Mahek 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya says to Rajiv that till now she took your advantage to be in show but now i will take her advantage, people like crying girls like her, who sell their mothers, cry for anything or runaway, the much drama she do, the more TRP we will get, her name will be TRP girl from now on, Rajiv says you are so cruel, Shaurya says i told you, just see what i do with her from tomorrow onwards.
Mahek is lying her head in PD’s lap, she recalls Shaurya’s words. Pd asks what she is thinking? Mahek says nothing, all are sad. Kanta asks Mahek to come to her, she will massage her scalp, Mahek sits down infront of her, Kanta says after massage, go to sleep, Nehal is irritated and murmurs that they are acting like she won marathon, whole family is taking care of her like queen. She messages

Ajay that Mahek ranaway from set today, he laughs and says what she ranaway? Pammi listens it and says who ranaway? Ajay says Mahek ranaway from competition, Pammi says good, Ajay reads that Nehal wrote that she cameback, Pammi asks who is telling him all this? Ajay says my friend is assistant director of that show, Pammi says i want pass of that show, i want to see Mahek lose with my own hands, i know she wont win.
Kanta is sadly sitting in her room. Jeevan comes and asks if she is thinking about Mahek? Kanta says i am feeling anxious, Jeevan says dont think much, Kanta says my instinct about Mahek cant be wrong, what i saw there today, somethng worse happened, when we reached there, Shaurya and Mahek were having argument, Mahek is not that kind of girl, Nehal taunts her so much but Mahek never fights her back but what happened to her today? she was so angry at him, Jeevan says you should talk to her, Kanta says i did, she just said that nothing can be expected from Shaurya, did we do mistake by sending her to competition? Jeevan says Mahek is reverse coconut, she is soft from outside but strong and hard from inside, Shaurya is like strict teacher we get at school, she will handle it, dont worry.
Mahek is sitting in her room and recalls Shaurya insulting her from start. How he insulted her at dhabba, at his hotel, at audition, at competition, how he called her face as aloo ke paratha, how he said that she can do anything with him to get back in competition, how he came closer to her in dark, how he dragged her out of his room to venue and insulted her more, how he challenged her to bear bronze bull like competition, Mahek is anxious, she lies on her bed but feels tensed, she gets up again and says devil, ghost has taken away my sleep, cant let me sleep too.

Scene 2
Bronze bull rotarts. Host says lets begin it, over to Shaurya Khanna. Mahek glares him. Shaurya says with all you contestants, we have Mahe Sharma too who ranaway yesterday, he asks why she is standing on backrow? shift her work station to front row closer to me. Mahek moves to front row. Shaurya says today is first elimination round, who is not able to bear pressure, that person will go home, you all have to give your best and you have to create dish which is close to your heart and makes you recall someone who is close to you, you have 60minutes for it. Mahek thinks. All contestants start cooking dishes, Mahek starts cooking too but sees Shaurya staring at her, she ignores him. Outside venue, Kanta says dont know what is going on inside, Mohit says only competition is going on, she says i am worried about Mahek, call her, Mohit says chill, Kanta says dont know if devil is irritating Mahek. Inside venue, Mahek is busy in cooking, one judge comes to one contestant and asks if this close to your heart? Man says this dish is so close to my heart i cant even tell you, this is in my family from three generations, she says good. Mahek is trying to find something, she runs from her work station, she goes to grocery stall and brings ingredients, she sees camera and says dotn be scared Mahek, focus, you will do it, Shaurya watches her closely, Mahek looks at him and huffs. Shaurya stands up, Rajiv asks where are you going? shaurya says to your heroine, she suddenly has much confidence, i want to break her confidence and want to increase my show’s TRP, he smirks at Mahek, Mahek sees him and says control Mahek, he is not devil but hard skinned human. Shaurya comes to Mahek’s work station, he says to you had confidence after coming out of my room yesterday? why you are nervous now? you said many dialogues, you didnt leave any chance to insult me, where is your confidence now? he sees her cutting veggies and says why your hands are shaking? do you need motivation? should i take off my shirt? Mahek looks at him with disgust, shaurya says maybe you will get confidence then, say it Mahek Sharma, i forgot you dont find me hot and dashing, leave it. He moves back and says Mahek Sharma how are you finding to get second chance? only few people get it, he touches her hand and takes veggies from her, he says what is this? they are unevenly chopped. Mahek ignores him, Shaurya says i will tell you, he holds her hand which is holding knife and make her cut veggies while keeping his hand on her hand, Mahek looks at him tensely, they are close, Shaurya smirks, he cuts veggies and says full spicy TRP, you must Tv serials Miss TRP? you cut veggies like this and its called Julian, Mahek says if you had spend childhood in India then you would know how to cut veggies slickly, you cut veggies with open eye but we girls from age 16 cut them with eyes closed, cutting veggies is basic thing we learn from our mothers. Rajiv claps for her, Shaurya sees other contestants clapping for her too, he glares at her angrily.

