Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 2)

Thanks a lot guys. I’m very happy seeing the comments. Sweetie you said to love my name. thanks for your compliment. Myra for sure you’ll get some answers in this chapter but I guess some quests raises too. I’m not good at comedy but I’ve tried to add some please let me know your views. Thanks to dev, emz fasa, myra, Jessie, joan, brin, sweetie, gauri, ritu, and s.v for commenting and I’m glad you people liked it. So here you go with chapter 2.

@ Sharma hospitals,
Anu: abhi you said you are coming with me to Mumbai right, when did you book your ticket? Abhi: yup. I told I’ll be coming but I will come there after 2 months as I told there is a conference for neurologists and oncologists and I need to participate in that so…. Anu: oh! Fine I’m going alone then…..(with a sad face) Abhi: no you are taking roshni (her pa) with you and dare you drive there when you have migrane attack! Understood?(seriously) She nods quietly. Her phone pops with a message note from poornima. After seeing the message she smiles faintly as she knew her ma could not talk to her about this matter as they may end up fighting later. They left to home as anu should do her packing still…

@ Sharma residence,
Advaith and poornima are welcomed by a sight where rajiv bathed with wheat flour is sitting and hogging sandwich on the floor near the door. Advaith and poornima control brusting out seeing his condition and advaith asks him about his attire to gain a glare from him.
Advaith: why are you looking so handsome buddy!!! Rajiv: it’s the work of malkinji..!! She threw wheat flour on me just because I asked her to give me some breakfast as it was very necessary to break my fast… I was very hungry!!!!( he said these with an annoyed face) Advaith laughed at his buddy: she should have broke your bones Dr. Sharma…. Hahahahaha

Rajiv: saaley give some respect to your samdhiji… while there were fighting Poornima went to meet Sadhana in anu’s room. Anu and abhi had different rooms as they were not familiar with each other still and parents didn’t force them as it was an arranged marriage.
While our men and wifes were discussing something there entered anu who threw her bag at her fathers and went away scolding someone. Then the fathers had a look at the door where abhi came fully drenched with mud water. Our fathers who were fighting till then laughed at the sight of their son. And abhi laughed at his wheat mounded father. Then advaith asked both of them to fresh up.
@ anu’s room
Anu entered wuth a roar and threw her phone on her bed which made our mothers to take aback. Further when enquired they got a task to ask their son. Later during lunch Abhi lipped out a sorry on the table to get a kick from anu…
But wait there was a chorus of two people asking abhi to shut his mouth.. coz anu kicked her fathers!!!
Abhi just made a face and forced a smile to gain a laughter from his parents..

@ Anu’s room
Poornima and anu were checking the things in the bag when
Poornima: anu, beta pls until abhi reaches Mumbai pls stay in prerna’s house. Anu: I’m sorry ma I’m not gonna stay there with that fellow. And you know this matter just causes a rift between us and just leave it. Poornima: okay fine you don’t stay in her house. I’ve bought a house in the same street for you & you stay there with roshni. Anu: ma I just don’t want to stand in front of that NEIL MALHOTRA…. Why don’t you understand? (She screamed at last). That’s when Advaith enters: nothing doing anu we can’t take risks by letting you alone in an unknown place. We’ve bought the house and you are staying there and we are leaving to spain for a business trip and we’ll be returning after a year and a half or so… saying this he left. Poornima made her agree by taking swear on herself. Anu was left with no option. That’s when a thought stroke her mind and she gave a naughty smirk and whispered BIRDSONG.

Everyone except anu were present. They were asking about anu being annoyed with abhi. Advaith: why is my daughter super happy with you? Abhi glared at him later asked them to imagine his situation when
While abhi and anu were travelling in their car anu saw a beautiful guitar in an instrument shop and asked abhi to buy it for her. Abhi asked her to play the guitar of her choice which is in their house as she has more than 20 guitars. Anu sat with a pout face. Later when they were travelling abhi felt like having ice creams so he stopped at a parlour nearby. Anu looked at him disgustingly for stopping the car nearby an ice cream parlour. She punched him at his stomach.
Abhi: ouch!!! What the hell is wrong now Mrs. Sharma?? Anu: why the hell did you stop the car nearby an icecream parlour…. Abhi: what?? I want to have it!.. Anu: do you have mood swings? Abhi: I’m not carrying!!

Anu: you’ll be an unhealthy doctor. Abhi: you are a messed up CEO. Anu: I asked you to buy me guitar and you said it was waste of money and now you wanna have this ice creams…huh disgusting!!! Abhi: I didn’t mention about wasting money ( to himself: though I thought so). Anu: go have it and…. She stopped seeing 3 kids 2 guys and a gal having ice creams. Her eyes filled. Abhi who did not notice this went on ranting. She got disturbed by him and pushed him aside and sat in the driver seat and drove through the muddy water which took off like a flight and landed on abhi. Later she stopped at a distance asking him to join her..
Abhi finishes when he gets a chance of catching a hockey bat which flew from other end making his parents laugh… but some change in behavior in Mr. and Mrs. Mehra was observed by abhi when he spoke about the kids. But thought to ignore it. Later before mehras head to leave anu: papa I’m going to visit badepapa in the hospital tomorrow. So pls do come with me. Advaith: fine child I’ll be here by 10 in the morning…

@ Mumbai
Samrat receive a call from one of his clients stating that they are cancelling the deal. He was in the meeting hall with piyali and others present there. After finishing the call…
Samrat: sam, arjun we have no other deal with us except Mehras now. I thought of selling the shares of the company but no one is interested in this. You guys are not concentrating on this. I beg you guys please work on mehras project we can’t afford to lose it.
(Well yes birdsong was suffering a huge loss as arjun and sam were used to be engrossed with their thoughts about radhika and failed to concentrate on the projects)
Sam: sorry dad we would try. Right arjun! Arjun: sure sam

After the meeting was finished Arjun and Sam were seen sitting in the canteen and thinking about WHY THE MEHRA FASHIONS company did not look back from their company when arjun received a call from an unknown number. He tried starting conversation.
Arjun: hello (no response)( again) hello so he thought it may be radhika he said Arjun: radhika!!! From other side their was a roaring laughter. Arjun:(shouted)SARAL…. Saral: (smirk) u remember me not bad. Arjun: why did you call now??(irritated) saral: arey!! I just called you so that I could help you in getting radhika back. Maybe you are not interested in her now. Fine bye!!! He held the call… Arjun informed sam about the call and later dialed dadaji. After getting a normal response about radhika he relaxed. Neil entered the canteen when sam cracked a joke which made arjun laugh. Neil boiled with anger.

Neil’s POV

I thought you may regret sam but you are enjoying with pineapple. I’m really ashamed of myself for being your friend….
As sam and arjun really did not want samrat to hang his head down they started working seriously. Sam: arjun did you get any info about that CEO? Arjun: it seems its a gal and a young gal. it seems she is a doctor but doesn’t work in any hospital. Maybe she has a past with it. Sam: oh!! I see..
Sam and Arjun have grown closer as friends as they both could see grief in each others eyes and could understand each other. But neil doesn’t like it as he thinks they are in a relationship.

So that’s for today. Thanks for your support. Here I complete my second chapter…. So CEO of MEHRA FASHIONS is ANVITHA MEHRA… and she is the daughter of Advaith Mehra and Poornima Mehra…….
So anu has problem with neil….!!!? Why??? Any guesses

Precap:( may be) entry of Anvitha Abhinav Sharma as the CEO of MEHRA FASHIONS

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  1. Sreee

    Plssss update next soon…i was already breaking my head thinking, what arjun(would) have with anvi…but now u added neil too in that confusion….too bad…lol..was kidding buddy…interesting story…loving it….bear hugs….

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    Hi gud one. Anvitha and anu r one and d same

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    This story is getting very interesting, what problem does Anu have with Neil? Hope to find the anwser in the next chapter. 🙂

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    Interesting yaar…show a bit more of ardhika n nesam…..

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    God!!Now another question has popped up,Anvitha has problem with Neil..I just loved the bond of Mehras and Sharmas..lovely people..Anu and Abhi’s relation is like out of the world..Loved it.. 😀 😀 😀 Okay no guesses this time,will wait to read the next chapter.. 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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