manmarziyan on mars : chapter 2


Mmz on mars 2
Helllo friends..m back with my second chapter of sci-fi..let me remember u some facts..In 1964 first orbitor mission of mars got successful after so many failures by NASA..USA dominated over space missions till soviet union did its successful attempt in 1971..then ESA got into the group..INDIA is the first Asian and first country in the world who got it Mars orbitor mission succeed in its maiden attempt and important fact its completed with very less budget even lesser than Hollywood movie investment..but; time magazine criticized it which irked me most..I used imaginary year and space agency in last chapter..

If u find its excessively illogical plz let me know,if to change the track or end immediately..I’ll be happy ? ..but i tried sci- fi from my POV only..enough of my torture for today..but i think it’s necessary…do let me know ur views..


” it’s our time to concentrate on ‘Human on Mars’ (HOM) mission..but we need efficient and wise person to drive the mission..he/she must know about space very well and should be a optimist who have the calibre to encourage,ensure the mission to successful”, said the chief of ISRO with a bit worry as they are in search of a good leader n captain for their mission first..

” why don’t we select some young energetic person who have enthusiasm to achieve something in space science rather than having only years of experience?? I think we should pay visit all primary branches of ISRO to check who will be eligible for this mission”, said associated member of he believed experience matters; but what matters more to get success is eagerness to complete task,carry the task enthusiastically and importantly respect and love towards your work…

” I think I got ur exact point..we don’t need to visit all primary branches..he is currently working at Satish Dhawan space research centre,sriharikota..he did best work on PSLV and GSLV..those satellite lunched successfully “, said the chief with gleaming eyes which showed the brightness ..

” I hope it will be a right decision of us to select Neil Malhotra as new captain of HOM mission to Mars..he will never disappoint us”, said the assistant chief in a quite confident manner..

“but; before that we should select a new team which will assist him..we need some new members who will work on this project with old members”, said the chief as if he could see the success in front of his eyes..

Both got up with a new energy revived them up and went to make announcement..

On planet MARS

“UFOs are coming to dare those other terrestrial people to attack us..we need to teach them a lesson this time so; nobody ever dare to look at our red planet”, said samaira who was busy with her associates to keep on eyes on their satellites phobos & deimos and planned for a space trip..

” yes ma’am!! Others hide urself in ur closets and prepared with ur beam rays on ur target tactfully”, ordered Suzy ,assistant of samaira whose utmost interest is planet earth now..

There’s a little firing session of beam of rays.. as the number of UFO increases time to time, samaira and Suzy got worried..the interesting fact was; those were very small in size, yet the beam which hit on target get them see the conditions getting worsened both samaira n Suzy on their protective shield; which even had ability to bear clash between asteroids and waiting for the leader..finally one vehicle like structure come down to ground from sky person got down with a video remote like substance which also displayed screen..he decoded the protective shield covered samaira n Suzy..both looked back with a bit fear thinking about their end; instead got surprised..the great Martian scientist Arjun was stood there with a winning smile..Both showed their respect n love towards him..

( p.s. I portrayed mars as a much developed planet on the basis science..but yet they don’t aware about some human relationships n how it feels..if u people have problems with it ,u can suggest some other choices..I’ll be glad)

“How is my new invention??it’s just a game but i put some security measures here..although it’s a game but; it can able to protect u for sometime within which u can think of ur own rescue “, stated Arjun with a great enthusiasm..proud arrogance clearly visible on his face…

” UFO game..very interesting..nobody can ever imagined this..may be that’s why u r greatest of all..may we know why u decided to examine it on us first??”, Sam asked with a lower voice as she knew Arjun never wanted any enquiry on his experiments..moreover his rigidness increased when someone questioned him…

” because u r the most trusted person for me and u never get scared easily plus u are very much loyal to me..i admire that quality in I decided to let u know it first”, stated Arjun honestly n went away leaving a bewildered n surprised samaira n Suzy behind…

Samaira hugged Suzy with excitement and said ” its like my dream come true,I never saw him to talk back to any person..but he talked with me and didn’t show his ruthless cynical attitude”..

