Sasural Simar Ka 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 17th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar and Roli are trying to break the door. Khushi wonders what to do. The door open but Roli and simar can’t find her. SHe has escaped from the window. Khushi is down there. She says I should go to sonia’s room. Simar says how did khushi come in ? Roli says sonia.. Simar says she was alone at home. We should check her if she is okay. Khushi is entering the room from window. She looks at the mask. Suddenly simar comes saying sonia. They can’t find her. They are worried. Simar calls her but the phone is in room. khushi is scared how to get in.
Khushi goes down and turns the main switch off. Roli says let me get the candle. Simar looks out from the window and every house has electricity. Sima says let me check the fuse. Khushi get in the room and takes the

mask. She says what will happen if someone sees me. SHe gets in the room and locks the window. She goes down. Its dark everywhere and she hits roli. Roli sees her and says Khushi. She grasps her hand and says I won’t let you escape today. Khushi hits her and tuns away. Roli runs after her. Roli says i won’t let her leave. She burns the candle. Khushi says I ahve to go wout from here anyway. Roli is looking for her every where. She is sitting under the table.

Scene 2
Suddenly all the lights turn on. Khushi is about to attack her with a knife when simar calls her. Khsuhi sees a window to escape. Simar says I tripped over in the dark. Roli says i saw khushi she is in the house. Simar asks are you okay ? Roli says she must have ran away. Everyone comes in. Prem asks Simar is she okay ? Sid asks where is khushi ? Everyone looks for sonia. Roli says khushi has escaped and sonia is not a home. Don’t know where is she. Sonia comes in from the main gate. Mata ji and everyone is daze to see her. Sankalp asks are you okay ? She says yes. Simar asks where were you sonia ? SHe says I wasn’t feeling good at home. Thought to go to the restaurant but none of you were there. SId says we should be careful about Khushi. Mausi ji says Khsuhi is behind all the incidents. Sonia says what can we do ? We need proofs against her. Prem says khsuhi is not from those who sit peacefully. Mausi ji says yes you are right. SHe has been around for a while. Roli wonders why sonai and khushi are there at one time. I have to consider it. Sonia is conealing something from us.

Scene 3
Roli says to simar there is something that is linking sonia and khushi. SHe always tries to save her and divert the attention. ROli says I will find out the truth. We need to meet her servant. I don’t know how rani is related to all this.

Scene 4
Khushi tells Sankalp everything. He says I will teach this khsuhi. She says its khusi’s tone stop it sankalp. She then says I can’t bear anyting against any woman. He says I promise I won’t say it again. Now do some rest.

Precap-Khushi is in sonia’s mask and she is dancing . She is out of control.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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