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Hello everyone..I hope u guys remember my ff coz m posting after ages..really sorry about that…I was busy wid my presentations…Sammy dear sorry was not able to post it on ur bday as I didn`t wanted to torture u on ur very special day 😉 and Rosie dear tetra not that much merciless dear to torture u all so bad.. 😉 😉 but I have posted a long one…plz guys let me know how was it..

EPISODE 13 (Back to present)

Arjun came out of the washroom completely dressed and gave a glance to Radhika who was dressed in her kurti and leggings which Sam has sent and was busy arranging files in her bag…He monitored her activity for few seconds and then asked-“where are u going..?”

Radhika listened but ignored him and continued arranging files..This fueled is anger-“I asked where are u going…are u going to BS” he again asked clutching his fist and in an angry tone..

Radhika without giving him a single gaze moved towards the wardrobe to get some papers…Arjun had had enough…He moved towards her, grab an arm of her and pushed her to the wall-“how dare u ignore me..”

His nails pierced her soft tender skins and she morn in pain trying to free her arms from his grip-“leave me Arjun..u r hurting me..”

Arjun-“U r not going to BS..”

Radhika propelled him with all the strength she had-“Are u asking or ordering me…If u r asking the answer is m going there and if u r ordering the answer is go to hell..I m not ur slave to follow ur every order..”She picked up her bag, pop the files in and headed towards the door but was interrupted by Arjun`s smirk-“why do u want to get insulted again and again Radhika…I mean yesterday only ur father disowned u and insulted u and still u r having the guts to go back there…like seriously don’t u have any self respect..”

Radhika turned towards him and smiled-“there is much difference in scolding and insulting Arjun…if parents scolds their children that only manifest their love, their care, their expectations…and if this love is insult then to escort their this love I m ready to get insulted 100 times…but why am I telling all this to u.. u can never understand this…”She turned back and walked out of the room leaving a bewildered Arjun…Her words pierced his heart..He recalled how he used to gave the same assurance to Jai when he was desolated due to Abhinav`s admonishments and watch the game of fate now she is telling he can never understand…

Arjun opened his car gate and saw Radhika waiting for the taxi at a distance…He was confident she would ask his help and he would probably get another chance of insulting her by rejecting her request but all his chain of thoughts where broken when Neil halted his bike before her-Chashni..are u waiting for the taxi…oh..why to fear when Neil is here..come sit we will go together…”

Radhika-“no thanks Neil I will go by taxi…”

Neil irritated-“urghh…okay pay me the money u have for the sit and no more arguments plz”

Radhika tried avoiding his help but then she gave a glance to Arjun who was giving her a killer look. she finally took the back seat in Neil`s bike and they both drove off..Arjun clutched the stearing tight all burning watching Neil and Radhika…His POV-“Neil…how many times I will warn u to stay away from me and my revenge…plz dont make me do something I didn`t want to do..”

Neil noticed Arjun from the side mirror of the bike…He understood his rage..His POV-“I know Arjun u will be angry on me..but this is the only way to keep Chashni safe from u..”


Neil parked his bike and they both entered inside the lift…during the whole journey Radhika was quite…though she answered back Arjun but the truth was that she herself was scared to go in…not because she was frightened of getting insulted but because she was not able to bear the cold shoulder of her family towards her..Neil noticed her and then hold her hand-“Chashni…I can understand ur worry…it is not going to be easy for u to face them after what all happened…but trust me they are ur parents..they will ignore u., scold u, shout on u but will never stop loving u…So have patience be a fighter Chashni..and face the situation boldly like u do always and don`t worry.. u r not alone in all this… me and Sam are always there for u..”

Radhika gave an obliged smile-“Thanks Neil…m really lucky to have u both..”Neil patted her cheek and then hugged her…

Radhika took a deep breath preparing herself for what was coming up and they both moved out of the lift…As expected she was greeted with weird expressions, gossips, whisperings and mocking smiles of almost every employee….

