Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 19


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Arjun ; so do as i say…….
Teji ; what should i do?? Arjun smiled at his eagerness .
Arjun ; u should not go and speak to her.
Radhika ; what ??
Rathore ; sasu maa….. my ears….. keeping his eyes closed and with hands over his ears.
Radhika ; sry baba….
Arjun ; listen girls always need attention so if u don’t show ur attention to them they will get angry and then they will neat us black and blue. Leave that part but that will make them to speak their heart else really hard to make a confess their heart to us and winks at radhika. Radhika who was hell angry was now in pacific deep angry and her eyes were burning arjun he knew that he is finished tonight for his words. Pakka but for now he has to make teji’s love a success.
Rathore ; do u think this will work ??
Danny ; 200 % sure i know AM he is the best when it comes from him and smiles at radhika. She gives a fake smile with max anger and says in between the grin teeth ; yes yes he is the best . Rathore i will talk to u later and she stressed the u when she saw arjun. Thank god teji did not notice that as he was busy thinking.
Teji holding arjun’s palm ; help me pls i have fallen deeply in love with her.
Arjun explains the plan and teji’s head was spinning as he sae arjun as Mr . Khadoos but here he is god of all romantic ideas.
Teji ; do u think she will say yes to me ??
Arjun husked in teji’s ears ; when i can fall in love u can surely make her confess her heart to u as u r a very good person teji not like me . when i was able to get radhika once why not u get ur flower ?? Teji saw first time a true love in arjun’s eyes but this time he did not want to take chances on his sister’s life so he did not give more reaction.

Arjun turned to rathore and said ; hello what are u doing here. Look i donno what u will do take ur love to a date as ur sister has instructed me to give u this else i will be finished by her shouting. Pls to save me take this and stepped out of the cabin and found radhika was talking by sitting in the computer table and surrounded by rio danny .

Arjun ; excuse me ?? This is office can I guys pls start ur work ?? But no one was in the mood of hearing his words.
Arjun ; hello ??
Radhika ; what ??
Arjun ; new project’s target is nearing if u dont mind can u pls start madam??
Danny ; shit AM totally forgot and was about to move. But radhika who was totally irritated wanted to irritate arjun so she held Danny’s hand and pulled him to the chair .
Danny ; meera target honey. She winked at him and with a stern voice she spoke ; well MR. AM if u r soo concerned to work go and work we r ina break now.
Rio ; yup whatever she says its yes to her. Radhika gave a winning smile. Arjun understood she is teasing him so he left her with a smile.

Radhika’s thought ; arjun sir u r so dead for saying girls needs attraction.
The group of 3 after some chit chat started to work and radhika who was searching for arjun found him nowhere. She came out and found him sitting in a coffee shop opposite to their office. Radhika went to the table and found arjun deeply looking at his mobile phone. She cleared her throat. He was looking at the mobile. She did that again with a louder way. He was busy scrolling at his mobile with his smile his own way of teasing . She pulled and looked at the mobile. Her eyes widened.
Radhika ; what is this ??
Arjun ; well my wife and my picture of course……..
Radhika ; when did u take these ?? That too this pointing at the one in which she was hugging him and sleeping .
Arjun ; panoti i will never leave a moment of u in my life so i will never leave a time without taking ur picture. So now dont shout as ur voice is tearing my ear drum.
Radhika ; fine and was about to leave.
Arjun ; be ready tonight we are going out.
Radhika ; out…… we…… with a furious voice do u think what ur talking ??
Arjun ; ur not coming out ??
Radhika ; ya i want to (in a lower voice with keeping her face pout) but how ??
Arjun ; be ready we will go out now…… he saw teji and pulled her to himself and they hid behind a flower shop and arjun was looking out whether teji noticing but slowly soft hands were wrapping over his body. He got goose bumps. He then realised that radhika was hugging him.

Arjun ; radhika ……radhika …….. dont make me to loose my control dear then u will seriously regret it.
Radhika ; i wont as all i want is u and ur love. Pls i want to be in ur embrace donno why but i dont to leave u or loose u. So stand like this for some time. He tightens his grip over her and he was able to find some disturbance in her hug.

Arjun ; radhika i will not leave u then why are u having this fear ??
Radhika ; once a fear is always a fear sir made the biggest blunder of leaving u and u never knew those sleepless nights just thinking of u and one day when u shouted to neil that if you are alive then surely i am alive and safe. I wanted to shout that i am alive living with ur memories then thought was this again a drama to make sam convince your love to her as i knew sam was not married so thought that you are speaking to convince her but when i saw you on our wedding anniversary my heart broken down the way you were , wanted to hug you but was scared what if you hurt me then finally when you expressed your heart i wanted to say you that i love you but again i was scared what if rathore hurts you so i maintained distance from me sir…. and few streams of tears came out.
Arjun (broke the hug) ; panoti look at me and made her to look at his eyes.
Arjun ; look i dont have a family. It is only you who is my family, yes i made a mistake of hurting you but you donno how much i was hurt when i saw you in tears, but that nandhini made me do this, dear i promise you whatever happened is happened so pls for my sake dont get scared you have me and i am always your love only you get that ?? She nodded and they went back to the office.


Neil was always avoiding sam which was the better way than hurting her. Sam was fed up with his silence and she got a call from piyali and crashed down and cried as bird song lost its market share so as to make it a huge loss samrat has planned to sell bird song. Neil saw Sam who was crying as everyone around her are so hurt because of her one stupid step towards Arjun. She hated him to the core now as he was the one who was the reason for what she was.
Neil did not know why but he was not able to see Sam like that he entered the cabin and saw her crying sitting over the floor. Neil when he bend and kept his hand over her shoulder she pulled him and hugged him and cried even more vigorously.

