Tanu exposure

I am here wid a new drabble/oneshot,,
Exposing Tanu in a simple and funny way.. I already wrote dis one on IF

Pragya talking wid sleeping Abhi)
Pragya: Just fewmore days and we will be together forever
(Pragya kisses Abhi and he wakes up)
Abhi: Hawhhh, You were kissing me??
Pragya: Nooo, I was just..
Abhi: Stop lieing, I saw you kissing me, That means you are still my fuggy and u still love me.. OMG I have to tell daadi
Pragya: tell what?? That IM still ur fuggy??
Abhi: Yes and dat u kissed me!
Pragya: (shocked) Waittt! You cant tell her
Abhi: Why??
Pragya: Bcz Im saying
Pragya: You cant tell her our room secrets!
Abhi: I cant hide things from my daadi.
Pragya: You cant tell daadi!
Abhi: I will
Pragya: U will not
(Daadi enters the room while Abhigya continued their Nokjhok)
Daadi: Abhi will not do what?
Abhi: Acha hua Daadi app agai, See she doesnt let me tell you dat..
(Bfr Abhi could continue Pragya interrupts)
Pragya: You cant tell her!
( Daadi gets furious)
Daadi: Acha beta, now u have started hiding things from me! Dont forget I know each and every secret of urs! I even know what Ur husband doesnt know! I helped you in everything and today u are hiding things from me. (Daadi had tears in her eyes)
Pragya: Daadi Its not like dat..
Daadi: You are wid Abhi till now coz of me, I always stood beside you, Bacha, Abhi ka nahi hai yeah sach bhi sab se pehle tu ne mujhe hi batata tha.
Abhi: whatt, Can anyone tell me wats happening here?
(Daadi realizes what she said and looks at Pragya who stood there shocked)
Abhi: (shouts) Im asking you both
Daadi: Wohh,
Abhi: kiya??
Pragya: Tanu is not pregnant wid ur child! (looks down while saying dis)
Abhi: wowww! And u both knew it!
(Abhi leaves da room angrily while daadi and Pragya look at eachother)
Pragya: I kissed him, He wanted to tell you dis,, Happy now!! You were the one who used to say “Dont tell anyone about ur band kamra relationship to anyone”
Daadi: Sorry, i wont do this again
Pragya: We should handle ur pota first, He was angry Im afraid he will do something to dat Tanu.
(They both were about to enter Tanus room when they heard Nikhil shouting at Abhi)
Nikhil: How can you Slap a pregnant woman so hard?Angry
Abhi: You should not talk in between.. Dis is none of ur buisness…
Nikhil: It is bcz she is pregnant wid my child
(Before Nikhil could continue Tanu screams)
Tanu: Ouchhh
Nikhil: What happened Tanu?
Tanu: Nikhil, Bauhat dard ho raha hai!!
Pragya: I think we should take her to hospital.
Abhi: Whatt! You are feeling bad for her again, remember what she did to you.
Pragya: Its not time for all dis..
(Abhigya and Nikhil rushes Tanu to hospital)

(After 1 hour)
Doctor: Congratulations Mr. Mehra You are blessed wid a baby girl..
Abhi: Come here, I will punch ur face if u call dis baby mine again.
Pragya: What are u doing? Are you out of ur mind?
(Pragya explains Doctor everything)
Doctor: OOk, You guys can meet her now.
(Nikhil runs inn)
Nikhil: Im sorry, I told him da truth coz I couldnt see someone hurting…
Tanu: (wid tears n her eyes) Its okay, He should know da truth! Now I recognize how wrong I was, How can I seprate a kid from his fateher, What is her fault!! Im sorry Nikhil,, I just want you!
Nikhil: (wipes her tears) No more tears, I love You
Tanu: I love You tooSmile
Tanu: wont u lift ur princess..
(Nikhil lift his lil princess and smiles at Tanu)
(Abhigya who were standing in the corridor heard the whole conservation and smiles)
Pragya: finally she realized her mistake!
Abhi: Yesss, Their baby is soo cute!
Pragya: (smiles)
Abhi: I also want a baby!
Pragya: No u wont
Abhi: Why?Confused
Pragya: Coz u tell our room secrets to ppl.
Abhi: I wont do dat again, Plzz I want baby (is about to hug her but Pragya stops him)
Pragya: Dont you dare to come near till you learn to not share our bedroom secrets wid anyone!
Abi:(Shocked) Fuggy, I hate you
Pragya: I love u too

Sooo How was it?? I hope you guys like it! PLzz leave ur commentsSmile
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  1. Lol lovely dear?????

  2. Vaishali

    it was simple but yet cute cuteness overloaded the first part and last part were awesome and amazing ad the middle part was unbeleivable superb loved it a lot expecting more os and ff frm u

  3. Mona146

    Knowing about Ekta kapoor serials I can say that this is never going to happen.

  4. Sarayumane

    Ha ha, very nice☺?

  5. Wow it was awesome I really loved it

  6. Very nice

  7. It’s awesome

  8. he he its very good but we all kkbians known kkb CVs are how much innovative .. they are dragging worst track from 1 year , trp decresing from 4.9 to 2.4 lol every weak it making new record in decreament but they are shit . on a serious note only for shabir and his acting nothing is intresting except same crap from one year, same dialogues abhi ke bacche ki mqa banne wali hu , mera pati mera hai oh god
    so sorry for pouring out my frustation on ur os( its not for ur os its for ourkkb) ….
    ur os is excellent , loved it …

  9. better than real kkb dragging track…

  10. So nice da best than real kkb its dragging with the tanu’s pregency for almost 1 yr so irritating hav a nice day God bless u

  11. Good on dear… Far better than the real one… But Rani should get big punishment for her misdeeds…. Bl**dy ____……

  12. Good on dear… Far better than the real one… But Tanu should get big punishment for her misdeeds…. Bl**dy ____…… oops this autocorrect is head ache.. 😛

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