Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th March 2014 Written Update

Samaira/Shikha is waiting for Neeraj. He comes. She asks how are her parents. Neeraj says they are going, but are in grief because of you and asks her to reveal her truth. Shikha says she does not want them to face more problems because of her and should wait for some more time. Aditya drinks alcohol and remembers Samaira’s words that real men won’t be afraid of their wives. He says she crossed her limits this time and didn’t do good. He then comes to Samaira’s house and calls her. She comes and asks what is he doing here. Aditya says you told me I am not a man and I am afraid of my wife. He holds her and tries to kiss her. Just then Madhu comes and asks her to stop drinking now and sleep. It was just his dream.

Neeraj brings coffee for Shikha and himself. She says

they have to be very careful, they can’t make any mistakes. Neeraj says don’t worry nothing will happen. Doctor’s assistant comes inebriated and shouts that he knows Samaira’s secret and asks her to come out. Neeraj comes and drags him in. Assistant says he is a inebriated and asks sorry Samaira vs Shikha gupta. Neeraj tries to hit him. Shikha stops her. Assistant shows Shikha’s pic before surgery. Shikha snatches the pic. He says he has more pics like this. She asks what he needs. He says he needs autograph from Samaira and 50 lakhs from Shikha. He says if she does not have money, he will give the pics to Aditya. Assistant then falls asleep. Shikha says this man knows a lot about me, what do we do now. Neeraj says we have to wait until he wakes up.
Assistant wakes up in the morning and sees Samaira and Neeraj sitting in front of him. He says he knows Shikha’s past, present, and her future is in his hands. If they do not want him to reveal her secret, they should give him 50 lakhs. Shikha says if he gets money, will he keep her secret. He says he wont and gives them address. He says if they don’t come, he will go to Aditya and goes.

Sunaina informs Mohanto tomorrow is holi. Mohanto says this time we won’t be going to holi party. He thinks Madhu and Jai should be his company’s new face and should go. Madhu comes and greets him good morning. He says how are holi preparations going. She says going fantastic and says Samaira will be singing this time and everybody will be mesmerized.

Shikha is tensed about getting 50 lakhs. Neeraj says he will look after it and asks her to concentrate on her work. She says she does not know what is happening, Aditya also didn’t call back since yesterday. She tries to call Aditya, but he cuts the call repeatedly. She says now she will meet Aditya personally.

Neeraj asks where is she going. She says she is going to get ready as guests Aditya and Madhu are coming. She then asks him to go and meet her parents.

Avinash comes home with colours on his shirt. Sudha asks what happened. He says children downstairs put colours on him. She says she does not even remember tomorrow is holi. He says he will change and come and goes. Neeraj comes and gives gift to him. Avinash checks and finds colour packet in it. He scolds Neeraj for bringing it. Neeraj says he know they are sad, but he brought it with a reason and says one publisher is ready to publish Shikha’s boo. Avinash gets happy and thanks him. Neeraj says life will be colourfull again.

Maid comes and gives gift pack to Madhu saying Samaira madam sent it. She opens the wrapper and checks the gift. She reads a letter requesting her to come for dinner to her home. Madhu says she is getting too friendly, she is forgetting that she is working for us, not with us. She shold be reminded about it.
Samair waits for Madhu and Aditya, but they don’t come. Neeraj says he does not think they will come. She says she knows Aditya is trying to downgrade her. Tomorrow is holi, and it will be her turn tommorrow.

Madhu and Aditya are celebrating holi. She introduces her guest to Aditya and says Mr. Oberoi wants to do business with them. Aditya says they should enjoy and forget about business today. Mr. Oberoi asks about Samaira’s performance and says he wants to meet her. Madhu asks her servant to call Samaira who says Samaira has not come yet. Madhu gets angry.

Precap: Samaira sings a sad song, Aditya/MAdhu gets angry. Samaira says Neeraj Aditya/MAdhu made mistake by making her face of their company.

Update Credit to: MA

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