PRECAP- Shaurya moves knife and mistakenly wounds Mahek’s finger, she winces in pain, Shaurya sees her finger bleeding, he holds her hand, looks at finger then looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode.. Welsaid mehek.darro math. Shaurya u need dis nosecut for wat u have did

  2. Precap deems nice….well done Mahek.

  3. Precap seems nice….well done Mahek.

  4. hi nakheel arshi. …..hi rayna ayshu vavachi. ……and every one. r u guys…………

    yaar tis shaurya is too much……wow mehak superb nosecut he deserve iy…next time …if he misbehaves with you give him a tight slap. ……

    our angel rajiv is really encouraging her and supporting her…..tats really nice. ………

    again old elephant and her monkey son……oh god they are really annoying me…….

  5. ayshu…dr …howz ur health now……take care. ……

  6. guyz…….one happy news…….trp is increased. ……

    hurrryyyyy ….

    last week trp was. …0.9

    current week trp is…1.1

    am so happy. …..its time to celebrate. …..come on frds lets party. ….

  7. I hope it continuously increases like this…….

    ok guyz…..good morning. …..have a fantastic Friday…..luv u lotz….

  8. vavachi. …….dr….is this ur name. ….whats ur real name. …….

    rayna dr. …what’s the meaning of ur name…….

    1. Athya dear,meaning of my name is peaceful queen.

    2. And really sorry Athya,when I was commenting at 5:44 a.m. at that time your comment was not posted.So I have written about the trp to inform all of you.Unknowingly I don’t came to know that you have already informed about the trp,So I have written it.Sorry once again.

  9. shaurya is a demon, he will be disappointed when Mahek wins

  10. Hello athya,ishwarya and vavachi.Where are u all dear?
    Episode was nice,I loved it.Did you all guys know Last week trp was 0.9 and current week trp is 1.1,it is increased.Congratulations all of you.I am very happy.Hope that it will increase more next week.And precap was very nice,shaurya gets worried for mehek.I will be more happy if shaurya will suck blood from mehek’s finger.

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi rayna…..I don’t want shaurya to suck her blood tomorrow,b coz of his trp only he will do that….that is so cheap…..shaurya shame on u….if shaurya wants to make someone fear means he will remove his shirt lol… behaviour…..

      1. Yup ishwarya yoy are right.Cheap and bl**dy shaurya.

  11. Aahana

    precap is really nice……..

  12. Hi Athya…gd mrng dear.

    1. Good morning to u too Arshi……..keep commenting dr. ..

  13. tats ok rayna ….no issues dr. ….pls dont say sry ….

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hey athya… Sorry dear… I didnt saw ur comment dear… Juat now i saw it… Im fine pa…

  14. sanjana kadiri

    Vry nice episode I loved it……but shaurya is so rude vit mahek…precap was awesome.

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