Manmarziyan Let me live Part 14


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Radhika and sam discussing about the preparation with nandhini. Just then samrat calls sam.
Sam ; pa say me pa ??
Samrat ; where r u ?? Where is radhu ??
Sam ; she is with me in neil’s house.
Samrat ; good u r there just inform neil and nandhini ji that neeraj sir is coming.
Sam ; ok dad. Ill inform to neil and aunty.

Samrat ; actually i should inform them but……
Sam ; pa no formalities i’ll know about neil and aunty so dont worry. Radhika from behind ; ya pa she knew neil so dont worry. Sam pulls radhika’s hair for teasing.
Radhika ; pa she is killing me. Samrat smiles at his daughters’ behavior and cuts the call.
Here in neil’s house there was a catch and catch game between radhika and sam.
Sam ; aunty catch her aunty. She is teasing me to the core.
Nandhini ; sorry u guys do whatever u want to but dont bring me in between i just saw the way u were choosing the dress for neil. I guess after marriage my son will go mad with his wife and daughter.
Radhika ; daughter ?? And gave a questioning look to sam. Sam who understood the meaning of radhika said ” radhu i’ll kill u if u think something…….
Radhika ; what do u know what i thought off ??
Sam ; i know coz im ur sister.
Nandhini ; aa aaa aaaa again started.

Radhika ; aunty i’ll miss my sam after marriage. So shall i come daily ?? I want my sister.
Nandhini ; radhika it is ur home too u should come here as sam too will miss u .
Sam ; dont worry aunty soon she will stay here permanent and winks her eyes. Radhika understood she was talking about arjun and she blushed. Sam noticed that and bend down to radhika’s face.
Sam : oh my god oh my god oh my god she is blushing my sister is blushing. God i want them to be here .
Radhika ; the whom ??

Sam (husked in her ears) ; arjun and neil.
Radhika pushed her and ran away in the name of someone is calling her. Both sam and nandhini smiled at her.
Nandhini ; they are a perfect match sam. She too nodded and said super perfect.


Samrat, piyali, sam, radhika, arjun and teji were standing in the airport for neeraj to come. Just then a girl was staring at teji without taking her eyes off from him. Radhika who noticed that gave a smile and went to teji and wrapped her hand over his shoulder.
Teji ; radhika what r u doing ?? U know i feel shy while doing all these kinds of stuffs.
Arjun ; bro wait we are testing ur love lady.
Teji ; love lady who ?? And was curiously searching.
Radhika ; now keep ur tongue in, it is like u r staring like a dog staring like a biscuit. Teji made a face.
Radhika ; fine……. Fine ……… She is exactly to ir right red top….
Arjun ; dont look immediately but casually. He nodded and did like he was casually turning. But his act was opening showing he was acting. Ardhika looked at each other. Teji who saw the girl was mesmerized in her beauty.

Teji ; do u thing she was the one who was looking at me ??
Arjun ; 200 % sure she was looking at u. Just then a guy came in between them and went to that girl. She hugged the guy. Teji gave one look to ardhika. Ardhika bursted out in laugh.
Arjun ; ok ok we r sorry we thought she was looking at u but we never noticed a guy was behind us was been noticed and again laughed. Just then neeraj came out and was greeted by all and he was happy to see arjun laughing and was happy that teji and arjun were enjoying the way they used to enjoy before. Neeraj stayed in samrat’s house as he did not want to stay in neil’s house.

Next morning…..
Neeraj was sitting in the hall with his newspaper in his hand. Just then he heard some one shouting sam’s name. Radhika jumped and ran to him.
Radhika ; neil sam is taking bath wanted to say me that to u . I’m starving. Dad is busy getting ready so u r free to romance ur wife.
Neil ; what about mom ??
Radhika (giggled) ; u r brainy daddy i will take care of her.

Neil ; u r my girl.
Radhika ; yes i am now go dont miss this golden opportunity. Neil and radhika shook their hands like smuggling boss and neeraj who saw them smiled at his son and felt proud to see him as neil was perfectly like the way he wanted but when he heard their convo he smiled at them. Even though he was angry outside he was happy inside.

Neil tiptoed and opened the door and saw radhika and she gave him thumps up to neil. Neeraj was looking at what was happening and just lost in thoughts when nandhini would say no to ice creams but neil and arjun would join hands and slowly with neeraj they would go to the kitchen and will finish them in one shot. He smiled at that thought. After some time sam and neil came out and radhika who saw them gave a look while she was drinking her juice. Nesam blushed. She too smiled with tumbler in her mouth. Arjun too enters the house and saw radhika and her expression. He wrapped his hand over her shoulders and neeraj who saw that was jaw dropped.

Arjun ; shall we. She smiled and shouted “maa…… Papa……. Arjun came.
Piyali came and gave the list to buy and after sometime they started for the shopping.
Radhika (peeping inside the house from the entrance) ; neil finish the work and come soon there with sam and teji. We need to buy her some jewels and she will select only the thing which u like. Neil took a step and she made her tongue out and ran away with arjun.

