Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 4)

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So here’s my 4th episode for you guys

@ Darjeeling
Abhi got a call from advaith about them leaving to Spain. After finishing his call his was about to call anu when he received her call. Anu spoke about arjun and sam continuously. Abhi was very happy as he never heard anu’s voice overjoyed. After he held the call, he felt restless. He felt something may go wrong with anu. He thought to speak to the manager of the event so that he could reach Mumbai fast.

@ Mumbai
Anu lay on her bed, with the same frame in her hand which abhi had noticed. She thought about the lady patient whom she met in the hospital.
Anu went to the patient’s ward with abhi after advaith and poornima left. As soon as they entered they saw the lady crawling back on her bed at their sight. Anu tried pacifying her but all in vein. The patient tried scaring her with her brother’s name. Patient: I’ll complain to my brother. You know he is very strong. He may beat you. Anu: (trying to extract some info) oh!! I see what’s his name? patient: I won’t tell you….huh.. anu: oh! So you are afraid of me….? Patient: no nandini singhania is never afraid of anyone. Nor her brother arjun mehra is……(shouted). Anu got what she wanted so she left the room closing the door behind. Abhi promised her to gather info from nandini.
Anu was now struggling to sleep as it was a new place for her when a thought struck her mind. She silently went out opening the door without disturbing roshni who was fast asleep in the other room. She opened the gate of a house and entered the house from one of the window which was open. She saw a lady crying in the living room and went near her. Anu: mom!! What’s wrong??? (It was prerna). Prerna: anu!!! How did you come here???? Anu: that’s not an answer…. Prerna: that’s….nothing. just…… anu: (interrupted) thinking about me and neil? Prerna: yes(nodded). Anu: when I came back to Mumbai do you thing will back off speaking to him? Prerna: then speak to him…. Pls…. anu: what if you were in my place? Prerna stood silent. Anu: you are my ma’s sister right and I guess even badi mom is ma’s sister. my relation with neil was same as my relation with aru….. I love both equally but neil is the one responsible for these things…. Leave it…. She looks at the clock it was 3:30 in the night… anu: mom can I see nikki for once… I promise I won’t come again and won’t disturb him…(her voice was sour)… prerna: you need not ask permission you may stay with him as long as you want… go………

Neil’s room
Anu entered without making sound. She went near the bed sat next to him, caressed his hair and kissed his fore head. He smiled in his sleep. Anu smiled even. Neil was in the effect of a sleeping pill which he had taken to get some sleep. Anu was staring him: nikki, I just want you to apologize for your mistake. Man, its not good to show off your ego in front of ANVITHA MEHRA. You should have known this….. I wish that it would have been good if we would have not come across that day which changed our lives(in a sad tone)…. Sleepy head see what I’ll do(naughtily). She took his mobile did something and placed it back…. She got up to leave, but turned to see him once, and thought I will get you your samandhar singh back!! But nikki one sorry pls!!! I want to share many things with you…..

She left malhotra’s after collecting arjun’s address..
@ arjun’s
Anu entered and bribed the watch man to let her in. she entered the house, later arjun’s room to see arjun’s sleepy form. She saw his bag packed and understood that he was all ready to shift. She whispered: time to be naughty Anvitha….. and she went took his mobile phone unlocked it. It had radhika’s photo as the wallpaper. She thought: oh!! She is chasni sam mentioned about…hmmm…. she switched alarms for every minute from now…. Went behind the window curtain to hide herself. Alarm buzzed but arjun switched it off. Again and again it buzzed and he got irritated so got up then comes a sound of a girl crying, laughing, and shouting…..(she played in her phone). Arjun was hell scared and was sweating. Suddenly his brain chose to work. He heard a laughter of a girl behind him. He pushed the curtain aside to see anu laughing her heart out closing her eyes and hitting the wall with her right hand. He stood admiring but showing an unreal angry face of him. Anu sensed someone near her so she opened her eyes and wore an innocent mask. Arjun: I should have guessed about you when you threw your hot chocolate on me yesterday, but failed!! Anu: dumb head!!!(chuckled) go take bath put your luggage in your car. I’ll take a round in your house and I’ll show you a live movie. And dare you call sam… arjun: yaar!! Its just 5 am let me sleep. Anu: will you take bath in bathroom or on bed???( with her brows up). Arjun went pouting…. Anu went to kitchen. She was happy seeing the kitchen clean. She prepared coffee for both of them. Later they left to sam’s place.
@ Sam’s
Sam was sleeping on her bed when arjun and anu entered. Anu had already informed samrat about taking sam so he had given her spare keys. Anu whispered something in arjun’s ear and he asked: I guess you are not the CEO and MD. You are naughtier than KG kids. Anu stuck her tongue out. She entered sam’s restroom, took a bucket full of water and placed it in front of sam next to her bed. Arjun held his phone near sam’s ear and anu counted……….1…..2…..3 rrrrrrrrrrrrrring…… sam got up with a jerk and stepped down but fell on her back with bucket full of water. Anu and arjun shouted a morning to her. Sam chased them as she got up and later was forced for a shower. All the while roshni was hell worried about anu as she did not find anu when she got up. She took her cell to call abhi but by then anu entered.
Anu took both arsam to her place. They entered the house. This was the same house in which mehras lived while in Mumbai. Arjun got a flash but brushed it off. Later they were all ready and left to birdsong.

