Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 17)


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Last chapter
Chapter 17

“Be ready to DIE” Jai said smilingly in triumph

Arjun rushes towards them
“ STOP “ Jai roared “ Stop where r u more step I will blow her head “ He said pressing gun point on her head.

Arjun freeze at the word.

“ Jai why are you doing this?? We are family….” Arjun screams in helpness

“Family “ Jai scream back with sarcasm and laughed “ NO…we are not Family…..” Jai said

“You are killers behind the name of my family….Because of you my so called brother….. I lost my father, Remember? “ Jai said acidly

“Jai that’s not the truth..Sahil uncle kidnapped me and did frauds in dad’s company…It was his punishment for his bad deeds…” Arjun said

“ Stop this shit….I badly want you to see dead..but I don’t want you to die in suspense….so wanna meet my real family….” Jai said mockingly

“Please Heartily welcome Dad ” Jai said with shining happiness.
Then man entered from another room due to darkness they can’t see his face. Slowly slowly he was entering by his walking any one can predict that he has problem in left leg..He was walking with the help of crutches.

As he came in that big room, light flashes on his face and Arjun got stunned seeing SAHIL SHARMA.

“ Yo…you are alive?” Arjun said recovering from his shock

“YES..Arjun Beta….i think you are not happy seeing me alive…” Sahil said sarcastically

“ When by your over smartness you stole my phone and told your where abouts…Police chased me..but as they said they encountered me..its half true…When I got shoot on my left foot I managed to jump in river and hide myself by holding my breath..they shoot in water and thought they killed me…but no I got saved myself. After searching for so many years I got my son back too….” Sahil said

“Why you betrayed to Dad?? He used to trust you more than anything ” Arjun asked

“ Trust “ HE said and laughed “ Trust can’t feed your stomach…I wanted his money and power not his trust….”

Arjun mouth left hung. Radhika was struggling to get away from Jai

“ Because you are MY ARJUN BHAI….i missed being with my father..Now you are wondering why I do this just to you…then listen..I HATE you more than anything in this world…but you thought I am your loving caring younger brother and made me sole nominee in your will….” Jai said

“ How stupid of you….and that’s why I want you to be inherit all your property…” He laughed

Arjun’s face lost his all colors..He looking like hell…his face turned pale having no reaction…

Radhika was shell shocked she never imagined that the jovial , friendly and happy go lucky Jai turned out to be devil…
“How can a brother do this to another brother….You didn’t think once before doing this…He loves you than Neil and always consider you more than his real brother..” Radhika said in anger

“Brother..My foot..I always feels jealous about his success and his power..and dad give me the reason to snatch this all from him…” jai said poisonously and slammed her hard on ground which makes her hit the ground..A slight cut happened to her head and blood started dripping from it..

As Arjun saw her blood and he couldn’t take it anymore…

“You can’t be my brother..he was naïve and good are devil…I lost my brother at the same time you joined this evil father of yours….” Arjun grunts

“ Not a single word against my father..else I won’t think twice to shoot this little princess of yours..” Jai holds Radhika by her hair and make her stand. She screams in pain

“Jai..Damn it..shoot me if you have to but not her” Arjun call out

“ I will kill you too Bro..What’s so hurry..but first of all listen..I never lost my memory..and I did my fake accident to trap you to kill you..but you make my goons roam from one place to other…then I thought of harming Radhika she is indeed your life,right? So I attacked her and tried to kill her twice…remember I am the only person to whom you share about PRITI”s proposal to you..i used that thing to kill you both..but damn stubborn survived from that deadly attack..i paid them for that fake story..” He smirks
“ All are pretty good actors..ohh sorry not only actors they were professional murder..I never got broken legs..i paid to doctors to tell the lie….But then you both did that fake break up almost make me believe on it..but then I thought you were “ made for each other “ and suddenly a little mistake made you guys broke up..thats not the thing to get digest easily….so I thought to try your fake break up by pulling radhika here..and I’m right..You came behind her to save her….Now who will save both you….” He laughed hard devilishly.

Radhika’s phone was continuously vibrating in her jeans pocket and she wanted badly to answer it and call someone to their help.

