Manmarziyan- Love you forever (Part 26 and Part 27)


Part 26
Arjun who heard every vile words that Sam spoken was shaken from inside….He shook her hard and furiously asked…,” Why Sammy???….How could you do this to me???….You betrayed me two times and I wasn’t even aware of that.”
Sam relentlessly spoke,” No this z not the truth…Arjun please listen to me.”
She tried to catch hold of his hand but he jerked it away instantly… He stared at her with Anger…Pain…Sadness…
She couldn’t meet his eyes today…she felt as if he will burn her with that angry gaze….
Arjun took a deep breath and spoke in a intense thick tone…,” Sam you very well knew I cared for Sona though I didn’t love her….She was not like any other girl for me….I wanted to marry not because she was going to give birth to my child, But because she was not selfish… She didn’t run behind me for my money…she never forced me to accept her child, I was the one to decide that….How could you do this to another woman being a woman???….. Sammy you are fuelling my anger….So better speak up….”
Sam shrieked so loud that her voice echoed back twice……,”BECAUSE I WAS f**kING JEALOUS…”
She continued with tears rolling down her cheeks,” I couldn’t see you caring towards some other girl except me….I lost my parents at a very early age after them you were the only person I can truly loved…I wasn’t willing to share you with someone else….”
Arjun eyes sparkled with fire….He screamed back,” Am I a procession to be shared???….I am a human and I have my choice in everything that happens in my life….who the hell were you to tell Sona that I never wanted her???….Answer me…”
Sam spoke in a pained voice…..,” Arjun I am sorry.”
Neil who was listening quietly till now, stared at Sam angrily and spoke in a deep fiery tone,” You are sorry?…..Your SORRY can’t give me back my sister….”
He walked to Arjun and pulled his collar….,” Don’t think that after this all drama I will believe you…. I won’t let you leave in peace…”
Arjun spoke in a broken voice….,” You have already snatched my happiness…But I have no right to complain….You lost your sister because of us…I know however hard I try to convince you that I wanted to marry Sona, you won’t believe me….I deserve this pain.”
Neil glared at him angrily and walked out…
Arjun turned to Sam and clutched her jaw tight….She winced in pain,” Arjun please let go….you are hurting me.”
Arjun freed her off his grip….He crashed on his knees and sobbed between his tears….,”Sammy I won’t get back Sona or Radhika by giving you pain….I couldn’t even tell Sona how happy I was to become a father… You know Sammy when your dad died, I was the one there for him that time….He took a promise from me that I will always take care of you….I was just 10 year old that time but still could feel the pain in his eyes….when I promised him, He died with satisfaction on his face….I still remember that look on his face….AND YOU…..” He paused for a second and gasped in a pain filled voice……,” BROUGHT MISERY IN MY LIFE….Sammy I cannot even punish you for the promise I gave to your father….tell me what am I supposed to do?”……
DM tenderly touched his shoulder and cautiously spoke,” Arjun she z not worth it….She z blind to understand the difference between right and wrong…”
Arjun jerked away her hand and spoke in a disappointed pained voice, “ DM, even you are responsible for the mess in my life….why couldn’t you slap me hard when I slammed my teacher’s head on the wall for scolding Sam???…..if you had done it maybe I would have been a much better human today….why couldn’t you show me how wrong I was in thrashing a creep in my college who voiced against me when I scared him….why couldn’t you show me the difference between right and wrong?….why couldn’t you slap me hard when I insulted the girl I loved???…..” He wept burying his face in his hands….
DM spoke in a pleading voice…..,” Arjun please don’t push me away from you….I am sorry please I truly love and care for you.”
Arjun got up and stared at his grand mom with tears streaming down his cheeks…,”DM, I forgive you because you was blind in my love….He turned to Sam and angrily spoke in thundering loud scream,” SAMAIRA…..But you will be punished…. You said I am the only person you love, right???…..FROM TODAY YOU ARE DEAD FOR ME.”
Sam collapsed on the ground….she stared at him, her eyes begging for pity….she watched him with remorseful tears in her eyes….she folded her hands and spoke in a clipped low pained voice…….,”Arjun please don’t say that….I have no one to love me….I lost my mom and dad….I will die if you leave me…”
Arjun’s heart pained to see her pitiful condition…. He wanted to go and pull her in his arms but what she did was terribly wrong… The promise he made to her father was pricking him every moment….All their childhood memories flashed in front of his teary eyes…But he couldn’t forget how much he lost because of her….Radhika’s stare of rage and hatred pricked him when he looked at Sam….Bitter Memory of Sona’s corpse laid in front of his eyes two years back refreshed itself…. No he couldn’t forgive her ever….
He stared at her last time and wrapped his arm around DM and walked out leaving behind a heartbroken Sam….
DM snatched the car keys….,”Arjun, you are not in the condition to drive.”
He didn’t even reply, just took the passenger seat….They didn’t had any conversation between them….He was just staring at Radhika’s pic in his cell…His conscience rebuked him,” Why couldn’t he see the purity in her eyes??…..why couldn’t he trust her when she needed him the most???….
As they reached home…He headed towards his room ignoring DM, when she asked him about dinner….He bolted the door and crashed on the bare floor….
OH GOD!!!” Intense painful screech rumbled out deep down of his throat… “Oh No… God!!! What have I done… I have slandered and humiliated my own love.” he mumbled in a utterly broke down tone.
As soon as Arjun came to the realization of his misunderstanding, it looked like someone pulled life out of him. He was never this wrecked and shattered, he was not only shaken after knowing the truth, but completely traumatized….
DM knew Arjun would never like to share his intense pain with anyone… there was nothing she could do to relieve his pain. She wanted to talk about Radhika to him, but seeing his vulnerable condition she decided it was not the right time to talk about it so she decided to talk when he z ready to talk about her….she instructed all servants not to disturb him at any cost…
Arjun spent the entire rest of the day and a night in a pool of tears and remorse… his heart curled up with extreme ache; he was awfully ashamed of himself thinking about what he had done… Suddenly again emptiness captured his soul… his intense guilt took away all of his energy, he sat on the divan (sofa) like a lifeless body. His only sustenance was tears, but now even they dried up. His remorse was eating him up at a quick pace. His own words were haunting him with cruel laugh… the word ‘whore’ echoed in his mind repeatedly. Her last gaze with hatred were killing him inside. His vicious memories evoked to make it worse, how he slapped her in front of everyone… how he dragged her by pulling her hair… how he kicked her mercilessly… he looked at his own palm pointedly for a few seconds and hit his both fist on the wall brutally until it began to bleed. He loudly shouted and pulled his hair to release the suffocating pain, but there was nothing that could give him peace. The day turned into a gloomy night, but he did not turn on the lights in his room, he hid himself in a darkness…

