Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 7)


Hi everyone. This is Jnana again.

Part:7- jealousy radhika and anu’s life in danger.

Anu was half a way tying his tie when a hand pulled her to the side. Arnesam’s jaw dropped when they saw the person. Anu was just confused that this lady pulled her to the side and was looking at her with an angry face, as if she was planting a bomb under his tie. Sam was struggling feeling guilt holding neil’s hand who was himself shocked seeing the person. Arjun was just bowled by her action. Samrat called them on phone for meeting hall to discuss about something. Everyone went to the hall. Abhi was hell confused, anu felt that she has seen her somewhere and the other three were just staring her- sam with regrets, neil in shock and arjun with emotionless face. Sam was ashamed for her behavior and she thought that she would do anything for her forgiveness. Neil was thinking was he dreaming or is she really here. Why didn’t she inform him before coming? Oh!! Leave it he was happy seeing her here. Arjun was emotion less. He didn’t know what to feel.
Arjun’s POV

Radhika. Should I be happy seeing her here? Or should I be sad that she would never let me in her life now? Or should I be angry that she left me when I was all alone? Maybe I’m over thinking. I should not fall for her now. I have many things to think about now. Even if I fall for her I’ll mask it. I won’t show my feelings to anyone. Again if she leaves me then I won’t survive for sure.
All these things were processing in his mind when radhika came near him: I have and only I have the right to tie this for you (pointing to his tie). She tied it up: be careful…. Arjun was shocked seeing her threatening him. But composed and walked off her. Even though radhika expected something like this, she felt bad. Fine now she has to be reported as creative head after 4 hours from now.

Anu abhi sam samrat arjun and neil were sitting in the meeting hall discussing about the project. Everybody had different kind of sorrows in their heart but now they were being professional. After the meeting there was BOD meeting after around 4 hours, the new creative head would be introduced. And now there was no work for anu. She thought of going through the file once before meeting. Then it flashed her that she had kept her files in her car. So she thought she would get it .She didn’t find it is required to inform someone before going as she would be back in minutes. She went out. Abhi had appointed around 10 guards for her without her knowledge. Had she known about her security she would have broke his bones. He was instructing them when she went out and no one saw her going out.

As soon as she reached down she heard baby cries and went in search of it. She reached control room as soon as she entered she was locked. This was not new to her. She had been kidnapped many a times but she used to get out by herself by sneaking between window grills or even a small opening was helpful. But now she was trembling. She saw a glass window kind of a thing but was even feared to hell to go near it. Its been half an hour and there was no clue about her to anyone. She was thinking about abhi, what if she dies here itself? What will he do? Who will find aru? Who will ask neil to marry sam? Neil, what will he do? While all these were processing in her mind she was sinking. She would lose her breath in seconds. She thought to shout. And yes she shouted: abhi……….. nikki…………. Aru…….. sam….. pls help me. get me out of here……… pls……….. I beg you….. pls…………

Radhika heard someone shouting near the parking area as she was out of the office to calm her mind. She ran there. She heard someone gasping for breath in the control room. She asked: is there someone inside? Anu got some hope of getting out but now her voice failed. She tried her best to shout but a whisper came out. Radhika was sure that there was someone inside. She thought of getting the person out. But how? That’s when she saw the glass window.
All the other four were searching her as there was no clue of her return from an hour. Abhi eyes were filling buckets, neil was numb, sam was awestruck.

Arjun, he did not know what he had done that someone he loves would always get away from him. All four were searching like mad. They heard a sound of glass break and they ran to the direction of the sound to see radhika getting anu out with much difficulty. All the four ran to her and abhi lifted her up and took her to medical room. All were crying and now radhika was boggled to see arjun and neil crying. She had known that sam had a soft heart and expected her to cry, but why them? Who was this girl? While in thoughts she watched neil motioning towards her: thank you so much radhika you have done a great favor on us. I would never forget this. He said and went back before she replies. Now she was hell confused but went back to office.

Later anu gained her conscious. She told how she was pranked and asked all the others to be careful while the others were hell worried about her safety. Neil and arjun felt restless to see their sister in that state. Abhi was just sitting supporting her. Sam was thinking about the recent incidences when she ( anu) was planned to kill twice by someone and this was the third time. Finally they reached office for the meeting.