“Ohhh m so feels pity on have to die because of all world you have to fall for him…Now you have to pay for it…” jai said

“Is money that much important into one’s life? Why you are willing to kill Arjun..just for sake of money..The brother who would have put his own life to protect You. Arjun would have have happily handed over all his hard earned money and property if You asked for it.. “ Radhika said in anger and disgust

“I am not begger to beg him…and its much fun in snatching than begging…” Jai laughed throwing mocking laughter at them.

Arjun symbol radhika to get down on knees as Jai is busy in talking…she did as he said and kicked to jai’s hand which make Gun to fall on the ground and picked it quickly.

Jai laughs “ You can’t shoot me..i know you will never shoot me…” jai turned and grabbed another gun from his pick pocket and pointed towards radhika

“ your one mistake I will shoot her…” jai said “ Now drop that blo*dy gun…my dear bro….”

Arjun loosen his grip on gun and started to bend to drop it on floor but then he quickly stand straight and tighten his grip on gun by lifting it up…jai figure out that Arjun might actually shoot him

Soon their gun points to each other and bang goes.

A loud sound echoed in the room..Its takes some time to realize who got shot..

Radhika ran towards Arjun who was falling on ground and blood oozing from his left shoulder.Bullet slightly went kissing his skin.His shirt got stain in red color..

They turned to find jai who was lying in pain..He got shoot at hand and on leg…who shoot him on leg?

Then they saw Neil rushing towards them and cop arresting Jai and his Father.

“Hey Bro are you okay….” Neil said worriedly

“actually bullets too want to kiss me that’s y she pecked me my arm….and having girlfriend who got stabbed and shot too many got me viral…and vaise bhi MARD ko DARD nahi hota…” Arjun punches some dialougues…which made Neil and Radhika to laugh hard

“ BTW Bro how you got know about this place? Are you ANATARYAMI Neil Baba…” Arjun said again to make them laugh

Neil gave him glare

“ You should thanks me saving your ass…and you mocking at me….BTW remember I gifted you both wrist watches which contain GPS tracker…I had doubt on Jai as I got call from rehab center that he was missing his leg massage sessions and then I observed him I always saw a difference in his walking from the previous one..It’s hard to act fake sometimes,right? When I called you and Radhika many times and none of you pick up my calls then I tracked you guys and called police along with..” Neil raised his caller

“ Ohhh you are such good at saving people….” Radhika hugged Neil

“If you guys done..can someone take me to the hospital….” Arjun said pouting his face.

Neil and radhika laughed and picked Arjun to took him to hospital.

After Six months…..

Things started to get back to normal as they were previously. But at heart all are sad by losing Jai. Sonali and Raj where got shocked my their son’s act..They never thought Jai would forget their upbringing like this and lost himself and ended in Jail. Jai got prisoned till death in attempt of murder.Sahil Sharma to got jailed for frauds and distracting police.

Sometimes greediness and jealousy snatches our loved ones..

Radhika’s father passed away few days ago.She forgiven him for hurting her mother and her.She didn’t want die her father in disappointment. Now she and mala leaving in Mumbai.

Arjun and Radhika didn’t spend time together. Radhika joined office again..Arjun made himself busy in work to forget about Jai.He enloped himself in making deals and money. Radhika was missing Arjun and spending time with him.

One day

When Radhika went straight to meet Arjun in his office to spend some time with him.

“I didn’t say come in to you..” Arjun said still busy working on his laptop

“I don’t care..i want to spend sometime with you” Radhika said

“You are running around like you are the boss just because you are my girl friend…I wants my personal life and business stay separate.You are my employee here..” He said rudely

Radhika’s mouth hung in shocked

“Then better you date your business instead of me…” she got up from chair to marched to get outside in anger.

“Stop” he said…she thought he realized his mistake and now want to pacify her but what he said further which added fuel to her anger

“ Be ready at 7 pm..We have business party here…As you are My PA you need to look impressive…I will make sure you will get your cloths and accessories in your cabin…Be ready on know I hate being late..Don’t want you to be clumsy take care of it..” He said arrogantly

“ Whatever…” she said and marched to her cabin hitting the floor in anger. He smirked.

At evening

Radhika put on her dress as she got delivery box of her dress and other acceseirirs. The blue strapless dress hugging her body tight and resting on her perfect curves. Inside silk material making her comfortable. She put on the matching stilettos and applied some make up. She was looking beautiful like always she did…But she is mad at Arjun.