Arjun went to his dwelling on top of one tower almost touched sky..he got ready for rest; but couldn’t..he smiled thinking something..very real n pleasant smile..he pushed something on his controller device and clicked something in air which showed a screen later..he thought to himself ” without seeing u my day is incomplete my queen..want u to be here infront of me whole time..I’ll never forget those best five days I spent with u on planet earth five years ago..although I visit planet earth frequently for ur glances I never went near to u..just finish ur work n come here ..I’ll help u to come here”..

Arjun pressed button on screen in air …typed USA,Harvard university,space science section ..the images of ongoing things on earth showed up..he saw students with some professors busy in discussion n many more happenings..but where is she??radhika!!?? He became desperate n mad as time passed..he scrolled back the time before one hours ..there she is..his burning rages cooled down within fraction of moment..but ; what’s with that dressing up n why was she in hurry?? immediate question rose up in his mind..he forwarded some time n saw her got down infront of a cafe..

Before entered into cafe her friend teji came n hugged her..teji showed her thumbs up n wished gud luck for her future ventures..radhika thanked him n went inside cafe..she saw the person waited for her..

” good afternoon Mr. Malhotra..its my pleasure to meet a great scientist like u..I’ll be glad if I will be helpful for u”, said radhika warmly yet excited about his visit..

” call me Neil if u r comfortable Ms Mishra,that formalities make me feel like m sole reason to come here is ‘U'”, explained Neil simply as he looked on her without blinking n diverting his vision ..

“thank u ; but i will try to call by ur name later may be..but, me the sole reason..mmm..sorry, I am afraid that i couldn’t get u at that point”, replied radhika with a thoughtful but confused manner..

” I’ll clear ur doubts..come to the point straight..i know miss Radhika Mishra is the most efficient n brilliant student of space science section of most prestigious research institute..even ur thesis appreciated by many..and who doesn’t want to work with the grand daughter of once a great scientist Suraj Mishra”,stated Neil with a enthusiasm but playfully which shook radhika as nobody knew about her grandpa true identity..

“wanna working with me!! How did u know about my grandpa’s secret??why u want to enrol me n for what??”, asked radhika like she was demanding some explanations..

” hold on there..I’ll answer all ur curious queries once u will join our organization..”, answered Neil as he stood up for exit leaving a confused radz behind..he turned back last time n said ” please miss Mishra one suggestion just talk to ur grandpa n consider his wish..m sure we’ll meet in our organization”.. He went away showing his dimpled charming smile..but radhika become more puzzled and confused…

” bang on..nerve of the guy who met my queen and made her confused..I can’t see her in tensions n upset..i have to find what he’s upto ..but ; he seems fine to me”, mumbled Arjun himself..he was thinking something deeply n checked his system..after some moments a winning smile crept on his face..he moved on somewhere with determination as his laser screen disappear in air on his back….

Neil didn’t say his own personal reason why he wanted radhika to be with him for HOM mission..when he got captain post for HOM project,he couldn’t believe himself..but; he put condition that he will select his own staffs for mission and they agreed after some discussion..his first target interest was radhika as he knows if he is able to get her,he can use her intelligence with the former great scientist Suraj Mishra’s knowledge which will make mission another reason was there she was the first girl whom Neil acknowledged in his life..he never thought girls are also equally intelligent n brilliant in field of space science until his encounter with her in a international workshop on space life conducted by international space agency two years ago..on a discussion regarding extraterritorial life radhika made her statement so neatly with a proper scientific evidence which developed a soft corner in Neil’s heart..he was newly appointed in ISRO at that time..he had a thing with Mishras now his sole motive to get radhika in mission and in his life also…..

