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Maharana Pratap 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with everybody gives slogan of pratap. Mamrat ji says to pratap, you really done great work in your childhood days. You have again capture ajmer and alwar back. Now nobody will see again on our mewar. Pratap says, this is our territory and we have done for our land. mamrat ji says, this is time to expand our region, you have to capture these fort and take under your supervision. Pratap says, they are our friend and my main motive is to make our land safe and free. uday singh ji says, wow pratap!!! i think i cannot take this decision by wining fort. Phool says to maldev ji that i will talk to pratap, he will accept my wordings. Soldier comes and gives information that pratap is announces that marwar will rule on ajmer. Phool says, look dada!!! what will i see ? He is really humble

and big hearted. Maldev ji says, i think i really think wrong about pratap. Phool’s mother says, now we will talk to pratap’s parents for marriage. Phool gets annoyed about this. Uma devi then says, now pratap is growing and his popularity will grown day by day. Maldev says, you are saying right, if we will not defeat pratap then we will take under our supervision by anyhow. Go and send some letter about phool and pratap marriage.
Jalal walks on warm sand and thinks about pratap. Then he says, this sand is not so warm so put some more warm sand. Jalal’s mother says, what are you doing jalal? Stop otherwise your leg will burnt up. Jalal says, dont stop me on my practise becaue by walking on this sand, i will take win against whole rajputana alike we had put our symbol on ajmer and alwar. Jalal then again walk on sand. Jalal mother says, jalal is really getting frustrated about pratap, he dont know what he is doing. Bahram khan says, now we will transform jalal’s view from war to social life.
Dassi inform to JB that pratap and uday singh ji reaches to chittor and now they will reach to mewar soon. JB says, lets go and we will prepare soon. Jb says, pratap fight in wounded condition then why will not i do this for pratap.
JB reaches to uday singh ji’s room and see that everything gets prepared already. Jb see veer bai ji is preparing everything. Veer baiji says to jb, i thought that you will keep rest for more time then DB comes and gives taunt. JB says to db, everything is setup same as we do regularly.
Db then goes from there then JB says, i am very happy with your work, tell me what you want? Veer baiji says, can i do tilak to pratap?
Uday singh ji says to mamrat, we are really thankful to you mamrat,, now we have again win together. Pratap says, give worship to hansa mosi. Mamrat ji says, why will you not come to bijolia for tonight? Pratap denies then uday singh ji accept the proposal. Uday singh ji ask from pratap, will you come with us.

Precap:- Dassi comes and inform us that pratap is coming t bijolia then they do leg pulling of ajab. Uday singh ji ask from pratap, where are you going then pratap says, i am going to meet laxmi. Then ajab comes in pratap’s lapel.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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