She went to his cabin as its strike 7 in the watch. Radhika opened the door and gritted empty cabin and her phone beeped.

“ Come at terrace…Forget to informed you that I am here already..” messaged read which came from Arjun.

Radhika got confused and got more angry on him for making her run everywhere.Though she was wondering why the other employee in the office were unaware og this business party and Arjun too informed her in short notice…

“Aghhh..This guy is really gone mad….” Radhika gowned in irritation.

She got into elevator and pressed top most button for the terrace.

As the elevator door got open she left shocked.surprised.dumfounded.

A private helicopter is waiting on the terrace’s helipad and Arjun was standing at the near to the chopper in tuxedo..He was looking damn handsome and difficult to resist. A s*xy smirk playing on his greek god face and deadly dimples of his making

Radhika’s cheeks turned pink in happiness..She couldn’t think that Arjun was teasing her by avoiding.

“ May i…” He offered his hand to her when she step outside the elevator….like a perfect gentlemen

“ohhhMy god..I can’t belive…” radhika said placing her palms on her mouth

He smiled. He let her get in into the chopper and put on the seat belt…

“Where are we going ?” She asked still couldn’t able to beilve

“ Its surprise for you..” He whispers in her ear as he placed he sweet kisses on her bare shoulder to make her shiver.

Arjun ignited the engine of that big chopper and soon the big wings of that helicopter rumbles to life and soon they are in air flying..

Radhika grabbes the Arjun shoulder in fear.He squeezed her hand and gave her smile of assurance.

As they get higher on Mumbai’s sky Radhika started cheering and squealing like a kid.

They said Mumbai looks beautiful in day but looks like stunning queen who are embedded with shining diamonds. The view is really spectacular, shining yellow lights at the marine lines making to its name “ Queen’s Necklace”.the street light making the road look like string of pearl and illusion of Necklace. The view is breathtaking.

Arjun smiles at radhika as he sees her smiling continuously and giggling in happiness.

“ I love you…” He said

“ Its amazing Arjun..Honestly.Thank you.” She said cheerfully.

“ Hold your words..a lot more to come!!” Arjun smiles as he navigates the chopper to the isolated area of city.

After few more minutes of flying he rested the chopper on the open ground which seems quite far from the city and soon the chopper lost his liveliness as he turn off the engine.

He made her get down and tie a blindfold on her eyes.She got shocked about what are he upto.

“ Arjun are you going to tell me what is this ?? “ Radhika said trying to untie the blindfold.

“ Stop..Don’t remove it…surprise is coming babe” He said playfully.

Arjun made her walk on the path.

“ Beware..take small steps on it..” He guided her as they taking some steps upwards.

“Can you going to remove curtains from the suspense? “ She said desperately

“ Shshssss radhika wait….” He siad

As they reached Arjun removed the blindfold and radhika’s jaw dropped open in surprised. She was awestruck.
They are on beautifully boat’s top which was equipped with red-white cushions, curtains and sun beds on the upper right corner of the ship having the best sound system .the ship is surrounded by cool and peaceful water. All the deck floor is decorated with rose petals. A divine full moon is shining with his twingling stars on the top of head.

Radhika was mesmerized by the arrangements she couldn’t stop herself and hugged Arjun tight.

Arjun laid her to the dining table which was decorated with candle and delicious food with ice bucket of champagne bottle. Arjun pulled chair for Radhika and make her sit.They enjoyed their dinner.

“ May I asked for dance to My Love” Arjun got up from the chair and offered his hand.

“ Sure My love” Radhika nodded and slide her hand in to his.

A romantic track got started on sound system.

Kissi sham ki tarah
Tera rang hai khila
Main raat ek tanha
Tu chand sa milla

Haan tujhe dekhta raha
Kissi khwab ki tarah
Jo ab samne hai tu
Ho kaise yakeen bhala

Toota jo kabhi tara
Sajna ve
Tujhe rab se maanga
Rab se jo maanga
Mileya ve

Tu mileya toh
Jaane na doonga main

Haan maine suni hai
Pariyon ki kahani
Waisa hi noor tera
Chehra hai tera roohani

Aa tujhko main apni
Aaja meri
Baahon mein chupa loon
Haan apni iss zameen ko
Kar doon main aasmani

Zindagi rok doon main
Ab tere samne
Pal do pal jo ruke
Tu mere sath main

Toota jo kabhi tara
Sajna ve
Tujhe rab se maanga
Rab se jo maanga mileya ve

Tu mileya toh
Jaane na doonga main

He spanned her and looped his Arm around, as song ended she was resting on his arm and get lost in his deep black eyes.

