Maharana Pratap 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 27th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shri Amitabh Bachchan giving an intro about the country of India. The country’s history is old and exciting. The time is about 500 years ago. Foreigners came to India, to conquer over India. The country became a battle ground. But there was a king, who said yes to every fight. The Rajputs fought against the britishers. One avatar was born, called Maharana Pratap. A boy wearing the Rajput clothes is shown running in the desert, and the song.. Bharat ka veer putra plays in background.
This is the intro scene of Maharana Pratap, the main lead. His face is shown after the song ends. He goes near the lake and smiles.

Scene shifts to the Raj Mahal:

The women are doing the puja. The Maharani (Maharana Pratap’s mother) lights up the diya and asks for

her son. The maid says Maharana Pratap went to bring Lotus flowers from the lake for his mother, but so much time passed he did not return. She says if he said, he will bring flowers, then he will surely bring. My puja will take place at the correct time and with the flowers which he brings. Maharana Pratap sees the lotus flowers in the lake, and there is an alligator too. He looks at them and smiles. He goes and climbs up a tree and holding its down running roots, he tries to pick up the lotus, but the alligators try to chase him.
He picks up the lotus, and he is about to fall, but does not. A little boy comes to him and says are you not afraid, Maharana Pratap says why will I be afraid. The alligators are afraid of me, and look they are not coming out of the water. He comes down the tree with the lotus. He tells the little boy to call him Pratap if he thinks of him as a friend. The boy says you are the prince of Mewar. He says this flower is for Maasa. He goes towards the palace.

Maharani feels that her son is coming, and says Pratap has come. Pratap is running towards the palace. He comes to Maharani and takes her blessings by greeting her. They sit for the puja. He touches her feet, she says my blessings are with you, but you have to become such that everyone blesses you in the country. He asks her to narrate a story. He says its not a story, but its about your ancestors. He says I want to hear it again and again, she says its their blood in your veins. He says I want to become like my ancestors. She shows him the photos of the ancestors and tells how courageous they were. She says you have to become the king, by doing the dharam and karam. She asks him to take the blessings of his ancestors.

Scene shifts to the lake:

Maharana Pratap’s father’s intro scene is shown, where he is doing the puja standing in the lake, he then comes out of the water and a pandit does the puja.

Pratap asks why Rana ji is doing the puja. His mum says he has some big objective so he is doing the puja, Pratap says even I want to take part in it. Pratap goes to take a sword, and she stops him saying you cannot take that sword. He asks why are you saying like this. She says I have told you about it, it is not an ordinary sword, and the fate will select who will lift it. Pratap asks does the fate not selected me, she says if you have all the qualities and names the qualities, then you will be able to lift it. Pratap looks at the sword. If you lift it, then you cannot move back from the upcoming responsibility. She says the day you want to fight for your country, the sword itself will come in your hands. Pratap listens. She says your Chotimaa might be looking for you, go. Pratap says as you say and leaves.

Maharani tells Maharaj’s photo that she is praying for his success, and his objective must be fulfilled.

Scene shifts to Maharaj:

The ministers asks the Maharaj to give them orders to fight, Maharaj says we will surrender. The ministers say we will die but not surrender. He says the enemy wants that only. He says he has not forgotten, but he is saying in the favour of Mewar. His ancestors are gone, but the battle cannot be won only by fighting, it can be won by mind. He says we will show them good time later, but today its not the right time. He shows the key of Chittor palace. He says he is Maharan Udai Singh and he takes the oath that he will take the sign of Mewar from the enemies till then he will not be peacefully, its his oath.

Maharaj is asking panditji about the Sbhubh Muhurat, and panditji advices him. He says his servant to inform in the palace that he is coming there. He takes blessing from panditji and leaves for the palace.
He says the minister to inform everyone that he will meet them at the same place, its a secret news and should not reach the enemies.

Scene shifts to Afghan Chowki:

The head asks few servants how they got lost. The servants are shocked and fear their death, as they are beaten up. The head says he got angry and says you both have to die, he kills them both. His ministers come to him. He says he was not getting fun, but he will be getting fun with Udai Singh, and he will kill each family member of Udai Singh.

Scene shifts to the Palace:

Chotimaa is preparing food for Pratap, and also sweets. She advices the maids how to cook for Pratap and tells his choices. Pratap comes to her, she gets happy seeing him. She says I have prepares your choice of food, Vayd ji has told me to take rest. She says I have not given you birth but you are my first child. Pratap comes to know that she wants to eat raw mangoes, Pratap says I will bring it for you.
He asks where do we get raw mangoes, he tells Chotimasa I will be back soon and he leaves. She says to get like Pratap, so obedient, is a dream of every mother.

Scene shifts to Prince Shakti:

His mum is eating the Lemon pickle, and Prince Shakti is practicing sword as he wants to be ahead of Maharana Pratap. Just then, Pratap comes there, and greets her. He asks Prince Shakti how he is, he tells him how to hold the sword. He says his guru told him this. He asks her where do we get raw mangoes. He wants it for Chotimasa. She tells him about a tree. He asks where it is. She says you cannot go there, he says I will be back soon, not to worry.
Pratap runs and leaves.

The Afghan Chowki head is waiting for the move of Udai Singh so that they can kill him and his family. Pratap is heading towards them.

Afghan Chowki head is happy that Udai Singh’s sons have come in the camp area, and he was waiting for this chance to kill his family.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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