Precap: Arjun landed on planet earth again..samaira’s anger,suzy’s fear..radhika in ISRO..Neil’s happiness

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  1. Jessie

    Rossieee…I missed u.. actually pulling ur legs.. hw r u?? Thanks for the Mars wala update.. will read n comment.. wanna be first this time at least? bear hugs n Happy Happy Friendship day.!!

    1. Jessie

      U will be happy if we ask 2 change d track or 2 end?? see… wat am I having..??will u say this again..
      Neil has a eye on my Arjun’s queen!! Arjun loves Rads this much.. is he coming back oly for Rads.. the one u said in precap.. ufo game.! Am wondering if Rads get married therr.,how often she cud visit her house..?? eager 4 Ardhika meet n space travel.. when is d next update…
      Never think abt stopping this.. nt even in ur dreams..I love this sci fi one.. wonder.. y u except logic in a fictional scifi story.. I dont feel anything 2 change..I found out.. u r finding reasons 2 delay d update.I will come 2 Mars too.. else will snatch Arjun from u.? Neil has a thing with Mishras.. wats tat.. hope 2 be a good am all curious n eager 4 nxt update ..
      Did u see bhramarakshas..

      1. Jessie

        Monica looks so beautiful in d cover pic..

      2. Rossy

        Yes dear…m scared seeing ur weapon…okay will update soon…and yes this is a very short story..and i don’t want any logic in story…thanks dear…will not delay …hehehe…glad to know u missed me too

    2. Rossy

      I also missed u…missed our khati mithi banters…hamare ta happy friendship day always

  2. Superb update…i like ur dp radhika looks soo beautiful.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Rossy

      Thanks Neha…rads is beautiful

  3. This is something which make us to hold on oour seats …………loved it ……..plz be soon

    1. Rossy

      Thanks Shreya..will try to update soon ?

  4. Sammy

    Wao Rosie di is becoming interesting update by update …Arjun ..kya karo iss ladke ka. Had waqt sirf jealous hota rehta hai ..Neil and Sam both are attracted towards radhika and Arjun ..when they will meet they will surely fall for each other . And now I am scratching my head . .when Sam get married to Neil ..then she had to go on Earth ..and radhika on Mars .hehe …this is awesome di ..I am going nuts for your ff u muaaahhh ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Rossy

      Thanks laadoo Sammy…omg u imagine so much…marriage n exchange of place…lol…will see what happens…update case…now m doubting aasna also…

  5. Jnana

    Super rossy…. Arjun’s on earth….. Waiting for the next

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      Thanks jnana…will update soon

  6. Brin

    Amazing episode, waiting for the next update. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Woww Rossy amazing epi..Well science language iz bit boring but the charctrz’s chemistry made it much intersting.. Eagerly waiting for next post…Take care nd Allah Hafiz..:)

    1. Rossy

      Thanks amarha..yes science is bit boring but it will be interesting once u know it..allah hafiz

  8. S.v

    Awww twin a desperate arjun . Wow man cant even see his love lady was in a confused state not even for a second aww how cute he is. Now this is called twist which u have kept in precap. Arjun is visiting earth. U have kept some infor in that as arjun had spent his 5 days with radhika so she knew hi m and man he is keeping a watch of his love lady. U made it my dear. Muuhhhaaa. Lovely one and what is neil hiding about dadaji . Does he know about dadaji or what is he hiding ?? Any one book a ticket to mars. Sammy my wifie and jaan sweetie and didi with twin let us go to mars. Who so ever wants to join us can join. I want to travel to the past and to the mars. U are a unique piece dear . Love u soo much. I want to hug u tight for this cute update.

    1. Rossy

      Twin dear…yes Arjun spent with radz 5 days,but let’s see if radz know him or not..yes Neil had a thing with M making many confusions..u want visit both mars and past…run to write reincarnation now…i think u will not leave me until I finish that…hahaha

  9. Gummiebear

    Woaah Rosie di….its becoming interesting update by update…. Lovely update… Now you boosted my curiosity to know more….plz update soon and before that take care of your health…

    Love You??

