Mahakumbh 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra and Dansh fighting. Dansh falls down. Tiwari says its our first victory against Naags. Rudra says no, what we are seeing is not true. Charles asks what. Rudra removes the face mask off Dansh’s face. Rudra says Dansh will not die so easily. They get few things from him. Tiwari says its voice recorder. They get Dansh’s message. Rudra gets angry and says I m ready to meet Dansh, he should have courage to face me. Dansh sees this live and laughs, saying its no confirmed he has heart or not, if he has, then he will praise his hardwork.

He says he has kept a gift for him in Brahmanisht and he hopes he likes it, and it will be fun to play hide and seek with it. Grierson comes to meet Guru ji. He brings money and gives him. he says this is just for one meeting, and I

have an irresistible offer, I know Balivesh and Devesh follow you, if you and me can kill Garudas by Naag support, we will have more profits, just imagine. Guru ji holds his neck in anger and shows his long tongue, and true avatar of a Naag. Grierson is shocked. Guru ji asks him to be in limits and says Naags can swallow such people, and scares him. He throws him down. Grierson runs away.

Tiwari talks to his staff and says people should not know about the bomb, else they will be scared. He says we don’t know what will happen next. Bhairav and other Garudas come there. Katherine hugs Charles. She asks is everyone fine. Bhairavi is glad and says they used their powers well. Rudra says he has to save Shivanand. Tiwari says they were busy in defusing bombs. Bhairavi says he will get benefit of his practice, the day was tough and long, come take rest.

They all leave and go to Brahmanisht camp. They see a box sent by Naags. Rudra stops everyone and goes towards it. He opens the box and is shocked seeing Shivanand’s head in it. He shouts Baba and moves back. Charles holds him. Tiwari is outside and runs inside the camp to ask what happened. Everyone is shocked seeing it.

Rudra cries and says Baba. Bhairavi says this will happen, not on body, but hits on heart, but he can’t break down, he was Rudra before, someone’s son, but now he is protector first. She says he has to bear all problems without shedding a single tear. She asks him to face the truth and not fall in illusions. She asks him to go. Rudra goes and holds it. Rudra says its not him. Katherine says this is disgusting. Tiwari reads a chit. Dansh writes message to Rudra to accept his conditions, give the book and make second book reach him.

Dansh gives him time to think. Rudra looks on and thinks. Dansh asks if he likes his gift, then don’t return books and get Shivanand’s body from any graveyard. Dansh laughs. Rudra says there is one way to save Shivanand, we have to find second book by any way. Dansh says I know they know about our location, so we left, they did not get anywhere. Guru ji asks how did they know. Dansh says they will not know anything now. He says he captured Shivanand first, he is Garudas, can they find each other’s location like we do. Guru ji says maybe, like I find Naag locations, maybe Garudas can find about each other. Dansh says yes, Rudra has found this place by this way. Guru ji says he can locate us anytime. Dansh says its not so easy and leaves.

Rudra talks to Maya and says Maai Mui takes care of me, he is waiting for her to get fine, he has to talk to her about them, about dad, Baba is in Naag’s clutches. He says they need Shivanand to fulfill their motive. Shivanand is held captive in the lab and Dansh looks on seeing the live feeds. Rudra says its few less than 72 hours to find the second book. Naag Guru comes to Dansh and asks whats he thinking. Dansh says something bad. Rudra says he will get dad back. Dansh says Rudra can try his best but not find Shivanand.

Rudra tries to know Shivanand’s location by the systems. He counts the Garudas and says 6, but we are 7 Garudas, why are just 6 seen here. Bhairavi comes to him and Rudra says its just 6 Garuda in Mahakumbh, Baba is not seen anywhere. She says mind works full when its calm. She says till the sign on Garuda’s body is complete, it can be seen. He asks why is Baba not seen. She says it means they tried to erase the sign off his bidy. He is shocked.

All Garudas talk about the second book. Rao says Grierson has it. Katherine tells Grierson’s address Sreesanth haveli and Rudra goes there. He beats Grierson and gets the book. Dansh tells Leela that its their right on the book and expresses his anger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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