Maharaja Ranjit Singh 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sahib says you can’t deny that shaking hand with me bring you profit. sada says listen to me first. Our collaboration will have some rules. Rule 1. Be as close as needed. 2. Our deal is just because it is for benefit of each other. We have to be together to get what we want. 3. We are partners only till you are useful to me. 4. Mahan’s state should be weak and we both should be equally responsible for it. 5 don’t ever forget your limits and circle. And one thing that I forgot I want my daughter Mehtab to be married to your son Ghulab. Mahan wanted Ranjit to marry her. This will be a great shock to them.

Mahan says whatever he said has hurt my heart. Jai says don’t say this please. Please forgive him. Mahan says I will live with this pain but won’t

hurt my dignity. I don’t know what else to say. One thing is clear I and Gurwaksh can’t be friends again. I am sorry if I have hurt you.

Sahib says Mahan and Gurwaksh’s friendship is broken. This is the right time to join hands and become a greater power. With their marriage we can become greatest power of Punjab. Keep one thing in mind you can keep the lion in cage but it doesn’t become a cat. Lion is lion. I won’t bow down to the rules. My place should be of equality. This relationship is importance of both of us. Sada says I accept that. Sahib says I accept this relationship. Congratulations. Sada says I want to say something. I was Sada by no. In your house women are mistreated and we all know that. What happened with others shouldn’t happen with my Mehtab. If someone shouts at her there will be a battle.
Sahib says we will treat her like a princess. She will have all the happiness in that house. Sada says then congrats. Sada says we are not done yet. Everyone should know. This fire should be kept alive.

Scene 2
Sada comes to Mahan’s house. The servant says she wants to meet Raj. Ranj says I am sure she is here to fix things. Raj says take her to guest room with all the respect. Sada says in heart wow they are serving me like this after all that too.
Raj comes.She says I hope we are good hosts. Raj says how did you come? Sada says wanted to talk about yesterday. I want to remove this wall from between us. I will take all this blame on me. Pardon me please. I know its not easy. We can stop this fire though. The bitterness from our heart won’t go but it shouldn’t increase anymore. Raj gives her juice. Raj says I am glad you understood. I wish you understood on the same day when all this happened. She offers Sada fruits. She says is it sweet? Sada says yes. Raj says I wish I read the bitterness behind your sweets words before as well. I wish I knew what these words always meant. You can’t fool me anymore.
Sada says I came here to join hands. Raj says to join hands two things are important selflessness and honesty. Sada says what are you saying? Raj says I am saying truth. You want everything on lies. you won’t sacrifice any relationship for that. You have done all this. I won’t forgive my son and husband’s insult. You are a snake who is meant to bite. Don’t ever come near this palace again. Ranjit overhears this. Sada leaves.
Ranjit says in heart I have never seen mom like this before. Things are getting out of hands.

Scene 3
Gurwaksh recalls everything. Mehtab comes and says when I and ranjit fight we solve our issues and become friends again. You and Mahan uncle will be friends again right? He says no. Our friendship is broken. I wish I was killed that day by Abdullah. Mehtab says don’t say that. Gurwaksh says my heart has died. Mehtab says we are all here for you. It was equally your mistake too. Words give deeper wounds that swords. Gurwaksh says I am proud of you. Where is sada? Mehtab says she went to mahan’s palace. She has gone there to join hands. Sada comes in and says I am sorry i didn’t tell you before going but this won’t ever go now. I was badly insulted by Raj. And she asked me never to come back there again. She said I am a snake. I spilled all this poison. Gurwaksh says she has ruined the remaining relationship as well. You won’t ever go there again. Mehtab says in heart I and Ranjit have to unite them again.

Precap-Ranjit says to Mahan you are forgetting we have a ritual. Mahan says what? He says to serve the people. Mehtab sends Gurwaksh there too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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