Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 17


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Radhika was standing near the back door of arjun’s house staring at the lawn but deeply thinking. Radhika was not able to take that she and arjun are again gonna get separated. Not really but because of rathore and teji she should maintain distance with arjun. But that was a difficult task as she was enjoying each and every second being with arjun as he showered her with the love which she longed for from him. Arjun just made her to come out of her thought with a hug from the back. Radhika relaxed her head over his heart which repeatedly beated her name. Arjun knew she was stressed that she will have to leave him for some time.
Arjun ; radhika…… why are u stressed now they are gonna land tomo we have 1 full day. Now why are u sad panoti ?? Radhika turned and hugged him and was not able to take that she was gonna leave him.
Radhika ; it is really difficult to explain but it is paining when im not around u or not make u go mad with my talks or to look at u and think yes only im for u no one is there in ur life except me but why whenever i want to get close to u some or the other things comes and stops me from nearing u sir why ??
Arjun did not speak as he wanted her to speak her buried pain which she was carrying for a long time. But he just rubbed her back. She continued.
Radhika ; if sam wouldn’t have called me that day i wouldn’t have left u . U know what that day i wanted to say my heart to u and wanted to ask u that do really love her or not and i prayed that u should say me that u did only for ur revenge so that i would have kidnapped u and would have disappeared from there but sam was in love with u how can i cheat her ?? So i left u, but those were the horrible days of my life. U know how much i cried shouting ur name inside my heart ?? But u were not there to hear it and cried vigorously
Arjun knew it was going out of hands as she was not convincing herself so he was about to speak but she cuts him off and said ; i want to speak to u my heart as i donno tomo i will there with u to speak.
Arjun ; radhika shut up one more word then i donno what i’ll do…. Radhika was in tears.
Radhika ; no arjun sir.. let me pour my heart to u wish i just keep my head over ur heart and close my eyes and never open up . U know it is hurting me like how i went through a year back by leaving u. Again i have to do that. Arjun cupped her face and gave a warm kiss on her forehead.
Arjun ; why can’t u just say to rathore that im ur arjun.
Radhika ; im scared what if he hurts u for hurting me in those days i cannot see u like that in pain.
Arjun ; i will handle any hell pain for u radhika but only one thing is required for me is that believe me that for me it is only u know one else and what so ever happens i will not leave u or let u go away from me get that ?? She nods and hugs him again. He breaks the hug and corrects her hair and wipes her tears.
Arjun ; come with me…… and takes her to hall


Neil comes home in a drunken state. Prena was really worried as he was hurting himself for his mistake which he considered that it was falling in love with sam. Prena was helpless. Sam came rushing from the back to him to make sure that he reached the house safely. Prena saw sam and had mixture of emotions while looking at her but sam was about to go out without speaking anything. Prena called her inside but first sam denied then she accepted because of Prena. Sam sat on the sofa and prena came out from the room making neil to sleep properly.
Prena ; What is the thing which is mattering you sam ??
Sam ; Aunty nothing like that aunty I wanted to say him that I love him but im not convinced at that time when I saw chashni with Neil in the video that is meera. She was like my chashni and I always thought that Neil had soft corner for radhika because he loved her and during my marriage cancelled with Arjun I thought I lost my love I mean arjun to her and also my idiot and teji too instead she did good to me by risking her life. I wanted to say that I will not disturb her and Arjun as I only was in love with Neil. But………..
Prena ; But you felt that Neil and radhika were in love ?? with a doubtful manner.
Sam ; No aunty I did not doubt that but yes at times when he was supporting her against me I felt why was he behind her. Then I realized that my love for Neil was true and the so called love I claimed for Arjun was just an attraction and that’s why I called her but she never picked the call the next morning after the party where nandhini di was proved wrong by chashni. When I got the call from her mobile I was heard that she is no more. I was shattered.

She took a big step of even sacrificing her own life for me. But it was only her place to stand near Arjun not me as my place was always with Neil. But he now totally hates me aunty. He’s speaking only when required and avoiding me that is a hell lot of torture to me aunty. He can scold me shout at me I can bear that but his silence is killing me aunty and sobbed.
Prena (smiled) ; Sam just keep one thing in ur heart, Neil never had someone in the name of siblings. He considered Radhika as his own sister. So for a sister a brother is everything and for a brother his sister was his first daughter. That was the only thing which he had for her Sam.
She felt guilty of doubting him and chashni.
Sam ; I don’t want to loose him aunty.
Prena ; You wont but never loose your trust on your heart and on him as he loves you more than himself. I’m not saying this because im his mother but I knew his heart only beats for you. He had crush on you when you guys were in 10th .
Sam ; What ??? with a shocking surprise face.
Prena ; Yes he was carrying his love since then. So sam trust your heart not the brain as the brain speaks about stupid logic and gives 1001 ways that what will others think but heart only speaks about you, so trust your heart and also give him some time. He will come to you but this time you should also trust him. Sam nods and thanks the stars as she has got some hope for her life.


