Manan ff: Humdard (chp 6-Humdard)

The letter said,”dear Nandini , I know where you are, and soon I will come again to scare the hell out of you, I will destroy you because the one who says no to Trilok always repents, be ready, your teacher, Trilok.” No, I can’t let him do more damage to her, he did a lot, I took responsibility of her so I have to fulfill it. I ran from the ward to my cabin and made arrangements to go to Bhishnupur along with Nandini so that she’s safe. Thank God I took the letter before she could read it.

So I made arrangements to live in a farmhouse, Trilok will never know where is she. I went back to her ward and asked her chachi to pack everything of her’s as I need to shift her somewhere else. I promised to tell her everything and she packed all the stuff. I looked at Nandini who was lost somewhere, her gaze shifted everywhere time to time and then it stopped on that sketch. I immediately picked it and gave it to her, I made her hold the lighter and she herself lit the sketch and watched it burn.

She smiled after doing so. “I am feeling better now,” she said smiling with tears in her eyes, I smiled at her in return. “If you ever need a friend to talk to, remember I m always there,” I said and she hugged me suddenly by my waist. “Thank you doctor, you are the best,” she said and kissed me on cheek. I touched my cheek and then looked at her. Her chachi was done with packing and we took her from there outside the hospital and damn it! Trilok is here.

I saw sir standing there and got scared, my past came in front of me to haunt me. All of a sudden, my breath stopped. Dr.Manik held me. “What happen? Are you OK?,” he asked. “Can’t breathe,” I said by difficulty. Chachi got worried and started crying, Dr. Manik picked me up in a bridal style and I clutched his shirt tightly. It felt so good to be in his arms.

Shut up Nandu! My inner voice scolded me. You can’t trust anyone after that incident. He made me lay on the backseat and we drove off from there. Little did we know he’s following us? His car stopped in front of us and he came out towards the backseat. I shivered badly. “No sir please,” I said and Dr.Manik came out and punched him hard, sir too punched him and he fell down.

Many people stopped them but they were merciless. I sat up and went out, not able to breathe. I took out the pepper spray I always keep with me and sprayed it in sir’s eyes, he screamed in pain. I sat down next to Manik. “Are you OK?”, I asked. “Yes,” he said and stood up and we sat in car again and he started driving again.

Then while going we came across the building in which mumma and papa live. “Stop stop stop,” I said unknowingly. “What happen?,” he asked. “Mumma, papa,” I said with a smile but then the reality hit me. “Leave it, go ahead,” I said and he looked back to me. “If you wish to go, I will take you, no problem,” he said and I thought for a while and nodded in yes. I didn’t wanted to hug them but wanted to tell them my hatred.

We went in elevator to floor 5. I opened the elevator and went to the door and rung the doorbell. Mumma came and opened the door and on seeing me, she hugged me. I stopped myself from holding her and moved away. “Stop it, stop showing your false care and love for me, I m not coming back but I came to tell that I m dead for you and papa and you both are also dead for me, thank you for trusting me so much,” I said and ran away in tears. I collided into someone and its sir.

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