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The man (about whom Rawat ji was talking) comes to meet Pratap. He is Rann Singh’s father, Vajra Singh. His son Rann Singh died in the process of sharing Rana ji’s message with you. Vajra Singh is very proud of his son’s acts. Pratap doesn’t want him to risk his life at this age. Vajra Singh tells him that his age actually makes things worthwhile for him. Mughals wont stop me as well. I am a very good horse rider. I will go and come asap. He is not scared about losing his life. I also want to die for my motherland, just like my son. Pratap is concerned about his family but Vajra Singh says a king is the father of every family. Rana ji will take care of my family if anything happens to me. Pratap is touched by his love and dedication towards Mewar. He gives the letter to Vajra Singh after

which he leaves.

DB is continuously crying. She refuses to have medicines. I don’t know where and how Amar is. I should have been more careful. She holds herself responsible for Amar. What will I say to Ajabde and Pratap? I will kill myself if any bad news comes. Amar calls out for her just then. DB wipes her tears and hugs him. where were you? Jagmal is irked with his mother’s love for Pratap and Amar. Amar assures everyone that he will take care of his grandmother now. Amar apologizes to DB for leaving like this. I will never do it again.

The old tells Akbar that there is also one way to enter inside the palace. We will make an archway that will go all the way till the fort’s gates and cover it with animal skin. The arrows will not be able to reach past that skin. This was how Sultan Bahadur Shah could enter inside the palace during Rani Karnawati’s time. You too should do the same. Akbar likes his idea. He gives him his neckpieces. He calls his soldiers inside. I have etched the plan to defeat Pratap. Tomorrow he will lose in any case.

Pratap sits down to eat food. He tells Ajabde that they should only make as much food as one can eat. We have to take care of 30k citizens. We cannot waste food. He gives her extra food in another plate. Feed it to someone else. She is proud of herself as she is a wife of such a man who can think about others before eating anything. Pratap is about to eat food when Rawat ji comes there. Pratap leaves asap with him. Rawat ji shows Pratap that Akbar is making an archway. This is what had made us lose once to Bahadur Shah! We cannot even attack them now as our arrows will get stuck in the animal skin. Kalla asks Pratap if they cannot continue the plan right away. do we really have to wait for Patta? Pratap nods. Rawat ji is sure the Mughals will make it till the gates of fort. Thereafter they will shoot cannons and try to enter inside. Ajabde thinks of Jauhar. She wonders if their end is really near.

Akbar himself helps the soldiers in getting things done. The commanders tell him not to do it. we are here to do it. Akbar says we will do it even if we have to toil hard day and night. We will make it at any cost. This is paining Pratap every second.

Kalla wants Pratap to take some action asap. Pratap still wants to wait for Patta before doing anything.

Days pass by. The construction of the sand mountain and the archway is on in the full swing. The archway is very close. Pratap orders his soldiers to shoot arrows. We will have to try to break it. Akbar smirks when the arrows get stuck on the animal skin. Pratap says this is how Bahadur Shah had entered inside the palace 30 years ago. Akbar orders his commanders to make more archways near the other gates. I want to crush the confidence of Chittor’s army.

Pratap gets to know about the other archway. The work at the other gate has also begun. Pratap and his team head to that side (Lakhota Gate). The work is on in full progress. Pratap is waiting anxiously for Patta. Kalla feels that Patta will not make much of a difference. Mughals were around 30k when they had just started. Now they are way beyond 40k. We must do something asap or it will be impossible to stop them. Raja Jaimal scolds him for misbehaving with his leader. One has to be calm in times of trouble.

One of the Mughal commander’s think of breaking fort’s building with rdx. He doesn’t even discuss it with Akbar. Our Badshah will be so surprised. We will shock Mewar with our attack. Pratap and his team notice a batch of Mughal soldiers heading near the fort. They are out of the archway though. They must be stopped or they will try to enter inside the fort. Pratap takes a spear and decides to send the Mughals back.

Precap: Patta receives Pratap’s message. Kalla is irritated that they are not doing anything. Time is passing by. We are not doing anything. Patta is upset with himself that he dint know of anything all this while. Kalla walks out of the court. Pratap is tensed as the situation is getting bad. Where are you Patta? Patta decides to leave for Chittor right away.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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