Neeraj laughed and that was the time Neil noticed Neeraj. He frowned and looked at his father. It was years since he saw his father. Lastly it was on the fight they see and then arjun was taken away by neeraj and nandhini took care of neil.
Neil ; dad ????
Neeraj saw him and gave a smile and patted his shoulders.
Neeraj ; good to see you neil . U all grown up the way i wanted. How is nandhini ?? With some curiosity in his eyes.

Neil ; she is fine dad but missing you badly. Dad pls come back…….
Neeraj ; sure neil one day i’ll come but not now . U go and do the preparations, I might not be the part of your life when u needed before but its my son’s marriage i’ll come but give me some time neil. Neil too nodded and was about to go.
Neeraj ; it has been so many days can i hug u ?? Neil gave one look and they hugged. Sam took the pic and sent that to radhika. Radhika smiled and messaged back ; sam when u go to ur in-law’s house you will have ur mother in law to take care of and father in law to guide you and brother in law to taunt.
Sam ; and a sister who will always be by my side.
Radhika ; always. Sam replies with a smiley.

Few days later……..

Sam and Radhika was shopping and Neil called sam for some urgent work.
Sam ;Radhu Neil has called me. He’ll drop me home you start soon radhu .
Radhika; No problem Sam I will go back home. I have got the bike. Don’t worry I’ll call you once I reach home. Sam smiled and she caught the cab and starts from there. Radhika who finished her shopping called Arjun.
Arjun ; where r u ??
Radhika ; Shopping with sam but she has gone I’m on my way home and starts her bike wearing her head set.

Arjun ; Are you driving ??
Radhika ; Yaa I just now started.
Arjun ; How many times to say you that don’t talk and drive.
Radhika ; Look arjun I’m on my way home and having my head set. So as always I’m talking to you and you as usual saying the same dialogue, so say something new and she was driving.
They were talking and she found that a car was continuously following her.
Radhika ; Arjun a car is following me for more time.
Arjun ; yaar radhika don’t panic, might be normal people, she too thought that but that car was in no mood in leaving her.
Radhika ; Arjun I’m scared that car is following me for so much time and her voice expressed her frighten.

Arjun who was now panicked said “ Radhika don’t worry, don’t follow any rules, break the signal and ride fast and where are you ?? She said her current position. Arjun started and was continuously talking to her to know where she was and he was also instructing her where to drive. Suddenly the call got disconnected and Arjun was now hell scared as where was she……

In between Radhika’s bike skidded and she rolled over the ground. The car which followed stopped a 100 meter away from Radhika. She decided that she will not see her next sunrise. She was wishing that she does not experience more pain and she closed her eyes thinking about everyone who were her close friends and her family.

Just then a car came in between them and she heard her name called.
Arjun ; Radhika…… Radhika…………
Radhika(to her disbelief) ; Arjun ????
Arjun ; Now hop inside the car. She heard what he said and in no time he drove the car. Arjun drove back to his house. Radhika all the time was just staring without speaking . She was still in the shock. Once they reached the flat arjun shook radhika but he found her fainted due to the shock. He picked her up and rushed to the house and made her normal. But she was shell shocked. Arjun was worried as she was continuously crying in fear.
Arjun (cupped her face) ; radhika…….radhika look at me…….. Look at me im here u r in our house ok we are home. No one will come to u or hurt u .
Radhika ( in murmur voice) ; im home.

Arjun ; yes home ok and hugged her. She hugged him tight. Her tight was desperately showing her fear. Slowly arjun rubbed her back and she slept on his embrace and he was sitting holding her in his arms and slowly he picked the phone and called teji and informed him to come quick with sam and neil.

It was after half an hour they came and when neil saw arjun he was shell shocked. Arjun would never care anyone this much. It was damn sure that arjun has fallen for radhika and he is like a strong iron protective cage for the sweet little bird radhika. Sam rushed to arjun and asked what happened . He nodded and picked her and slowly placed her on the bed. Once she was let out of his embrace she jerked and held arjun’s shirt with teary eyes begged ; arjun dont leave me arjun im scared .

Arjun ; radhika…… Radhika look sam has come im in the hall . Ok one call ill come to u the next second.
Radhika ; promise ??
Arjun ; promise. Sam take care of her i’ll say u what happened. Sam nodded and radhika kept her head over sam’s lap and sam caressed radhika’s head.

Arjun came out of the room after locking the door where rasam were there.
Teji ; arjun what happened ?? Arjun saw both neil and teji and explained what happened. Neil who heard just stood up and to the shock hugged arjun and caressed his head. Arjun who lost his brother hugged him back and after many years the brother’s hugged. Teji was happy for that.
Neil ; so any idea who would that be ?? Any idea ??
Arjun ; who would that be ?? None other than dinesh.

Teji ; we cannot make wild guesses arjun. Neil to nodded affirmatively.
Jai ; no it is him. All turned and saw who was that and found jai. All were shocked to see jai there.
Teji ; jai ??
Jai (with a cute smile) ; yes jai im the same jai. And smiled.
Teji (stammering ) ; how ?? I mean how can u say that it was dinesh ??
Jai ; because she knew who is he……………All were shocked to hear what jai said.

Precap – jai’s truth revealed to them………………… First step against dinesh…………………….

Thats it guys… How was it ?? Pls comment your views. Always smile and stay blessed and stay strong…….

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