Sam ; i was blind neil for trusting him not you guys. He destroyed everything around me he killed my happiness my chashni and also you he made me go against you and because of him my dad has lost bird song neil everything is lost. Why is this happening only to me.

Neil ; sam……… sam …………. myself and chashni had tried to open your eyes to see the reality but you were behind arjun as nandhini spoke all those cheesy words so think of Arjun what would she would have fed his head of arjun. He was 10 when nandhini started her revenge plan against uncle. He does not understand what is good and what is bad. So it is pointless for blaming him as he was a toy who was played by Nandhini and the one who was hurt of all was him not anyone so realise that before jumping into conclusion analyse the truth and then come to a conclusion.
Sam ; i donno but i want you to be my side so that i can forget everything neil. He smiled at her in his old way. She saw that and said ; neil i want you to be my idiot and its been long time can we spend some time together forgetting everything. He did not want to hurt her more by saying no as he knew she needs his company now so he said ; jahaa samendar singh vahan uska idiot. She jumps and hugs him tight as it was more days he called her samendar singh. She decided this time she should not leave her neil because of her stupidity.
Neil gave his hand ; shall we ?? she nodded and took his hand and he pulled her up and they started out from the office to have some jolly time together.


Arjun dragged radhika and winked cook to start the car (arjun and cook became very good friends after danny).
Radhika ; Sir where are you taking me ?? That too what will Rathore and teji if they come to know that we are together. Arjun kept his finger over her lips and she was just blinking and he loved those round eyes. He gained over her and then he slowly husked ; It was your precious brother who asked me to take you out.
Radhika ; What (on top of her voice)..
Arjun ; have you swollen any loud speakers ??
Radhika ; No why ??
Arjun ; Or am i far from you ??
Radhika ; Not at all now why these stupid questions ??
Arjun ; Why the hell are you shouting at me wifie ??
Radhika ; aaah wifie ?? what is this new trend calling me wifie ??
Arjun ; Baby donno why but i wanted to call you wifie today baby.
Radhika ; yuck baby wifie sir we are not like other we are unique so call me panoti my fav tagline and not these kinds of things.
Arjun ; why wifie ??
Radhika ; coz the god of khadoos will never call his panoti as baby wifie now call me panoti then i will call you with your name.
Arjun(with so much excitement) ; panoti .
Radhika ; cute one khadoos…….
Arjun ; baby and gave a smile.
Radhika ; argh dont call me with that i hate it as that stupid saral will call me when he was so called happy i hate that word from before then when he called me i literally hated that so for saral sake call me panoti.

Arjun (holding his ears) ; sorry panoti. Radhika gave one look and was turning her head the other side as he was irritating her from the morning. They reached Arjun’s house and they came out of the car and radhika was blind fold when she stepepd out of the car and he tied a cute cloth over her eyes and then he slowly made her enter the house and he locked the door . All the time radhika was calling him sir… sir….

Arjun ; one time cant you call me by my name panoti.
Radhika ; i will call you once you open my eyes. He opened her eyes and she was dumbstruck. There was a collection of balloons which was in heart shape which was wrapping a beautiful picture of Ardhika . She was so happy and hugged him tight.
Arjun ; Sooo……….
Radhika ; hmmm (clearing her throat) aaaaaaa sir….
Arjun ; its not sir radhika arjun.
Radhika ; fine fine aaaaaarrrrrrrr sir…… and was breathing heavily as if she was continuously running.
Arjun ; Radhika………(in a stern voice).
Radhika ; yaar arjun wait na not coming. Arjun was stun as for the first time from the mouth of radhika arjun was spoke out without that stupid sir tagline.
Arjun ; radhika ??
Radhika ; arjun wait yaar trying aaaarrrrrrrrrrr not coming and made a pout face. Arjun slapped his forehead for her stupidity and then he hugged her tight and kissed her to express his happiness. She was blank and was just standing like a stone. He hugged her from the behind and lifted her and twisted her and she was holding his hand so tight and started to enjoy the happiness of arjun and when he kept her down his ring scratched her.
Radhika ; ouch…….. and saw a small scratch.
Arjun ; what happened ??
Radhika ; what ring is this and i always see you wearing it…………. this(pointing the other ring) was wore by me then this ??
Arjun ; was worn by you only to me…… by looking at the ring.
Radhika ; me ??
Arjun ; yes you remember when we went to shopping for the ring selection and at that time you slipped a ring for the size verification right and even i saw in your eyes that you liked it.
Radhika ; ya but was stunned when i heard the rate.
Arjun ; well that is this…..
Radhika ; hhaaa??? With a shock and unexpected face.
Arjun ; this is our engagement ring radhika……… she remembered that day where she was asked to wear the ring.
Radhika ; from when did you started to love me ??
Arjun ; when the day i lifted you up thinking that it was sam from that time.
Radhika ; from that time. Shit so you loved me in lonavala time ??
Arjun ; yes……..
Radhika ; then why didnt you kiss me in that lift that was a super location for a romantic kiss no was there too……..
Arjun ; no one was here to so shall i before he could complete she lifted her toes and kissed him he smiled and pulled her and lifted her with his single hand and after the kiss they hugged but radhika was in the air as he was lifting her with his hands and hugging her lovingly.

Precap – still thinking….

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