Arjun ; sit here pointing the sofa. She obeys his words and he goes to the other room and comes out with 2 cute rings. Arjun takes her to the pooja space area and looks at her deep into her eyes.
Arjun ; i arjun promise u radhika that what so ever happens that will never leave u and always be with u in all odds and i will always be there for u and holds her hand and slips the ring into her ring figure.
Radhika (with tears) ; i radhika will always be ur side what so ever happens i will not leave u and wears the ring in his ring figure.
Arjun ; so we are husband and wife. She nods and hugs him and again cries as she was not able to bear the pain for leaving him.
Arjun ; u will seriously be sick if u cry continuously like this panoti so pls for my sake stop crying and if u seriously dont want to back go to rathore’s house stay with me and i will fight the whole world for u but pls dont cry. Radhika saw pain in his eyes for her fear.
Radhika (with wiping her tears) ; promise ??
Arjun ; pinky promise and she smiles at him.
Arjun ; so Mrs. Mehra square shall we sleep ??
Radhika ; mehra square ?? with a questioning face.
Arjun ; yup u married me twice so square. She slaps her head for his unbelievable behavior.
Radhika ; bad joke mr. Mehra very bad joke. So today we are married so technically it’s our first night. Arjun’s face brightened. Radhika saw that and controlled her laugh.
Radhika ; so u sleep in the hall sofa and i’ll sleep in the bed there as i dont want a bed burning again and that day u made me sleep in the sofa so this time sleep in the sofa. Arjun was pricked by those words. He knew she said for fun but he never knew he went so low to scare her.
Arjun (with disappointing voice and wet eyes) ; u still remember my bad deeds.
Radhika (cupped his face) ; arjun sir i just wanted to say that my love for u is more than the pain so it is not a matter of fact at all . For me it is only u sir.
Arjun ; why r u soo good ?? U know i was a devil a monster a…… a……. but why r u always there for me to support ??
Radhika (smiles) ; coz this devil whom ur claiming has a child heart. A heart which only has a pure love for others but outside it claims itself as a devil. Everyone will just see the devil face but it only shows its love face to me so it is only me who knew ur true heart.
Arjun silently thanked his stars for having radhika as his wife.
Radhika yawns and arjun looks at the clock. It was more than 11 at night.
Arjun ; sleep panoti its already late. She too nods, they go to the other room and she asks him to lay down first and slowly she hugs him and sleeps closing her eyes and he wrapping her hand over his neck and he wrapping her over her waist and caressing her hair to make her sleep. Arjun never knew that his stupid revenge had hurted all pure and happy souls so much . He wish he had power to change the time and go back and lock his hand with radhika’s hand with the hand cuffs so that she wouldn’t have left him. He was in hell angry over nandhini who made him a monster but radhika on the other hand knew his deeds but truly loved him.
His thoughts were disturbed by her blabbering in the sleep. He smiled as she was continuously blabbering and that to a kind of warning to someone it was like” He is my husband dare not keep ur eyes on him he is only mine and u sir u are just staring at them and she continued. He smiled and tighten his grip and said ; i never knew panoti that u are so possessive about me. Love u so much dear and dont worry ur insecurity is true. I will prove that in my heart it is only urs it is neither sam nor bonnie or anyone as you may feel but only u. So pls dear dont be scared dear n kisses her forehead. She cuddles herself and slept in peace with a smile in her face while sleeping.


The whole flight was so silent but one snoring sound was making the flight to shake. Rathore was in deep sleep in his sleep. Luna was the next but she was sleeping closing her ears. Teji was making hell lot of snoring sound. She closed hard her ears and her fingers reached the ear drum to close it but were of no use. He was snoring with full volume. She was in no mood of opening her eyes as she was tired but she was sleeping shrinking her eyes. Slowly Rose tip toed and came near him and slowly caressed his hair with her soft fingers. He slowly turned his face and was happily sleeping facing her but was in sleep. She removed his glasses and spoke to the sleeping Teji.

Rose ; Stupid…… you never got a chance to look at me always you were with that angry woman. You don’t know how many days I was praying that you should see me and fall in love with me the way I fell in love with you when I saw you first time when you came with your sister and the way you cared her when her mood was off. Hope I will also get the same love from you. There is something in these eyes which makes me fall for you and when I heard you broke up with the angry lady I was the happiest girl of the universe. Just waiting to say my heart to you honey and eagerly waiting for your answer.

Teji (sleeping mode) ; Level complete………… success………… She smiled at him and kissed his cheeks. His whole body reacted with the goose bumps and she left him by arranging the blanket and she smiled and left the place.



Creative office..