Everyone were present and meeting should be started in couple of minutes. Radhika was also there. Anu was on her way. Radhika’s eyes were searching for arsam. All the five arrived at once. Radhika thought that the two chairs across the table would be occupied by sam and samrat. But no it was occupied by the girl she saved. Now she looked all fine. Was she the MD? And the other by the guy who was crying for her. Who was he?

Anu greeted everyone: so here we are with the next BOD meeting and as I said I have appointed a new creative head. And here is her file. She extends her hand to samrat who sat with the file. So, yeah!!! Radhika Mehra…. Is the new creative head. Radhika stood up and went upto her. she was asked to sign the agreement letter and was given the appointment letter. When anu read her name she found that this was the same girl sam wanted to apologize. She had seen her pic in arjun’s phone. she glanced at him but he was sitting with an expression less face. She thought of getting them together before she dies.

Sam was not even looking at anu as she was angry with her. Anu did many things to gain her attention but sam being sam she didn’t pay any attention. If she is sam then I’m Anvitha. Even I wont give up soon thought anu and went to sams cabin. She was greeted by an angry stare. Anu: sam yaar sorry. Why everyone is angry on me. See just be fair with me. You should not waste time right. What if my operation fails? You may regret later. So talk to me… by this both had their eyes filled. Sam got up from her place and reached anu. She slapped her shoulder slightly and hugged her: dare you talk like this again. I will kill you got it? Anu nodded in tears. Anu: you know sam I have so many incomplete works.

I need to finish those things until that I won’t die. Fine come lets have some coffee… both left. On the way anu: she is the one radhika you mentioned that night right. (Remember guys I have mentioned sam speaking to someone at night in part two?) sam: yes. Anu do something I want to speak to her. I want to apologize to her. Plssse. Sam pleaded. Anu nodded. They entered canteen to see their gang present there. They started random conversation. Our guys had discussed about how to dismiss the one hurting anu. They canged thr topic as she entered.

Radhika also came to canteen. She saw anu sitting next to arjun. She burnt with jealousy even she took a seat next to neil and introduced herself to abhi and anu and they reciprocated. Radhika felt that anu and arjun’s relation was not what she thought while talking to them. She mentally slapped herself for thinking about them in a wrong way. She left to restroom after sometime to wash her hands. Anu signaled sam to go and apologize to her now. Sam left. She encountered radhika in her way. Radhika smiled a genuine smile to her. Sam smiled back guiltily. When radhika was about to speak sam: I’m sorry chasni… plsss forgive me…. radhika turned her face…..sam was confused and screen freezes.

signing off

So why did she turn her face??? Is arjun’s fear right? Who is trying to kill anu? Any guesses???

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, who is trying to kill Anu and why? Eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Thank you brin. You will get to know soon.

  2. Jessie

    Loved Radhika’s.possessiveness… Anu’s boldness is fading away.. sad.. I want operation successs..plzzzz.. she thought abt death..noo..! Eager 4 anu’s naughty tricks.. love this bold Rads.
    Any business rival or d one who hurted her bade papa is trying 2 kill her.. curious 4 nxt update Jnana..

    1. Jnana

      Ahhh. Thank you… Yes anu’s boldness is fading away. But you will see the bonding of cousins now. I will try to save her. And you will see her naughtiness. And bold rads that was what I thought of at the starting. Now she will scare her arjun sir now…. You are my energy booster…..

      1. Jessie

        Glad 2 know tat am a energy booster☺rads will scare him.. super..super.. u will try.. nah.. pls save Anu.. bechara Abhi ka kya haal hoga..

  3. Sweetie

    No guesses..I’m blank with all your questions..So just waiting for the next update.. 😀 Love you loads.. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Hahaha i’m happy with tour comment. And glad that you liked it.

  4. Gauri

    Awesome Jnana 🙂 stay blessed

    1. Jnana

      Thank you gauriji

  5. Myra

    Hey jnana….finally am caught up with all the chapters….nice going…..loved radhika’s jealousy……but why was arjun emotionless after seeing his lady love? Would like to know about the person behind the attacks…update soon…stay blessed 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Hi… Thank you.will soon let you know.

  6. Sreee

    Beautiful as always…

    1. Jnana

      Thank you?

  7. _Ritu

    Awesome Jnana.. ?? I m loving Anu’s character…now plz don’t kill her..Rads..what to say about her..waiting for 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Thank you. Will try my level best to save her.

  8. awesome episode…….

    1. Jnana

      Thank you subha

  9. Cool awesome episode. you loads

    1. Jnana

      Thank you… Love you too

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