Mahek 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: CEO tries to misuse Mahek

Mahek 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says this is my life. I can do what I want. Shaurya says I wont let you stay here. Mahek says go from here. The CEO says I am off now. I am going to my room. Mahek lets go to my room and discuss the deal there. Suvetlana says I will come as well. He says you stay here and handle that Shaurya he might come back. Shaurya says Mahek he is a wrong man dont’ go with him. The CEO says do you wanna listen to him or discuss the contract with me? Mahek says he isn’t my friend. Lets go. Shaurya says Mahek you are doing mistake. The watchmen pull shaurya our. He shoves them and tries to go in. the grasp him. Somoene hit Shaurya on head and he faints. They lock Shaurya in a room. Suvetlana says my plan is going as I thought. Mahek will even hate Shaurya’s name.

Piya Albela

says once he is exposed I will take revenge from him for these bruises. She says he loved my beauty and I stained it and blamed him. She says how you got here? Didn’t anyone see you? These clothes are Angraj’s. How you got these?

CEO says Mahek come in. Don’t be shy. He locks the door. Mahek sits uncomfortably. He says be relaxed. He makes her sit on the bed and drinks. CEO says not everyone has this passion like you. He says every path to success if full of twists and turns. He touches her face. Mahek coughs and stands. He caresses her shoulder and says we will be close today. I saw you and know you are special.
The CEO says we have to know each other Mahek. Don’t be shy. What do you want? Success right? We all have to pay a price. Mahek recalls what Saurya said.

Sajita says Shaurya isn’t picking the phone. Lets go there. Swati says we can’t go there.
Sajita says what is what shaurya said is right? His phone is off as well and so is Mahek’s. Sharam says you both trust Shaurya? You told him her address?? He will go there and mess everything. Sajita says its about mahek. He says I will have to call Suvetlanaa.
Sharma says mahek is locking a big deal here and you have a problem? You can’t come in here. Sajita says we can only come and wait for her outside. Suvetlana says she sure will come to meet you out and guests will find it rude. Sharam says its okay we wont come.

Shaurya’s is fainted. His phone rings. Shaurya says open the door.
CEO says if you dont’ spend the night with me I wont give you the contract. Mahek says I wanna go home. She says so you want to give me contract for doing all this?
Shaurya knocks the door and says open the door. Help please.
CEO says dont’ act like a child Mahek. You know why you are here. Its all give and take. Shaurya tries to go out. HE says you are not the first one. There a lot of girls who have benefited from it. Mahek shoves im and says you think you could do this. Let me tell you how good of a boxer I am. SHe beats him. Mahek says you wont dare doing this with a girl again. She beats him. Mahek plays recording. She records everything. She turned on recording when he went out. Mahek says I will keep an eye on you and expose you in front of the world. I wont let you use any girl again. I will ruin your career. She its him and leaves.

Mahek goes out. Shaurya asks receptionist for Chopra’s room number. He goes upstairs. Shaurya asks butler where is chopra? He sys I think he had fun with the girl here. Shaurya says mahek how can you stoop so low.
Next part in Piya Albela’s update.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Loved the way Mahek gave punches to that unsuspecting old and disgusting baldie….but the show is becoming boring ..simply dragging the same track of ‘Tashan’ between Mahek and Shaurya …Shaurya has confessed his love for Mahek but she is too stubborn to realise that early…In this melee,the nostalgic memories of their previous birth seem to have taken a back seat…Kanta chachi made a brief appearance ,then disappeared and Svetlans is up to her old dirty game again but ths time it looks stale and outdated….better the writers come up with something interesting before the few viewers who are still watching the show lose interest …

  2. Yes Lakshmi you’re right. The show is becoming boring and the writer is dragging the show . I don’t like this track. Reunit Shaurya and mehek. And bring the old family again, Sharma and Khanna.

  3. Mehek taught the old fossil a good lesson never mess with a boxer I just want the both of them to remember their past or else Svetlana will keep using Mehek.

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