Warrior High 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Krissane and friends were sitting in library, Krissane notices her friend to be upset. She says tomorrow is her birthday, last year she celebrated a party but this time. Krissane says they will celebrate for sure. Sid, Charlie and Ayaz come there. Krissane tries to ask them for celebration, but the boys say they already have planned a day out. Utkarsh tells Siali and Niti that Parth is an intent reader. Siali says reading is always good, Niti asks Utkarsh why he just poked her on the issue. The bell rings, they all leave for class. It was Vibha’s class, VIbha gives them the homework to write the summary of the poem. As she leaves the class, Sid complains to Charile that he sat behind Niti. He hears Krissane telling Seemi to invite Siali and Niti as well. Krissane says they are also part of school, they can’t be left uninvited. Seemi says she will invite them too.
Utkarsh has a muscle stretch in the ground, Seemi comes to tell them they are doing her birthday’s bring in tonight. Seemi asks doesn’t he know its meaning, Seemi explains it means welcome. Niti asks does she wants to invite them. Krissane says the whole class is coming, and if uninvited they will complain about them to principal. Siali says they aren’t like them and aren’t going to complain. Seemi says can’t they be friends for a day, she will like it if they come. Siali takes the invitation card from her hand, