Manmarziyaan- a new turn (intro)

Hi guys,
This is Jnana, I’m from Bengaluru, Karnataka
This ff is the firstever plot I’ve written. I’ve read all most all the ff written on manmarziyaan page. You people write such beautiful stories that its impossible to ignore.
Please ignore my typos and grammer mistakes… (its my starting to the new world of fan fictions so pls help)
Well enough of my ranting. I just ask you people to support me with this fanfic

Lets get into intro now,
My plot is basically about Ardhika and Nesam, but there will be addition of characters in future. There is one more pair I’m gonna introduce in the plot that has more importance than ardika or nesam. The plot starts from radhika leaving arjun alone in the Mehra Mansion.

Arjun really wanna go in search of radhika, but fate doesn’t permit it. Samaira khanna will be given the share of 20% in Birdsong. Neil will be working in the birdsong. He will be in touch of radz but doesn’t speak with sam or arjun, and neither they do.
Arnesam are given the responsibility of their upcoming project. The CEO of the new company ‘THE MEHRA FASHIONS’ will be arriving in three days and the team with arnesam along Teji, Zubin and Krithika are preparing themselves.

There is someone who is beyond happy for the arrival of the CEO of MEHRA FASHIONS. There is a shock awaiting for nesam and a truth to be revealed about Arjun.
Radhika is in Hrishikesh, living a messed up life, still bearing Saral. Dadaji stopped smiling and even speaking with Radhika. Only Mala speaks to her and only if necessary. Radhika is offered a job in MEHRA FASHIONS and is to be reported after three months, as the person in that post hasn’t resigned due to the incomplete projects.
So there will be an encounter between arnesam and radhika. But before that I’m inserting some problems in arneil’s life and a soothing effect for sam. The most problematic life will be of Neil.

So guys who is happy about arrival of CEO of MEHRA FASHIONS….? What are the problems neil need to face? And what gives sam a soothing effect? What about ardhika? To get answer for these quests stay tuned….
Singning off,

Guys let me know if you like the plot. If you don’t like please tell me. I’ll stop writing…. Please do comment. Some suggestions please. And again pls do comment………

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  1. Rg2015

    Sounds good. A new plot. But who will b more important than ardhika and nesam? Y neils love is problamatic? Pls do write

  2. JoAn

    Good show another love hate saga ?

  3. Sounds interesting…do continue…plzzz lessen Neil’s pain…bechara kitna aur jhelega…m excited to see radhika as CEO of Mehera fashion

  4. Jnana

    Rg2015, thanks and u are the first one to comment. Neils love is not a problem. Problem starts once there is the entry of new person in his life.

  5. Sreee

    Good plot..eagerly waiting..

  6. Jnana

    Thank you guys. And one thing neil will not bear any hatred from Sam. The new entry is gonna change few things permanently in their lives. And thanks for commenting

  7. Sounds continue dear..will be waiting for the complete update….but one request plz be regular in updating…loved the introduction..

  8. Sammy

    Pls continued . It is nice and different 🙂 🙂

  9. Jessie

    Hey.. this is one more new angle.. interesting.. bring it on.. eager 4 d new CEO.. and Arjun Mehra n mehra fashions..does tat hav any link.. who is gonna be more important than these.two??? Thinking… jnana.. eager 4 1st chapter

  10. interesting .eagerly waiting episodes………update soon.

  11. nice start jnana ………a new plot we will wait for next update

  12. Lakshmi05

    Nice n interesting plot dear..update soon 1st episode…

  13. Very Interesting plot, please continue with the story. 🙂

  14. Ritu dear I’ll try my level best to be regular. And jessieji what u have asked itself is a surprise more to come stay tuned and the for commenting

  15. It’s quite intersting waiting for the first chapter yaar

  16. Plz continue cause i love the idea

  17. Jnana

    thank you so much for your response guys and i’ll see that i don’t disappoint u people. i’m over whelmed with your comments

  18. Hemalattha


  19. Myra

    Jnana…first of all…welcome onboard sweetie..!! ?….this is a entirely new concept…..seems promising…..excited for it…waiting for the story to unfold…stay blessed dear 🙂 🙂

  20. Hi…. Interesting plot.loved it.plz continue. Even i am from bangalore.

  21. Jnana

    thank you stay tuned

  22. Very good plot 🙂 ….plz continue. you loads

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