Arjun and sam were hell worried about the presentation. Neil seems to have a fresh mind. Anu was thinking about shifting THE MEHRA FASHIONS to Mumbai so she went to check out the building next to birdsong while arsam entered birdsong together. Neil flushed with anger seeing them together. Later anu joined them. She didn’t ask anything about the presentation. Now arsam were hell worried as she may ask them whenever she wants.

Anu called everyone to meeting hall.
@ meeting hall
Anu: as I have taken charge of birdsong and am the CEO of MEHRA FASHIONS I myself would like to prepare for the add shoot. I will direct it. But nothing changes. What responsibilities you people had will remain same but I need everything to be done in a fortnight and no more excuses. Sam prepare a new presentation according to the matter given in your file. I don’t want anything to go wrong. Well discard the presentation you people did before….. I may be friendly. But I’ll be friendly only if everything goes in my way. Fine disperse and get into work all of you…. Everyone sighed in relief as their presentation was discarded. No one dared to interrupt her as they had already heard about her temper.
As anu didn’t fall asleep last night she got migraine attack. Roshni warned her before but anu was in no mood to listen to her. Roshni’s mother was unwell so she left to delhi as sam and arjun was there with anu.
While going home anu said she would sit in the passenger seat sam would sit at the back and arjun was to drive. They came out of the office. Neil was also there near his car. Anu was about to hold the handle of the car when a truck hit her. The truck driver showed thumbs up to someone and drove away. Arneil were shocked… Soon arjun composes and takes her to hospital. While sam notes the number of the truck to inform police.

Arjun reaches hospital with subconscious anu in his arms. Anu was almost to lose her conscious when she was rushed inside the operation theatre. Neil who followed arjun reaches there. Arjun was on his knees with an expression less face. Neil calls someone after reaching a side in the hospital.
Neil: ma…. Person: who’s this? Neil: may I speak to poornima mehra? Person: sure sir she hands the phone to poornima. poornima: hello!!! Neil: ma… anu met with an accident she is unconscious in hospital now….(breaks down) poornima: I’ll inform abhi, you be in touch…..
Poornima called abhi poornima: abhi can you go to Mumbai now?( in a panic filled voice) abhi:(sensed) what’s wrong ma I’m in Mumbai itself… I was feeling restless. So I came here. Poornima: Anu is in city hospital go and check out then call me. Abhi:(shocked) sure maa….
Abhi reaches hospital and runs inside OT though was stopped by guards. As soon as he enters he saw his wife laying unconscious and doctors trying to save her. Doctors did not forbid him to get into OT as he was a well known oncologist all over the world…..
After 3hrs or so doctors stepped out and told arjun everything was fine and she was out of danger. Arjun was very happy that he failed to notice doctor’s smug face. Abhi is shown sitting in the corner of OT crying closing his mouth as he did not want to make sound…… later after a good time of around 9hrs anu gained conscious in a ward. She was surrounded by neil, prerna sam and arjun. Everyone’s face had marks of tears. Anu smiled at neil whispered: nikki…. And again dosed off… neil smiled. Arjun panicked and rushed to inform doctor… doctor said it was due to medicine effect and she would gain conscious in an hour or so… abhi still sat in OT crying….. no one had noticed him entering the hospital so no one got to know about him…

After an hour anu gained her conscious. She felt abhi’s presence and was desperately in need of a sight of his. She called abhi’s name twice. She did not notice anyone around her… as if abhi heard anu calling his name he entered her ward. All the others moved out for a while…

Pecap: a shock!!! And guys why should we always blame arjun and sam so now lets blame neil and rads. why should arjun go in search of rads always let rads come to her arjun sir now. Now lets ask sam to ignore neil for a while…..

So that’s it for today… why was abhi worrying even after knowing that anu was fine??? Whom did the truck driver show thumbs up!!! Was neil not affected by anu’s accident???? Pls do comment and tell me if I am speeding up…

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  2. Rossy

    Couldn’t figure out why??? M just scratching my head…don’t know but I don’t want to see both Neil n rads shed tears…they did that in mmz…may be that’s why…

  3. Jessie

    Hey Jnana..this is a super ride.. Anu is all naughty..loved d shock treatment of Arjun’s n sam’s ..dont know wat mischief she had done wit Neil..

    Yaar.. who is tat doctor in first place.. u said Arjun failed 2 notice doctor’s smug face. Neil is worried.. I guess any health issue 4 Anu.. and is nandini really mad.. eager 4 nxt update..

  4. sarswati suryawanshi

    its very confusing…i m not getting anything…its like different puzzle pieces…..when they will get attached?.

  5. Awesome 🙂

  6. Rg2015

    Hi Jnana its wonderful. I loved it. So mehra fashions….so Poornima mehra might be arjuns Mother? Arjun Neil and anu has a past? Looking forward to knw more

  7. Lakshmi05

    Superb episode dear… Anu’s childishness is cute…who tried to harm any n what’s their past?waiting for next one…tc..

  8. Sweetie

    Commented in the previous episode by mistake..Silly me.. 😉 Lovely update.. 🙂

  9. _Ritu

    awesome epi dear..I will not make any coz m too bad at guessing..but I loved ur different concept..story is so interesting..waiting for nxt..plz post soon..

  10. Sreee

    Oh my am thirsty for more…loving it totally….pls next one soon didi…love u?

  11. amazing episode……..eagerly waiting next one……….tc

  12. Awesome, marvellous episode jnana it’s different n interesting. …very lovely. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads my sweeeeeetheart

    1. Jnana

      Thank you Roma dear…

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