    1. Rossy

      Thanks supu dear…don’t worry…m Full Fyn n funny mode

  10. Hi Rossy…this sci-fi story is interesting… totally awesome… Tc

    1. Rossy

      Thanks chandana…tc?

  11. _Ritu

    Rosieeeeeeeeeeeee dear.. Finally u updated…m so happy to have u back ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy frndship day dear ๐Ÿ™‚ missed u and ur updates ๐Ÿ™‚ and be happy u got saved coz I was ready in my avataar of warrior angel ???
    Coming to the chapter..its fabulous, outstanding, marvellous…very well narrated..m a kinda very keen towards science and research and Sci-fi stories…I really admire u included Mangalyaan Mission in the beginning…and me too irked wid those criticisms dear..u know what even New York times publish a racist cartoon on the mission..and even some Western journalist engrossed India in unnecessary provocations and squats on poverty and all..this is really disgusting and this clearly shows their outright racisms..for me they are no less than cry babies….OMG donno what all I wrote…plz don’t kill me for this… ๐Ÿ™‚ anyways I loved the chapter to the core..Arjun in lala land of Rads.. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ and Neil connected wid Rads’s dadaji…hope it isn’t about some revenge ๐Ÿ™‚ technology of mars ..Brilliant…u really think hatke dear ๐Ÿ™‚ u have great imagination ๐Ÿ™‚ and u r an amazing writer… Precap sounds superb..Arjun in India and Rads in so eager for love stories of alien and human… ?? post soon.. And waiting for reincarnation as well…be sooner or else ?????? OMG so big comment…well dis is the punishment for posting late ? love ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Rossy

      Ritu dear m also missed u..n where is ur update ???? now my warrior angel woke up…lol…u n me ,happy friendship day always…yes Arjun is mad for rads…revenge…omg…i didn’t have that much thinking…lol…reincarnation will be next…n I love ur long comments…i know everything about mangalayaan…leave those western people,I think they just jealous that they were not succeed at first attempt plus with small amount…their money wasted much they r crying

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    1. Rossy

      Thanks jewel..will try to update soon ?

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    My rosie darling you rocked it yarr…my arjun and his queen….wow..i like this arjun …he soooo many steps ahead of any one..he is soooo good yarr..n y we would want change in track..its awsome…..Neil attracted to rads..offfooo….but i knw he will eventually fall for sam..will arjun get angry on neil….m so damn eager yarrrr….i kneq abt the MOM mission.. But abt other missions knowledge is very interesting.. N all the terms u r using r logical dear..i believes tht this story is happening in real…u kept me wait for so long..pls Rosie darling nxt update you…tc

    1. Rossy

      Heroine u feel it happening in real..biggest complement dear..yes MOM,PSLV,GSLV are true ..but I used imaginary HOM mission for my is much advanced n very young also..will let u know what happens next…thanks a million

  14. Gauri

    Rossy darling this was awesome ….Arjun to pagal hai….Mars se earth par line maar raha hai…..Neil attracted to Radhika wow yahan to mahabharat hone wali hai … one question will Sam and Neil fall for each other and is suzy for Teji… now waiting for reincarnation ๐Ÿ™‚ love u

    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear…hehehe Arjun to pagal hogaya..about pairing..till now its arnerad and susam..teji alone…don’t know if I will change my mind..will update reincarnation next

  15. Lakshmi05

    Hi rosie dear…how r u? I admire your writing skills a lot Rosie darling. Superb update as always dear. You write so perfectly in every genre… Arjun’s trust on Sam,Sam’s excitement, Neil’s feelings towards rads n his intelligence,rads excitement n confusion… Everything is superb dear. And neil …does he know real truth about her dadaji?? Woww..arjun had already met rads before…Awesome cover pic .. Is it that the same pic he is watching on laser screen????… Precap is superb… Will be waiting for next one…
    Luv u ??…tc..