Servants were worried outside, since entire day Arjun didn’t ask for food or not even water… As per DM’s instruction, no one dare to get inside, but after hearing his violent, painful angry scream one of the servants ran into his chamber, but when he saw devil condition of his room and when he heard his angry growl, without saying a single word he swiftly turned back and walked out….
He sat in a corner in the dark room thinking about what he had done in his anger. The entire night Radhika’s last words echoed in his ears. ‘You were right, you can never trust on anyone’. He remembered her eyes, which had deep pain and love for him, which he could sense, but didn’t believe. His dead heart, which was newly born few days ago suddenly got overwhelmed with many emotions and craved for her nearness and forgiveness. Now his heart intensely desired for her love.
One whole day and a night passed without any food or sleep in an intense repenting and suffocation. Finally, in the morning, he gathered all his strength and called DM to his room. For the first time in his life he decided to pour out his heart in front of someone. His heart very well recognized that he needed his DM’s shoulder to cry… He was so glad that his DM at least stood by Radhika.
It was almost afternon …Arjun was sitting on the couch without taking a shower. None of the servants dares to put their feet in his room… Her eyes widen in a shock when she saw the condition of his room, but when her eyes laid on Arjun.. It gave heavy shock wave seeing his eyes and face was swollen and puffy, his hand was filled with dry blood. His cheeks and nose turned red. He looked depressed and gloomy just in a day… Overall, it looked like he aged in a one single day. When he heard walking sound, he slowly looked at her with pleading guilty gaze, as if he had committed the unforgivable crime… his tears were almost ready to spill, but soon he gulped his tears and was left with moist eyes. Just in one day he looked so pale that she felt he is going to die any minute. His face looked vulnerable and helpless and his eyes were dreadful, it was very throbbing for her to see him in this state…
DM with a panic expression cautiously walked Arjun instantly took him in motherly warmth with a strong cuddle without uttering a single word….Arjun hugged her back with same intensity….Her warmth gave him needed comfort and courage to talk his heart out….
DM and Arjun finally apart from their hug….He viewed at her with guilt…,” She z innocent, I am the one who should be punished. “ While looking at her remorsefully he said in a trembling sound…
Arjun failed to control his unwanted tears to spill out from his eyes….Both of them were shedding tears….DM didn’t know who she was crying for Arjun or Radhika….He was completely shattered after admitting his crime….DM didn’t know what to say….How to react and how to comfort him….DM was guilty… angry and sad at the same time….Though she loved him the most in this world, she failed to give him a good upbringing….
She always taught him the twisted way….Her teachings were learn to bend people according to your will…Never trust anyone…NO ONE….With time she realized how wrong she was but it was too late to correct him as he had inculcated all her teachings deep….He had a heart but her teachings were so deep sowed in him that he had stopped listening to his heart….As the time proceeded, she left the path which she showed him but he couldn’t leave it at that time….she cursed herself for the pain he z going through now but it was too late to REGRET….
Part 27
Finally DM cautiously said…,” Arjun you should apologize to Radhika…. What you did was an unforgivable sin….a crime….I taught you many things but never taught you to raise hand on a woman, did I??…..I don’t know how Radhika will react at the very sight of you….But you should thank God that you granted her wish as it was a promise you made otherwise I don’t know what you would have done in your anger.”
Arjun replied in a low tone with sad expression, “ No way DM….I cannot face her anymore… I will not be able to see in her eyes… I feel shivers even at the thought of being in front of her. I have her to the extreme…I have accused at her divine character, she will never forgive me for this crime…She was right, I am a monster.”
DM with a commanding tone shouted while holding his both shoulder strongly….,” Arjun, Stop crying like a weak common man….I have never seen you this feeble and I don’t want to see you like this ever again….Never ever forget, you are the Arjun Mehra and this tears are making you look helpless and weak….Be strong, face the reality and go apologize to Radhika that’s your punishment….I want you to face her and apologize.. I want you to BRING HER BACK IN YOUR LIFE.” She said it all in a royal thick tone while stiffening her body….Her voice had a pure display of Power and Dominance…She paused a little and mellowed her tone while looking straight into his eyes,” Arjun, I know getting her forgiveness will be the most difficult test you would have ever appeared….Take responsibility for your own actions… You won’t get another Radhika, don’t let her seep away from you life….If you do it will be the most unfortunate and cowardly deed of your life….I want her as my daughter in law SOON.”
