Parvarish 2 SS : Friendship vs love Part 3

The awkward moments upsets Jassi. Aditya keeps looking at the innocent face and losens her hand slowly. Both come to their senses and moves apart.
Aditya : I am sorry ( looks down)
Jassi : Its okay, I bandaged your shoulder
Aditya : Thanks, how is your wound now
Jassi ; its much better, I should leave, I will see you tomorrow in school
Aditya : Bye (says sadly)
Jassi calls him but he does not respond when getting lost in her eyes and finally comes to his senses.
Aditya : sorry, what is it
Jassi : My hand (tells Aditya who is still holding her hand)
Aditya : bye
Jassi keeps on walking when Aditya expects her to turn back. She does not turn back till the end of the door but much to his happiness she looks back and smiles at him. Next day the friends get ready to go at school. Jassi and Jogi walks from their house when Ria too joins them.
Ria : good morning both of you
Jogi : say very good morning because today I am feeling very relaxed (says stretching his body)
Ria : I can see that (bit irritated by his silly jokes)
Jassi gets into thinking about yesterday’s incidence at Aditya’s house
Ria : hey where are you lost (snaps her finger)
Jassi : nothing
Aditya : hey guys, whats up

The kids hear the announcement from their Principal Saxena to reach the auditorium.
Ria : now what is this new chaos
Saxena : Good morning kids (wishes to the children)
Voice roar : good morning Sir (kids stand up)
Saxena ; Today I want to make some important announcement, first I want to congratulate all kids who are about to graduate this year
Clap noise

Saxena : second, we will have our final exam soon for all kids and now last be not least we will have a inter school competition
The kids gets surprised to hear another competition and goes into the flashback of SOTY.
Saxena ; yes we will have our inter school competition after finals, we have prepared the list of students for every field. now I will announce the name
The principal starts giving out the names of every contestant.
Saxena : Now the main the couple dance competition and the contestant is Ria Gupta and Joginder Khurana
Ria gets quite confused but gets happy seeing Jogi’s jovial face. Jassi and aditya too gets happy hearing it.
Saxena : the drama part contestant are Aditya Kapoor and Jaswinder khurana
Jassi and Aditya feels awkward but pretends to be happy.
Saxena : the trainer will be her soon after your exams to help you out for your individual part, all the best for your exams (leaves the stage)
Jogi : now nobody can stop me in winning this dance, right Ria
Ria : I wish it was like that, rather than dancing with you I would dance with alone
Jogi : don’t underestimate my talent (snaps his finger) and you both why are you so quiet
Aditya : Ria, you should say you will not get better partner than Jogi
Ria : not bad, you changed your sides, I am all alone
Jassi does not say anything and leaves towards the corridor
Jogi : Oye Jassi, whats wrong, I noticed that you looked disturbed from yesterday
Jassi : Nothing I am just thinking how would I do the drama thing,
Jogi : for such a small thing you are having gloomy face
Jassi : by the way I am happy for you and Ria, all the best bro
Jogi : don’t worry I feel Aditya is changed now and he will not do anything against us
Aditya : what are you both brother sister whispering leaving us
Jogi : it is our sibling talk, nobody allowed
Ria : leave it aditya, I know they will only win because of us
Jogi : don’t stay in this illusion
Ria : fine we will see that after exams

Aditya : guys I don’t want our friendship to once again break
Jogi : Aditya, if our friendship is strong enough no competition can break it
All puts their hand together promising to not let anything affect their relation.
Ria : momzie, I hope this exams are done soon, I can’t wait for inter school
Simran : so you are taking part in dancing
Ria : yes momzie, but that too with Jogi
Simran : Ria, I am sure he is not that bad dancer after his performance in SOTY round, you both were in top remember
Raj : so how is my princess (comes back from his work)
Simran : did you hear Raj, our Ria and Jogi are selected for inter school dance competition
Raj : well thats great but remember there should not be any problem like SOTY, and before that you have to do your finals
Ria : I remember it dad

Khurana house
Kulvinder : drama? what drama?
Jogi ; papaji, this is our final competition in school
Suri : Kulvinderji don’t worry, I know this time both of them will rock the stage again, right Jassi Jogi
Jogi : you will see the best performance ever Mamaji
Kulvinder : in all this don’t forget you still have to cover your exams
Jassi : Mamaji, I was thinking how about we all four children study together, it would be fun (says bit scarily)
Jogi : what an idea? you, Ria, Aditya and me what a combination
Jassi : we will study at alternate days, here, Ria’s house and then Aditya’s house
Kulvinder : okay dear, as you all wish, but this time you all focus on your studies all right
Jogi : papaji, your son will be rank in first (says laughingly)
Suri : we will see that soon betaji
Siddharth : not bad Adi, drama competition
Adi ; yes dad, but I am very nervous this time, whenever I hear this word I always recall my mistakes in SOTY
Siddharth : human makes mistakes, and you have changed yourself for good, nothing will go wrong

Precap ; Four friends share their moment with their families to prepare for their exams outside Jogi’s house. Jassi and Aditya again are caught into eye lock, Ria starts enjoying Jogi’s antics.

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