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Maharana Pratap 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Jalal ask from bahram khan about some sound. Then soldier says, i think our good days is gone. Bahram khan says, i mean now bad day is coming for rajputana. Then they move towards agra. Soldier inform to nasir that mewari soldiers are coming then mewari soldiers attack on alwar fort. Pratap and haji khan reaches to jail and they punished to mughal soldiers. Everybody gives slogan of”Haji khan”. THen haji khan stops them and says, give slogan of pratap. Pratap reaches to state treasury. First of all, soldiers deny to give key then pratap gives introduction and then capture whole fort. Nasir surrender with their soldiers. Pratap gives key to haji khan again and hand over alwar to them.
Mamrat ji ask from pratap, where will go now from there? Pratap says, we will

make ajmer free. Uday singh ji says, we will capture ajmer but first of all we will surrender and then capture.
Here jalal reaches to agra. His mother gives blessing to jalal and maha manga hugs him. Uday singh ji makes plan with pratap. Uday singh ji says, first of all you will surrender in front of soldier of ajmer then you will go to chief security officer.
Pratap reaches to ajmer and then says to chief officer that surrender otherwise we will kill you. Pratap traps to officer in conversation. Soldier gives information to bahram khan that pratap has again capture all fort. Here jalal tells his travel story to his mother.
Here pratap says to officer that surrender yourself. Then officer surrender with their soldiers.
Maha manga says to jalal, you are looking so tired, go and take rest. Jalal moves from there. Maha manga stops bahram khan and ask, what happens? Jalal is looking so happy but you are looking so tensed. bahram khan says, unfortunately, we have lost our states that we won but its all due to jalal joke. maha manga says, we have to inform jalal about it. bahram khan says, if you will inform you that he will kill you. Jalal is putting his life in danger. If you want to put his life in danger then tell him.
do you really want to put jalal in danger. Jalal’s mother ordered not to tell this information to jajal. Bahram khan says, pleae put this coversation between us. Pratap hoisted again flag of mewar.

Precap:- Mamrat ji offer to uday singh ji that stay in bijolia for tonight. dassi inform to ajab that pratap is coming. Ajab goes into flashback.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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