Manmarziyan …..Hold my Hand till the last breath …. (Episode 5)

Thanks for pouring your love on this ff. I didn’t know that u all will make my ff so special for me.

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Chapter 5
Live the life to your fullest as u doesn’t know u will get another chance or not…
Life has upside and downs but you should be brave enough to face it….
Don’t be a coward and show your back to it instead fight with it…..
Radhika was on the streets of hong kong. She was seen talking to a group of people. She was guiding a group of people. She explained them about the beautiful sculptures. She would ask the peoples to describe the place n she would explain about it. People were amazed about it.
Me: Guys lets see how’s mumma’s boy doing with his first ever trip.
Location : Airport
Arjun after getting stamped his immigration pass and boarding pass went to a book store present in the airport.(Boys follow girls wherever they go and he follows bookstore… oh god such a book lover) as he had sometime in his hands he decided to check some books. After watching the time in hiss we out when he was asked his boarding pass he took out and gave , to his great horror he had given Bangkok boarding pass and he has lost the one from India. He requested the security officer to do something but the officers refused as it’s a very long process plus one who stamps the passes are way too stubborn.
Arjun: i was on verge of crying… Tears started welling up…. Just then a women in her mid 50’s came instructing the security guard to ask the immigration officer to issue one boarding pass for me, the two officers started running and within 15 mins I got my boarding pass. I was thankful to her I said, “thank u aunty i…” she cutted me n said ,” its ok my son also once lost it, now go otherwise u will miss it. I ran towards the flight and after reaching on the flight I waved my towards her she gave me a smile. I went and sat on my place. It was announced to fasten the seat belts but I can’t do it the lil passenger sitting nr. Me helped me. I thanked the lil girl sitting beside me. After few sconds my flight took off. I was pretty excited it was my first flight trip , I like a kid was watching everything out from the window the beautiful cotton clouds . after 2 hrs or so I reached Bangkok and I boatded the second flight, and I slept in my second trip . Uff how lazy I am .

ME : LET’S see what Radhika is doing …..
Someone came n hugged me I recognized the touch it was my bestfriend Sharon ,she told me that Aveek
(my bf) just want to breakup our relation, I just couldn’t bear it . I hugged her and I cried afterward I couldn’t remember anything. I heard dad’s voice I was told that I went unconscious after hearing the news. I hugged my dad and I cried a lot. My dad consoled me and said aveek didn’t deserved me. I will get the best for me.
I knew my dad was hurt seeing me in that condition. I couldn’t help but I can’t control my emotions, I broke the pendant which aveek gave me. I hate him a lot. Why?Why aveek what was my fault. Tears were flowing down my cheeks.
Just don’t give importance to those morons who weren’t meant for you. They only know to give scar to your heart not your soul remember that…..
Love is pure , You will surely get one.
Me : let’s see what arjun is doing..
I reached hong konk . I went near the taxi stand and atlast found one , the driver asked me where to go , I showed him the address he said ohhk-ohhk . I felt with me he was also trying to pacify himself. Atleast ten times he said that. Atlas we reached the place, Hotel Magenta Skyline. It was one of the expensive hotel which my company has booked for me, I was feeling so greatful to bag this opportunity.
I checked-in the hotel. And was directed to my room. Gosh! 14th floor. But it took so much of time. The experience was hectic one . But in the end of the day it was a good experience.
I laid my lazy body on the soft five star bed. It was so comfortable. I just fell to sleep I didn’t even remember. After getting up I saw my watch , oh gosh! It was 8 pm . I should call mom and dad I said to myself and dialed to them.
Mom picked the call and thanked maa durga that I was safe and later she spoke to me in between her tears. She said to me that she thought I was kidnapped so I couldn’t call them. I explained them the whole situation and mom was a bit reliefed.



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