Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar And Jaya Reconcile

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya seeing Samar sad says her Naani used to tell mother should not drink even daughter’s house’s water, she was right, mamma should not have come here. Samar says Satya should not have interfered in Sarika’s life. Rama sees Sarika tensed and asks reason. Sarika says Akash is not picking her call. Rama says she will drop her to Akash’s house. At Akash’s house, his mother Aparna scolds him to go and bring Sarika. He says never. She says she knows about his affair, good Sarika’s family did not enquire much about him and got him married to Sarika, he should stop his drama and bring Sarika back. Rama brings Sarika. Aparna says good she brought Sarika, she and Akash where coming to take her back home. Rama says it is okay. Aparna says she should not listen to Satya who herself got her 2 daughters divorced for silly reason; our thinking is different and our marriages should last for life. Rama agrees.

Back home, Rama tells Samar that he dropped Sarika home and even he should reconcile with Jaya as it is not her mistake. He tries to speak to Jaya and says let us go out and have pani puri and pav bhaji, but she angrily walks away. He then brings pani puri, pav bhaji, kulfi, etc., carts and tries to cheer her up, but she again leaves. Satya calls Jaya and asks her to reconcile with Samar and if he does not agree calm him down somehow. Jaya wlaks back to Samar and asks if he can serve pani puri. Samar happily agrees. They enjoy snacks and kulfi. Their romance starts. Tere naam ki koi dhadak hainaa…song..plays in the background. They then sit to watch jewelry event’s video. Samar goes to get something. Jaya sees a girl signalling Akash. Samar returns. She shows him video and says Akash is cheating on Sarika. Akash does not believe her and shouts why she and her mother are behind his sister, spare his sister. Akash snaps finger and asks why did she pause video. Jaya realizes it was her imagination and says just like that and hugging him thinks she has to gather proof to expose Akash.

Precap: Jaya acts as flirting with Akash over phone to expose him. Samar asks whom she is speaking to. She says a friend. He takes her phone.

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