Mahakumbh 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra using the Rudraksh to know the location of the Garudas and Bhairavi. He counts 6 in Mahakumbh and where is Maai Mui, the 7th one. He is stunned spotting the 7th one in Naaglok. He says she is with Naags and can’t believe it. Bhairavi is stopped by the Naags and gets surrounded. They aim guns at her. She smiles and says she will meet the Naag head and they can stop her, but she can burn Naaglok to make her way. She says maybe they did not identify her and says she is 7th Garuda Bhairavi. She lifts the stick and hits on the ground.

The ground starts cracking. Dansh comes and sees her. He asks is she the 7th Garuda. He says Dadi, Ganga and Bhairavi, I can see all these women the same. He says now it will be clear and aims gun at her. He shoots at her and she stops

the bullets with her hand. He shoots many bullets. All the bullets fall down and fail to harm her. Dansh comes to her and aims at her being very close. He shoots her and the bullet melts before reaching near her eyes. He looks at the bullets and says amazing. He says I heard about you and glad to meet you, but I m sorry if you came to beg for pity after seeing Shivanand, then this can’t happen.

She asks can they deal, as Naags can’t pity, the Garudas got this reward, she came to make a deal which is of profit for both. He takes her inside the Naaglok. Rudra thinks and Thapadiya Maai asks him to say what happened. Rudra says Maai Mui is with Naags. Everyone is stunned. Rudra says she said books are not safe here, don’t know why but she did not let me talk about books infront of Baba, so maybe she took both the books and left.

Charles asks him to see of blindly trusting her, so she did not activate their powers. Rudra says them why did she activate my powers. Katherine says maybe because we all should trust her and you should not doubt her. Thapadiya Maai curses her. Rudra says if not on Maai Mui, you all trust me right? He says I feel its not like its seen, maybe she took the books and met the Naags, I think its not a deceive, but her plan. Shivanand says don’t beat me in sleep. Rudra looks at him.

Tiwari asks Rudra to see Shivanand, is this also a plan of Bhairavi, you still think she is with us. Rao says Rudra understands everything, but his heart is not agreeing, convince your heart, she took our biggest weapon, the book, this is our biggest challenge, how will we fight without the books. Rudra says I will talk to Baba and thinks Maai Mui, I don’t know its cheat or new direction, but I will not get weak.

Bhairavi asks Dansh from where is he digging the tunnel and asks him why is he stunned, as Garuda fly in air and Naags hide underground. Dansh says you know our intentions too, even then you came to deal with us. She says Amrit and Vish are opposites, life’s balance is made by both, both are useless without each other, we have to work together even if we don’t want. Dansh asks whats the deal. She says he is fighting for Amrit, his pain is that he got injustice, he did not get even half amrit, but this time it will come, Amrit will appear and it will happen which did not happen in Sagar Manthan.

She says Amrit will be divided between Garuda and Naags this time. He smiles and asks how will this happen. She shows the books and passes them to him. He says I was taking you serious, and you said all 7 Garuda can’t think till Dansh thinks. She says I did not come to give the books, you will know its secret already. She says Guru ji would have told about the third book, without which its impossible to reach Amrit.

She says who is the one who knows the address of the book, or to give its address, and what Rudra is thinking to do, the 7 Naags can also not think of it, she knows it and so she is asking him to decide soon. Rudra brings Shivanand to the library and finds him scared. He says everyone’s patience is ending, but he believes they will win and protect Amrit, as his Baba is with him.

He holds his hand and says just you can activate the Garuda powers, will you do this? Shivanand nods. Rudra gets glad and shows him the systems. He shows the video how he was abducted by the Naags.

Rao says whoever gets the Amrit, finally the Garudas will be having the Amrit with them. Rudra tells Tiwari that each Garuda power will be activated by sacrificing one Naag. Tiwari says we now have a Naag with us and shows Leela. Bhairavi tells Dansh that Leela will be sacrificed now and he gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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