Manan, the love – Part 21

Both in full drunken state reached the car and both seated on the back seat .nandi says manik do u knoe wat I feel the best when u r wid me.
Manik-even me too
Nandini-do u like me
Manik-areee budhu I lo
Nandini-wat say na
Manik-no no I won’t say now
Manik-becoz becoz if I say now u will forget na
Nandini-so wat say now no prblm and again say it tomorrow .
Manik-but wat will I get saying it now .tomorrow I will say
Nandini-u say first then I will give u big reward .
Manik-really u will give me reward .
Nandini-ya offcourse
Manik-nandu I m not telling this for ur reward but for u .i like the way u smile ,laugh ,pout,everything .i really love till the core of my heart .yes nandu I m really madly in love with u.i can’t see u with others .i just can’t digest it.i love u .my blood starts to boil seeing u wid someone else even not even with jeevan.
Nandini-u love me

Manik-ya I love u y u don’t love me
Nandini-manik I too love u
Nandini slammed her lips against his lips .he was too responding the kiss .but nandu was more dominating.her hands reached to his hair and carssing it.but was feeling bit difficult in kissing due to difference in height so manik pulled her on his lap .manik was holding her waist and hair .nandini was sucking his lower lip continuously making him crazy .now she entered her sweet tougue into his hot mouth and smooched his tongue with her’s .it was manik’s turn to make her crazy .now he was dominating by sucking her lower lip which gave him the flavor of strawberry (due to lipstick)and alcohol.he moved to her upper lip and grazed it like a hungry cow .both were fighting for the dominating kiss and atlast due to lack of air they broke kiss but manik was in no mood to give up and pulled her back again they started their lovely kissing fight .atlast nandini gave up and both broke their kiss .
Manik (breathing heavily)-u should have accepted the defeat earilier itself
Nandini-it accepted u would have not this long kiss
Manik-ya but u too wanted it na
Nandini-no I don’t want it
Manik-so give it back to me ya come on
Nandini-I m drunk that doesn’t mean I will accept whatever u say
Manik –no when u didn’t lie just give it back
Nandini-who told I didn’t likeit I loved it
Manik –so u want more …..
Manik brings his lips close to her face she closes her eyes but manik kisses her cheeks .nandini was impressed with this she pulled manik towards her .(hope u remember she is on his lap)they both fell on the seat while manik is above nandini .they have an intense eye lock .the screen freezes here.

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  1. Siddhi

    Good episode yaar but how is it possible that part 21 posted 1st?

  2. ya please try and update soon …. ya manan romance was sooo cute…. i hope once they gt into their senses they confess it … and they remember this moment in the car ….

    1. I will try to update and think about the future story

  3. How does part 21comes first than 20

  4. Ya it was soo much hot wala episode… Keep updating…?

  5. Amazing update
    Manan scene was soooooooo romantic. Plz try to give the next update soon. I know u r busy with ur studies but plz if possible give the next update soon. All the best for ur studies.

  6. Wwwoooowwww……❤❤❤❤❤❤
    MANAN scenes were awesome and soooooooo romanticccc…..????❤❤❤❤?????????????
    Superb update yar……
    Please update the next one soonn……

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