DM’s words worked like magical energy on him…He realized she was right. He has to face the reality; at least he has to apologize for his grave mistake…He decided to meet Radhika immediately… DM felt relieved by his decision…She knew this was the only way Arjun will be able to forgive himself…She blessed him and wished him luck…He smiled confidently as he gazed at her face…
Radhika’s condition was awful…She had turned silent…she had forgot to talk and smile…She had devoted herself to take care of Randhir. But even he observed her pain in her brown orbs….He had asked her many times but she masked her pain by changing the topic every time…Also, she skipped her meals and hardly eat…She spend most of the time in praying to her Kanha(Hindu God)….When she heard or saw something about Arjun, her sorrow turned into extreme Anger….
It was a pleasant evening; Sun was settling down with his glory and moon had started to play peek-a- boo with the clouds….Cool gusty winds were making the surroundings very pleasant….
Every evening it was Radhika’s routine to see the Sun disappear in the horizon with his orange blaze…It had become Radhika’s routine to stand near the window and think about Arjun till the last hope of ray would get lost in the moon…Even after his extreme disgraceful humiliation her heart was captured by his thoughts only…Feeling of emptiness and pain after sunset was burning her heart but soon calmness of moon was giving her harmony….No doubt she was angry with him but even in her anger she was remembering few beautiful moments they spend together…But after recalling those few beautiful moments she was feeling angry at herself for her weakness, even after all this her heart was still desiring for him…She z supposed to hate him…curse him but she couldn’t…For her failure to hate him she was punishing herself by doing things which gave her more pain…
Again and again her mind questioned to him, as if one day his sound will return with a answer,” Why have you done this to me Arjun Sir???…. You made me confess my feelings and shattered my pride and dignity in return, WHY???….How could you think that I was cheating on you….How disgusting…why didn’t you trust me? Without even knowing the truth….you blamed me….you didn’t give me chance to prove my innocence and when you gave me opportunity, it was too late to tell the truth….you used such ruthless words for me that there was no meaning left to prove myself innocent… I have no desire to live, but I can’t break my commitment to Randhir….You called me a whore….I will never be able to forgive you for that….I hate you….I hate you.” She screamed in pain hiding her face between her knees….She was feeling so vulnerable that she pleaded to Lord Krishna many times to bless her with peace and help to stop thinking about him…But nothing helped because her love for him was much more stronger than her hatred….
Her POV, “ Why can’t I hate him??…why can’t I forget him???….why he means so much to me??….
Whatever my heart thinks, but Arjun Sir I will never forgive you at any cost…you have pointed at my character… my dignity…I will never see you again.” This entire month everyday this same thoughts roamed around in her mind and tears became her best support…
But something caught her eye as she peeped outside the window….His white SUV here….”Why the hell he z here???” she thought with a confused expression filled with tremor…
She gazed at Randhir who was in deep slumber, her eyes widen in shock as she heard the doorbell….
“OH GOD!!!”….its him.. I know its him.” She mumbled in a trembling voice…
She walked to the door, panic written all over her face…She unbolted the door with shivering hands and There He Was!!!!…

Precap.. Arjun repents, begs for forgiveness…

Taddaaa!!!!…How was it then???… You all must be thinking what has gone into her suddenly… All continues updates…
My crazy friend was checking my temperature yesterday, saying you are seriously ill….I was like what the f**k….I am updating continuously and you are here taunting me…. She just mocked me by saying,’ You need bed rest for complete day and night…you are seriously weird and I doubt it’s mental illness. ‘ I felt like throwing bucket full of ice on her head…How could she…But she z really behaving like a doctor even skipped her college to keep a check on me….
Giving me suggestions for this ff all day long….I am like you take over, I won’t mind…But then she said your viewers will kill you if you suggest me to take over….Well on a serious note. I love you guys a lot and more than that I don’t want to ever disappoint you people…
Kk I think I have blabbered a lot….do give me your reviews….till then love you all…Byeeee
Next one pretty soon.
This one z dedicated to My Manha di….you briefed me a lot about Arjun Mehra’s character that day….I was going through all our chat to write this one…Though this arjun z not that similar to the Arjun in mmz but still you helped me a lot unknowingly…. I wish you get whatever your heart desires… Love you so much…

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