Kalash 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shweta ask Ravi to forget everything, dont drag matter, Ravi says things has gone forward and i will not go till i dont prove myself right, i knew no one will believe me here, Saket says you will not listen like this, he is about to punch him, Ravi shows him pictue of him and his girlfriend in mobile, Ravi says what happened? why you face got pale? beat me, this is prove your reality, he shows picture to Devika, she is shocked, he shows it to all family members, Savitri is stunned to see it, Ravi ask her to see clearly, i have clicked it, i went to hotel where he booked room in name of Mr. and Mrs. Saket, Saket is tensed.
its all dark in office, Navi is in office, she recalls how Ravi outclassed her at every step, peon comes in and says all staff is gone and you? Navi says so what, i will

go when i want, get out from here, peon leaves.
Ravi sternly looks at Saket, Ravi comes to Devika, he says when you asked to me be away, i decided to not interfare in your life, i see you as my best friend then how can i let third class person destroy your life? i cant stay quite seeing you going in wrong hands, he says to family that why you all are silent now? why dont you ask Saket who is this girl, Savitri ask Saket whats all this, Saket says this is lie, i dont know this girl, Ravi says i have proof against you, your lie will not work now, Saket holds Devika’s arms with full force, he says i love you only, he is alleging me, say that you trust me, Rekha ask him to be calm, Saket holds her face forcefully and says you have to trust me, say it that you trust me, i will see this Ravi, you just say what i want, Rekha pushes him away and protect Devika, Rekha ask Saket to first learn respect, Savitri ask her to shut up, Rekha says why dont you question Saket? cant you see how he treat Devika, she shows red mark on Devika’s hand and says Saket did this, do Fiance do this? she ask Saket you have any reason agains this picuture? i dont trust you, you are a liar, this picture clearly shows that there is some other girl in your arms, Saket says this Ravi is lying, Ravi says you mean i have edited pciture? Saket says no this picture is real but what you trying to show is not correct, i pity your thinking, if i am hugging someone then this means i have affair with her? the is girl is Lavina, she is my cousin, Gayetri is confused too, Saket says she came to India, i went to invite her for marriage, this Ravi has alleged me, she must be in flight otherwise i would have called her, Ravi says i am relative but i dont know about your cousin, Saket says Lavina’s family were going from rough phase so we didnt invite her in Shweta’s marriage, Gayetri and Shweta says Saket is saying truth, Saket says now you all believe me? Ravi says great you changed relation with girl in 2 minutes, ok i accept your truth but what about register in which you booked room as husband and wife, do anyone show their sisters as their wives? Saket says i didnt go to any hotel, Ravi says you are lying, he says if you all think i am lying then i can take everyone to hotel, everything will be proved, Savitri says enough, when Saket, his mother and sister are saying its nothing then why you are making it issue, this is our family matter we dont need you suggestion, you are son of my enemy, maybe she has sent you to do all this, Rekha says we just need to check register and truth will be proved, Savitri how dare you go against my order, Rekha says yes, i will not listen to anyone now, this family never allowed me talk, Devika is my daughter, its my right to take her life’s decision, Devika’s father says she is my daughter, its my right to decide for her life, Rekha says you are right, you have right on her but i dont understand one thing, when your wife died, you blamed this innocent girl DEvika, for it, why? because Devika was borned when your wife died, where did your duties go then? when you talk about right then you have to pay some duty too, when you had time to pay duty, you put all the load on me, you went away, i took care of her as mother, i never differentiated bewteen my daughters and her, i served as mother and father for her, what you did? you never blessed her, i have raised her, i have given her values and now you are talking about right? i have right to decide about her life, i will find and investigate about her life, neither you nor Savitri can stop me, she ask Ravi to take her to hotel, Shekhar says i will come too, Savitri says i will come too but this is last chance for you you Ravi, they leaves.

Scene 2
Pallavi ask Sakshi what you think Saket was right? Sakshi says i just wish Ravi is right, till wrong couple breaks, right couple will not form, Sakshi says i guessed it wrong that Ravi is going to propose Devika, Pallavi says wahtever but Ravi has guts, i mean he went against Saket, Sakshi says this is love, Ravi doenst know what he feels, dont know when they both will wake up, Pallavi says i hope soon.
Devika comes in room, she recalls Ravi’s words, she cries, she says to Ambe Maa why this all is happening with me? dont know what is wrong and right, my family took decision for me and i accepted it as my duty, i didnt say a word but why so many problems? i have accepted everything but why problems are cropping up, where i am wrong? why all this is happening with me, whatever Ravi said, if it is proved wrong then Savitri will hate him more, all will go against him, i dont know why he is doing all this but if all this proves to be right then..

PRECAP- Manju says to Savitri that there is should be level of girl, dont you know how many big families want their daughters to get married to my son, your grand daughter is nothing infront of them that my son will go crazy for her, my son is not fool to chose crap, Devika is hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I’m really amazed at the extent to which Rekha is supporting devika …awesome

  2. sorry to say but the precap z vry irritating………

    1. sry not precap that saket*

  3. wowww amazing epi!!!

  4. fingers crossed I want devika family to believe ravi. Saket truth should be exposed

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