Sam ; Neil we need to talk.
Neil ; 5 minutes samaira I’ll call you.
Sam ; No I need to speak now.
Neil ; So go and speak as I have some important works.
Sam ; So I’m not important to you right ?? She was expecting him to say no.
Neil ; Yes you are no way important to me as for my life it is only my Meera you hear that MY MEERA and rathore are important so you can speak to me later Miss. Khanna.
Sam ; Its Sammy for you Neil.
Neil ; My Sammy had good heart always was with me and never speaks any bad about anyone. But you was the one who spoke bad about my chashni and you were always jealous with her that’s the true thing or else you wouldn’t have called Saral with Mala when she met with an accident. You wanted her to see in some or the other trouble.
Sam ; Neil I never knew you still hold all those things in you. Its all happened even saral would have forgotten as he moved on and settled elsewhere but are still holding it.
Neil ; Because it was me and her who were insulted in front of everyone.
Sam ; I never insulted you anytime.
Neil ; Insulting her is also insulting me samaira and you insulted my heart which only loved you but now I don’t love you. I only love my Sammy and you are not my Sammy so if you wanna speak anything finish it off soon and go, saying so he continued his work. Just then his phone buzzed. It was radhika. He smiled and saw Sam, she was hurt by his look. He attended the call and spoke the way he used to speak to sam. She was not able to take that, so she left the cabin but he did not mind that and spoke to Radhika as radhika called Neil to inform that Rathore is coming to Chicago back.

Chicago airport…………………..

Radhika was waiting with Arjun and was holding his hand tight as did not want to leave his hand . Suddenly there was an announcement that the flight from Singapore has arrived. Her heart beat raised. She was both happy and sad. Happy that she was gonna meet her brothers and her best friend and sad was need to leave Arjun. She was holding his hand and was in a verge of breaking down. He saw that and pulled her close and kissed her tight. She closed her eyes and stood there and after few minutes she opened her eyes and saw Rathore, teji and Luna coming. Her eyes were wet but she was happy now coz she saw her brothers. She ran and stopped a few steps back.

Rathore and Radhika unanimously ; 1……2 ………. 3 and she ran and hugged him tight and he caressed her back. Luna smiled and Teji was standing next to Rathore. She broke the hug and hugged teji and also Luna. Rose saw Teji from far and smiled and gave a flying kiss to him but he was busy talking to the others. She smiled and left the place.
Radhika was searching for Arjun without making others to notice. As the passengers were coming out there was a bit crowd and Rathore Teji walked separately Luna was having her bag and walking and Radhika who was in the mid of the crowd felt a hand over her waist. She frowned but she knew who that was.
Arjun husked in her ears ; Now don’t cry I’m here only with you and I’ll be waiting for you in office and you will always sleep with your teddy bear and that’s a promise from Arjun mehra get it ?? saying so he kissed her cheeks and disappeared in the crowd. She was just giving a blank stare and Luna caught hold of her hand and they reached the car parking lot…….

Precap ; Arjun and Radhika in their own world of love……….. Neil’s cold behavior………… Rathore and Arjun help……………..

Thats it for today guys…… How was it ?? Was it nice ?? Please do comment your views. Love you all and always smile and stay strong and stay blessed.

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      Wifie thanks a ton dear. Do u like my romance baby then im the happiest husband in the world. Love u wifie

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      Thank you so much jara sam purinjupa aana neil ippodhikku kovama dhan irupan. Radhika will know about everything and you will know what will happen next dear. Jara 2 states data missed so im writing it again and max day after tomo you will read it. Sorry dear to make you wait and also the others. Love you lods.

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      Brin thank you so much and radhika is scared what if rathore hurts Arjun and Neil and sam will join hands but it will take time for neil to realise that sam is only loves him. Sure will update the other 2 and update this thank you once again.

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    Happy Independence day!!! Pray 4 d welfare of every soldier protecting our country n our peace!

    1. S.v

      He he he tejiku sukra desai lol. Arjun and radhika ipodhiku ipadithan irupanga as i did not think more than this update need to write and Sam will make him realise her heart to him but adhukku konjam naal agum. Even i’m eager to know how will rathore accept arjun as i donno how that is gonna happen. Radhika’s trip to canada is a major twist. Love you lods and you always make me smile with your words . Happy independence day.

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      DIpika thank you so much. Arjun and radhika have realised their love but she still feels the insecurity but for the case of Neil when ever he opens his heart he was hurt by sam so this time sam should mak him believe that sam truely loves neil not arjun coz neil is in broken heart. Of course nesam will join hands but that will take time dipika. Love you too.

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      Thanks a ton lakshmi rads has insecurity feel but Arjun will break that and for nesam it will take time but they will realise their love. Love you lods

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      Yup teji has got someone before but that guy did not realise that. He he he Mein tho tumari behan hoon na isiliye. Rads poosessive in live i pity Arjun that day as she will not spare him. Lol and Neil will be show his anger in the way of ignoring sam Dadaji and his choti you will see that. Love you lods for your words. Muhhaa… Happy independence day

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      Aadia i have no words to thank you dear. Neil will call his sam as sammy but that will be a bit late and she will make him realise her love for him and dear 2 states sry dear data missed got deleted so i’m writing it again max day after tomo you will read it . You take care too and love you lods.

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      Didi to be frank after reading your comment i am seriously jumping. Thanks a ton didi now i’m in pluto and didi im feeling like i have achieved something big thank you so much di. Love you lods and bear my tight hugs di. Muhhaa…..

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      Thank u so much gianna. U will see more of radhika’s possessiveness more in the upcoming update. Teji and rose will make a cute pair. Love e u lods.

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      Thank you so much roma you know what i would eagerly waiting for your comments as they will make me smile all way wide . Love you so much for those words. Love you tons roma.

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    Guys 2 states updated long back waiting for tu to update that

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