t know how virus will reach there, Jai said virus will be delivered at 8.30pm. Aditya asks how many lives will go. General says maybe 150-200. Shivani says Delta team’s 30 people and Jai are there. Aditya asks General to keep his team ready, but we will give time to Jai till 8.30, then we will use this plan. Shivani says this is unfair. Goswami blames her to be irresponsible and there is no time now. Aditya says we strike at 8.30 sharp, good luck.

Dean shows Devyaani her past records and asks what do you want to say about this. Devyaani says its all true, its my past, I m not this now. Dean says I have to present this infront of council, we know addiction. She says I took drugs to forget my mum’s death, dad was busy in his company, I know I was wrong, when I went to rehab, everything changed, I was blaming others, I rectified my mistake, talk about my track record, punishing for old mistakes is not fair. Dean says fine, I have to think about this. She asks who has sent this to you. He says don’t know, its some unknown address.

Naina asks Khosla to reach in one hour. Khosla says I got a news, its big, I will share after confirmation. Prithvi calls his GF Antara and says sorry, I did not call in day, it was complicated day, are you fine. She says yes. He says he knows right. She says it seems yes, but I m alive, if he was sure, he would have killed me. He says maybe he has doubt, anyways, I don’t think you should stay there. She says I will leave tomorrow, its time to end this, I will tell him I m leaving him, I packed my bags. Shinde asks Antara to whom are you talking. She says no one. She tells Prithvi she will talk later. Prithvi gets worried.

Dr. Rai shows the mail. Dean says I spoke to Devyaani, this is her past, someone is trying to defame her, she was drug addict, she is a qualified doctor, its not good to her past against her. Dr. Rai says we should talk to review board, else it will be bad for our hospital’s future.

Dhruv calls Devyaani and says I wanted to talk to you once. She says you can’t call so often. He says I know, don’t know when I can talk next time, bye. He leaves. Siddharth asks about Jai’s signal. Gyan says nothing. He calls delta team and takes status. Kamat says we will follow Jai’s tracker and reach virus location. Siddharth tells about the backup plan, that will blow the place, you can go to safe zone with your team if you want. Kamat says thanks, we will stay here, keep us posted. Siddharth says congrats Shivani and goes. She asks what and stops him. She asks whats your problem. He says 30 lives are at stake because of Jai. She says I care for even their families and children, not like you, you don’t care for your son, this is personal, every person is my family, you don’t know family. He says I really don’t have time for all time, I have to think of those whom you trapped.

Roshan says I got bored, Jai shoot Omkar, accept relation with Maya or kill her dad. Jai aims at Omkar. Roshan asks Maya to say truth, else Jai will shoot your dad. He counts down. Maya gets tensed.

Maya asks Jai why did you do this, you killed my dad infront of me. Shinde argues with Aditya about Prithvi. Maya hugs Haroon. Haroon asks her to forget her dad. Shinde taunts Antara. Haroon, Roshan and Jai go for virus delivery. Missiles get ready to fire. Aditya signs to fire missile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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