For a second she wished to run back from there leaving everything behind but she knew running away was not a solution..she has to do this for her father whom she consider as her everything…Radhika saw Samrat and Piyali entering….She quickly walked to them and greeted them hoping they would greet her too but they pretend as if she doesnt exist and walked away passing her…

Radhika couldn`t take this anymore..Tears were already about to fall from her eyes…She quickly rushed towards her cabin and closed the door with a bang..

Samrat had called everyone in the conference room to make an important announcement on Maybelline Project…everyone entered one by one and took their seat…Radhika was the last one to enter…She took a seat beside Teji…Arjun read her nervousness and smirked while Neil and Sam gave her a confident smile…

Samrat raised his eyebrows at her and then turned towards everyone-“hello everyone…U all must be wondering why I called u here on such a short notice…actually I have to make an announcement regarding the tagline of the Maybelline..” Radhika`s eyes sparkled hearing tagline, she quickly took out her list of taglines she had written and extended them towards Samrat..
Samrat -plz hold ur horses and let me finish first..He again continued-“actually the announcement is that from now on Mrs Radhika Mehra would not be a copywriter of this project…Miss Kritika Desai will replace her and she will be giving the tagline..”

Radhika Neil, Sam,Kritika and everyone present there was completely shocked..even Arjun was surprised at the sudden announcement…none of them had the idea that announcement would me this…first Samrat indicated her as Radhika Mehra and then replaced her from the project…this gave the shock to everyone…

Radhika dropped the paper being totally blanked while Sam counter react-“how can u do this dad..u replaced her..Don`t forget we got this project only because of her and now u r replacing her without any reason..this is so not done..”

Samrat-“agreed we got the project because of her…but after getting the project we all did equal hard work…and m replacing her because she is not responsible and sincere towards her work…she had a misconception only because of her the company is running..time to wake her up from her dreams..everyone submitted their part of work but she is still not done with the tagline..I already gave her warning thrice but she is not even bothered.”

Neil-“But Sir, we still have enough time for deadline and she will surely submit before that..”

Samrat-“deadline…I can not wait till deadline..we have to complete the shoot also…and we cant afford such a huge loss just because of carefree nature of some irresponsible employee..”

Piyali also tried to interrupt but was cut by Samrat-“ I dont want any further arguments..those who are not satisfied with my decision can leave too…and its final from now on Kritika will handle the u all may leave..”

Radhika immediately got up and left the room…She didn`t wanted to get sorry glares of everyone and gain sympathy from them…Arjun watched her leaving..he too felt bad for her..He had watched her working day and night for the project..right now his heart desperately wanted to hug her tight and console her but his devil mind stopped him and congratulated him on his second victory of getting her away from her dreams…

When everyone left the room Piyali came to Samrat-“dont u think it was too much…U me and everyone know Kritika is no away to replace Radhika…before she can complete her sentence she was cut by Samrat-“I already said i dont want any further discussion..”
Piyali-“fine…but didn`t u find one thing weird..
Samrat raised his eyebrows-“what”
Piyali-“Sam stood up for Radhika..Neil stood up for her but Arjun….he didn`t say a single word and just stayed quite…I mean they are married now but still he didn`t took a stand for his wife..don`t u find something fishy in this..I know Radhika have disappointed us but she is our daughter only”
Samrat gave a thought for few seconds but then spoke-“its their matter…so let them handle it…and I already told I don`t want to hear her name..”He picked his files and left..

Radhika came to the washroom and washed her face…she visualized herself in the mirror and recalled how she cracked Maybelline project, how whole office celebrated on her victory, how Samrat patted her on her success and proudly declared her as his daughter in front of everyone, how she worked for hours for the project even without having food and water and then she recalled how she got replaced because of no reason..she feared her dreams her passion everything will now come to an end….tears were continuously flowing down her cheeks and her heart was killing her with pain..”

Arjun entered the washroom and noticed her…For a sec his heart wanted to kill Samrat if he wasn`t her father for making her cry but then he remebered his revenge and gave a mocking smile-“Someone has correctly said…everyone get their shares of punishment with time. and now its time for u also to pay for ur sins..I pity u Radhika…Ur every dream got broken within a split second…but u r not even worthy to get sympathy..”

