Siyappa Ishq Ka~(16) How To Tell You?

~Jo Tere Ishq Mein Shiddat Thi Kal, Wo Aaj Nahi,
Yeh Tera Wehem Hai Or Wehem Ka Ilaaj Nahi~

Abeer comes back after disconnecting his call and sees Meher sitting at the corner of bed with Sophie playing beside her feet. She had her back towards him. He goes and hugs her from back. “Now say, I am free,” he rests his chin on her shoulder blade. “I don’t know how to tell you, go check my purse, you will know,” she says nervously and he smiles. “Ok,” he says and checks it and pulls out a white box instead, he opens it and sees a promise ring. “You wanted to show this? That you still have it?,” he says and she turns and on seeing the box, she slaps her forehead. “I know you don’t throw my gifts, why were you nervous in telling this?,” he asks and sits in front of her. “No, I was telling something else, wait,” she says and stands up and takes her purse from the glass table in the room and unzips it, she pulls out the paper and gives it to him.

She gets nervous as he unfolds it, she makes sure that it’s the report only. Sophie jumps in his lap and his attention gets diverted. Meher takes Sophie and keeps her on the floor so that he sees the report. “Abeer,” Madhvi calls him and he goes, she gets irritated and sits on the floor keeping her head on the bed. “Why God why? Why you don’t want him to know?,” she says and cries. “I don’t want to hide it from him. She quickly wipes her tears and stands up. “I can’t hide it,” she says and waits for him. He comes. “Meher, I forgot about my interview, I will come in sometime only, then I will see it,” he says and goes to washroom with his clothes.

Meher looks at the washroom door feeling dejected and looks away. Later when Abeer comes back, he sees Meher looking out of the window. He goes near her. “I want to tell him,” she says looking in the sky. “So tell,” he says and she turns and hugs him. “Now please avoid going anywhere and listen to me, it’s important, I don’t know how will you react but I can’t hide it from you,” she says in a go. “Ok I won’t go, my mood is very good, ask me for anything,” he says hugging her back. “I am pregnant,” she finally says it with a deep voice. “What? I didn’t tell you to joke, ha ha, now what’s the real news?,” he asks and she parts away. “It’s not a joke, I have a life breathing inside me, wait,” she says and shows her the pregnancy report. He haves a look at it and then sighs. “So what? Now I have a job, when baby will come, till then my salary will be increased, so no worries,” he says and she sighs in relief and hugs him.

I don’t want a child right now, I said yes for your happiness, I can’t tell you about this, nor I can give you pain or tension, thought Abeer. He kisses her hair and they part away and he goes to washroom and splashes water on his face and looks at his reflection with boiling anger. Control Abeer, control, for her, no anger, thought Abeer ruffling his hair and goes out of the washroom only to find Meher sitting on the bed caressing her tummy. Does he really want you or agreed for my happiness, thought Meher. Abeer comes and sits beside her. “Hey madam, what are you thinking? It’s the time to celebrate, I won’t drink beer, you want chocolate?,” he asks and she smiles. “Yes,” she says. “I knew,” he says and gives her chocolate. She eats like a child and he admires her, she sees this from the corner of her eyes and offers him. He was so lost in admiring her, he didn’t notice her hand forwarded in front of his mouth.

“Eat,” she says and he gets out of his trance and eats. They make each other eat and smile. Later at night, they both were laying with their backs facing each other’s back. Meher was looking here and there and wasn’t getting sleep. Same was with Abeer, he was thinking what to do about this pregnancy. He turns his front to her back and moves closer keeping his arms around her stomach. She entwines her hand with his hand. “Good night,” she says and keeps his hand near her chest and smiles and sleep, he too smiles.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Finally meher told the truth to abeer.glad that he accepted the baby. but sad that he accepted the baby only for Meher and she sensed it.but I am sure that one day abeer will realize the happiness of being a father

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