Then the next moment Arjun made Radhika stand and hold her from back and lifted her chin upward so that she can look towards the dark stary sky. The real surprise is waiting for her!

Arjun had hired a firecrackers. And in fraction of minute sky got lit with so many firecrackers and illuminate so bright.

Soon with the crackers words started forming.
As she looked up , she can see the words


Once the words form another fire cracker bust designing the heart shaped on the sky.
Radhika couldn’t resist but had tears in her eyes by grand gesture of Arjun’s love.His proposal.
Radhika turned her head to find Arjun but he was not by her.She turned more and found Arjun on his knees and holding a diamond ring.

Radhika was extremely happy.

“I can’t imagine anyone else as perfect for me as you are. I want you to know, that I never been so sure about anything in my life unless and until you stepped into it.I love you more than I could ever love anyone. My life starts with you and ends with you….and I don’t want my life if you are not in it..So will all due respect Miss Radhika Mishra will you marry me? “ Arjun said poring his heart out..

Radhika nodded in happiness “ YES Arjun you are best thing ever happen to me..I can’t thank god enough for making you came into my life…You made me belive on myself and turn my nervousness into confidence…I don’t want costly gifts or luxurious life..I just want you to be my side till my last breath… so all due respect I’m Ready to becam Mrs Arjun Mehara…”

Arjun slipped the ring into her ring finger. A glimpse of ring shining in her eyes.

Arjun plastered her to his front and claimed her lips. Their lips coaxed with each, devouring the each other mouth with the happiness they are feelings inside their hearts.Passion.Affection and UNCONDITIONAL Love for each other..All the emotions in the kiss.
As Radhika moved further she bumped onto the table which made a loud thud.
They got separated and Radhika gasped “ Ohhh not again..another vase I broke…” She said pouting her face in embarrassment when she saw scattered pieces of vase.

Arjun laughed hard “ I was waiting for it….Its lucky thing for us…I love you “
“ I love you too till eternity “ Radhika said

They laughed and Arjun touched her forehead by leaning his forehead.

After Two year…

Arjun was pacing anxiously in the hospital corrider..NeSam is pacifying him but no use..He was biting his Nail time and again as any time sooner he would ate his finger too in nervousness. Soon the red light turn off on operation theater and doctor came..Arjun heart is thudding loud inside his ribcage.he hold his breath.

Doctor came smiling and came to Arjun “ CongratulationS Mr Mehra…You blessed with baby girl..”

For moment arjun can’t react..He was overjoyed. Then he scream in happiness…” I became a father….”

Neil gave him tight hug…Sam ran towards Radhika’s room.
When all came to radhika..Nurse handed baby girl to Arjun..radhika chicks flooded with happy taers

“Oh my god!..she is so precious..” Arjun exclaimed and kissed the forehead of baby..

Nesam and Raj and sonali congratulates the new paraents..

“ Thank god my lil rian got baby sis…He was continuously asking me for sis…Btw whats the name for this sweet angel….” Sam said happily

“ PANKHUDI…” ARadhika said in chorus…

All laughed…Click selfies with baby girl…

Screen freeze


So this the end of the story..Hows it?
Sorry for ending this ff in haste..I know many of you going to scold me,beat me and punch me hard..So sorry guys…
Actually due to work pressure I couldn’t make out with writing things so I taking little short break..That’s why ended the ff in haste..As ganpati bappa is arriving home shortly so I will be busy in decoring and other stuff…
I know I can’t stay away for longer time from you guys so I will come soon with next..As wrote prologue of my next story named As “ Written on stars” and going to post it wattpad shortly..and here too I will post it..

Thank you sooooo much my lovely darlings for bearing my bakwas and encouraging me all the time to improve and give better and better each guys are truly amazing supporter…you made me live my small dream of bevoming writer…..Love you sooo guys are my extended family…….So see you soo..

Never say good bye..Always say…

Hum hai rahi pyar ke..fir milenge…chelate chelate!!!
Take care!!Muhhhhhhaaaaa!!!!

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