Radhika wiped off her tears which where still falling and turned to leave but he blocked her way-“where are u going…first take my gift on ur demotion…He make a cone of the paper in which she had penned down the taglines poured groundnuts in them and extended towards her…common have this..u deserve this only…” Arjun was fueling her anger expecting she will reply him back, fight with him and her heart would feel relaxed but to his surprise she left the washroom without answering him…his heart also hurt him…He had not seen her so weak and fragile before…Unwillingly or willingly he too wanted his fighter Radhika back…

Sam stared Radhika standing at the entrance of cafeteria who was sitting at a corner table and was sobbing silently bowing her head down..Her eyes were clearly depicting her pain she was having in her heart…Sam felt helpless witnessing her miserable state..Tears started devising in her eyes too seeing her sister in this state…Suddenly Someone tapped her shoulder from back and she turned to find Neil…He pulled her in an arm hug .He wiped off her tears gave an assuring smile and they both together entered inside the cafeteria…

Sam and Neil took a seat right beside Radhika…She felt their presence and wiped off her tears still bowing her head down..

Neil winked at Sam and then spoke-“Some people are really crazy Sammy..They got an off from work and still they are crying and look at me.. to get an off I can kill my already dead relatives ten more times…”He finished and they both burst out laughing…holding her stomach Sam noticed Radhika and then signed Neil in negative..

This time she cracked a joke and they again laughed…now Neil noticed Radhika and then signed in negative…God knows how many times this happened….finally trying all the silly stupid nonsense jokes they knew and getting no sign of success something stuck Sam`s mind and she started laughing weirdly…Neil furrowed his one eyebrow and without even understanding why she was laughing he too joined her….Sam somehow controlled her laughter and asked-“why are u laughing..”

Neil made a pout face-“coz u r laughing..”

Listening him she banged her head with her hand-“Idiot…seriously u r an idiot…I m laughing thinking about something..” “What” he murmured…

Sam-“Dad has selected Kritika as the seriously…imagine her tag line what she will write..”

Neil gave a confusing look..”Okay I will tell” she got up from her seat ..grabbed a bottle hold it as a mike and spoke-“If u are scared of ur Zombie wife then get them our latest collections of Maybelline”
After completing she looked at Neil and they both together laugh badly..She again continued-“If ur husband steal glances at ur neighbour then keep them in ur control wid our product..” She gave hundreds of weird taglines and both laughed badly..Sam-“Gosh I pity Maybelline…God save the company from Kritika..They laughed and laughed and laughed even if the laugh was artificial…Between their laughter Neil noticed Kritika standing behind Sam and giving them a murderous rage..His smiled vanished and he quickly divulged Sam to stop but she continued laughing giving him a questioning look..he indicated her to turn back and when she turned fear overtook her whole laughter watching Kritika…Sam gulped hard and bit her nails finding excuses to get saved..Kritika exclaimed-“that was ridiculous Sam and walked out.”

Sam and Neil looked at each other blankly when the heard a roaring laughter…they turn to find Radhika laughing badly holding her stomach..Both rubbed their eyes twice to confirm they wasn`t dreaming and then they too joined her and hug her from each side…Radhika still holding her stomach-“seriously that what ridiculous guys…but thanks a lot for making me smile and supporting me always..”

Tears again started forming in her eyes..Neil irriated-“ahhh..Chashni not again..I already did a lot of hard work for making u please not again..”

Sam raised her eyebrow-“excuse me…what did u said..” “I mean we both” Neil quickly corrected himself…”Better”- Sam comprehended…
Radhika smiled at their antics-“stop it u both…these are tears of happiness…She hugged them-“Thanks guys.Thanks for always being there for me….I dont know what good work I did in my previous birth that I got u both as a frnds..
Neil teased-“well I dont know about her but for me may be lakhs or crores of good work u must have done..”
Sam hit his head lightly and the trio laughed together having a group hug…

Two eyes were also sparkling with happiness watching them which were of none other than Arjun..He himself didn`t knew how many times he thanked Neil and Sam for making Radhika smile..He too desperately wanted to jump and be part of the hug but call it fate or his stupid revenge he can never get what his heart desires for..
Precap-“Radhika surprised by Arjun`s act…


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