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Kalla and Pratap get out of the tent. His other partners join them. Pratap doesn’t want anyone to get in trouble. We will have to make a foolproof plan so they get out of here safely. Kalla tells Pratap that there is loads of gunpowder kept inside a particular tent. Kalla already had plans to set this area on fire. He had scattered some along the way out of that particular tent.

Isa Kaka asks a dying soldier about Pratap. He somehow manages to signal towards the direction where Pratap went. Isa Khan sends the other commander to update Shehanshah about everything. I will find that Pratap.

US agrees to find that herb. Acharya denies. I cannot let you risk your life like this. US cannot see his daughter like this. It is a father’s dharma to protect his daughter. Acharya stands

in his way. Chakrapani offers to go with US. Jagmal freaks out. Who will save us in case Mughals attack us? US scolds him for being such a coward. You should have taken the responsibility to save everyone but sadly, everything is happening the other way round. DB is concerned for his safety but he assures her that he will be fine. HK wouldn’t have gone from here if he had to come here. I am going alone so I don’t attract any attention. Till then you (Jagmal) wont do any foolishness that any enemy gets alert. He leaves with Chakrapani.

HK and his two soldiers notice US and Chakrapani from far. He cannot see them clearly though but knows that they are Rajputs. He doesn’t have enough security in case US’s army is around. He hides and observes them. US and Chakrapani are looking for that particular herb.

Kalla has hidden the other end of the rope made of gunpowder below a stone. Pratap wants to make a big blast because of which they will be able to escape from here.

HK and the two soldiers reach the ruins. They take a look of the soldiers guarding the royal family. Acharya senses something and looks but HK hides. He leaves quietly with his soldiers. US and Chakrapani decide to go ahead to look for that herb as it isn’t here.

Akbar is angry after knowing everything. He scolds his commander for being so dumb. I told you not to kill him but it dint meant that Pratap should have escaped alive from here. You all could have attacked him. I would have been glad to see him dead. Commander says our soldiers are after him. He will be caught soon. Akbar dismisses him.

Chakrapani finds that herb. He collects the roots of the plant. They turn to leave for the ruins.

Pratap lights it. The mughal soldiers notice it. They try to douse the fire but Pratap and his team stops them.

HK comes face to face with US and Chakrapani. HK angrily recalls the last fight where he had lost his finger. I wont spare you and your family. I will be back with my army real soon. HK flees with his soldiers. US tells Chakrapani to head back to the ruins asap to save the royal family.

Akbar decides to do something on his own. He gets up to go but then recalls that Fakir’s words. He stands there helplessly.

Pratap fights with all those soldiers who try to stop the fire. Patta and everyone keep telling him to move aside as the blast can happen anytime. Pratap runs away in the nick of the time. Akbar hears the sound of the blast. Pratap and his team cheer Jai Ekling ji!

Dodhiya ji, Rawat ji and everyone notice the same in the opposite tent. They are sure only brave Rajputs can do it.

Akbar checks the damage. Those Rajputs damaged our area. Rawat ji is happy thinking that Ajabde’s belief won. Our Pratap is alive. They say Jai Ekling ji. Ajabde overhears it. She asks a daasi about the commotion. She shares about the blast in Akbar’s tent. They are saying that Pratap has done it. Ajabde thanks Kuldevi Ma for listening to her prayers.

Pratap and his team are heading back towards the fort. Pratap wants to cross a specific tree / boundary beside which they will be safe. Mughals know that they cannot cross that space.

HK tells his soldiers to get ready. We wont spare US tonight. Chakrapani suggests US to do something to slow the speed of HK. US wont let it happen. I have some idea about trees and herbs too. Chakrapani decides to light fire to a dhatura tree nearby. US likes the idea.

Isa Kaka orders his soldiers (gunmen) to take aim. Akbar notices Pratap and his friends. He should not get out of here alive. He takes a gun. Rawat ji checks from the binoculars. Some people are heading towards us. Surely it can be Pratap and his team. Ishar Das ji decides to help them cross over safely. Rawat ji suggests him to get his best men here right away.

The soldiers cannot see clearly because of the smoke. They start coughing and feel suffocated. HK makes everyone cover their mouths.

Akbar takes aim. Pratap tells everyone to speed up. Vajra Singh notices Akbar aiming at Pratap. Akbar shoots. Vajra Singh covers Pratap from behind and gets shot.

Precap: Vajra Singh breathes his last. He takes a promise from Pratap before dying that they will reach the fort safely. HK attacks US and his family.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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