Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Panditji coming home. Raghu asks what is all this. Sumitra tells him that she called him and says time has come for him to give test. She says, for that you have to fulfill the condition. She shows the papers and says she will return their home only if Raghu fulfills her condition. She asks him to marry her. Raghu asks, what is this nonsense. Sumitra shows him papers and says she got the divorce papers ready too. She asks him to divorce Shivani and marry her. Rajesh is shocked and tells her that she can’t leave him after using him. Sumitra slaps him and says she understood his plan. She says, I can use any number of Rajesh for Raghu. She asks him to leave.

She tells Raghu that she loves him very much and no one can love him more than her. She says, Shivani is your Malkin only and you can’t think her beyond that. You were just acting with her. You can marry me and get your house. She has been waiting for this moment since long. Shivani is disgusted. Sumitra says, everything is happening right. She deserves to be his wife. No one can stop us from being husband and wife, not even you. Everyone is shocked. She asks the Panditji to start the rituals. Panditji starts reciting the mantras. Sumitra smiles and gives the papers to Raghu. Raghu takes the papers in his hand shocking Shivani. He then gets the bucket and pours the water in the havan. Raghuvir plays. Sumitra gets shocked.

Raghu tells her that he knows that she is very clever, the way she snatched their home, got Inspector convinced and how she handle Rajesh. He asks, why did you feel that I will accept your condition. He says, you was too sure and got the divorce papers ready. Wants me to sign on it. He tears the divorce papers shocking her and making her family feel happiness. He says, he wants their home back and he will get it back. He tells her that she can get the house but not his love. You will be alone always. He tells that his marriage with Shivani is not an acting. He won’t leave her at any cost as only Shivani is his wife. Shivani is happy and so is his family. Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se plays…………………

Lata tells Raghu that life give us a new teaching. At one side is babyji who gives more respect to relations than money and other side is Sumitra who is greedy. She says, we didn’t think Sumitra would make our life hell. Shivani says, if she made our home a hell then we will taught her a lesson. We have to show her that we aren’t weak. Maya says, she is very clever. I tried to get our house back but she caught us. Raghu says, we will try together and will get our house back. Lata asks, what we will do. Shivani looks at the Geeta and says fighting for the right is right. We can also walk on the wrong ways to get the things right. She says, if we fight together then we will win surely. She keeps her hand on Geeta. Raghu, Lata and Maya keep their hand on Geeta. Raghu says, this house will be ours soon.

Shivani is thinking something. Raghu comes and asks her did you take the medicines. Shivani nods in a yes and says she is feeling bad as everything happened because of her. Raghu tells her that it was not her mistake. She asks her not to think much and says everything happens for the good. He says, I got strength with your words. Shivani asks really? Raghu says yes.

Shivani asks Raghu, what is he hiding behind him. Raghu says, he brought something for her. Shivani asks what? He shows the palki. Shivani says it is precious for me as you brought it. He gives it to her. Shivani holds it. They have an eye lock. A song plays…………….Shivani takes the palki. Raghu tells her that they have to fulfill the promise made to their family. They have to get their home from Sumitra. Shivani says, only truth will win always. She says, she is waiting for the day when they will take their home back.

Next morning, Vivek, Lata and Baburaam are coming home after buying the vegetables. Vivek says, it is good that you told Jaswant about babyji’s health. Baburaam says, he is sad that we didn’t tell him about Shivani. He changed a lot. Someone gives an invitation to them. They say they will attend.

Vivek gives the remaining money to Sumitra. Sumitra says, she gave them 300 Rs and asks where is the money. Baburaam says, it is costly. Vivek says, he is saying right. Sumitra asks them to show their purses and wallets and says you have kept the money. Maya raises her voice against her. Shivani says, she will think the same. Everyone show their wallet and it was empty. Raghu asks her to look at herself. Sumitra says, I won’t give you much money to buy vegetables. She asks them to get the vegetables planted in the backyard of the house and this work will be done by Raghu. Everyone is shocked. Sumitra says, Raghu worked as a servant for Shivani.

Sumitra tells Raghu to decide what he wants to do. She says, you and your Shivani will be my servants.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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