    1. Rossy

      Thanks for the great complement dear hari…m Fyn n how r u??… good in every genre,really its honour though m doubting uf m fit for it or not..yes Neil knew the secret about dadaji…hehehe..yes Arjun watched that photo on screen n gone

  16. Awesome rossy waiting for your next update.โ˜บ

    1. Rossy

      Thanks niku…r u the same niku d Souza??

  17. Sweetie

    Rossy dear..Why do you want to stop this FF yaar??Whatever you write we all are ready to read..I don’t want logic in fictional story.. ๐Ÿ˜€
    And about MOM,me being proud of an Indian increased a notch higher that day when India became first nation in the world to launch a satellite in Red Planet’s orbit that too at first attempt.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Arjun and his queen..???I want this Arjun–possessive wala.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Neil has a thing with Radhika’s family,what is it??Is it related to Neil’s father and Radhika’s father??My weird guessing machine was switched on,don’t mind haa.. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Love you loads.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Rossy

      Thanks sweetie geethu dear…lol..yean even now I feel no logic needed..m also proud being Indian..u liked possessive about Neil wait to know how he knows Mishra especially Suraj Mishra…

  18. Awesome, Rosieeeee my sunshineeee. ..wowwww. .mind blowing. ..outstanding episode n veryinteresting story…u know, the space is the mystery..n it’s always intrigued me…now you’re having it in a very amazing, unique story. …my sweetheart your imagination n narration, weaving in a sci-fi amazingly. ..I’m so amazed n glad to be a lucky reader of yours. ..rads brilliant science student n grand daughter of great scientist suraj mishra…arjun at mars, is madly in love with rads…neil impressed with rads, wants to work with her n wants her to be in his life?…wowwww. ..Sam is impressed by Arjun…..n beside this….. the researches r going on….
    N with that conspiracy n misdeeds also taking place…everywhere we can find selfish ppl….your narration is outstanding. .n your lovely amazing words making it very interesting. …..keep it up honeyyy…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™กโ™กโ™ก ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Rossy

      Awwwww….diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I loveeeeeee u soooooooo much even beyond ur imagination…my soul sister how can i neglect ur interest..u r the one who supported me online n offline…m very lucky to get u..lets solve this is always intriguing..i want to go but i love my life also..we will see what future store for Arjun n Neil…lol…

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      Thanks Myra…here love has many already met five years ago…but if rads know Arjun or not we will see..

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    1. Rossy

      Thanks giu baby…what to do…Martian gone mad with radz..hehehe..anyhow HOM mission will be successful..will try to make it interesting though m very much confused now…

  21. mindblowing episode …….

    1. Rossy

      Thanks subha

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      Thanks neetz…will update soon..glad u liked story line

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    Di….am soooooo sorry for commenting late???…..and di it was really wonderful…i loved the way u always characterised women strong and intelligent…. and yes it had even made arjun the mars scientist to fall for rads…haha….am so eager to know how…and neil loves rafs then sam, di?……and yes ofcourse like always that madam is behind arjun…i think she couldn’t even get a tiny milligram of brain in mars too?…always behind the best one rather than the one who makes u best…but i really hope nesam will spark once they inright di?..and so now am eagerlyyyy waiting for aradhika meet..omg omg how would that so excited…haha….post next one soon di…and sorry , for telling a verryyyyyy belated happy friendship u so much…muahhh?

    1. Rossy

      First of all I want my little one to stop all sorry mantras…its my order dare to say sorry again n u will see ur di’s true face…lol…i know u r busy as u informed me..n u come…m happy…so what can we do…Arjun already mad…nesam…didn’t think that…lol…thanks for the one thing u liked strong attitude of girl ?

  24. Waiting for ur update…actually waiting for a long time. Plz continue its good.

    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear shankari.. Actually I m busy with reincarnation story..m going to end it soon so that I can concentrate on this mars story..

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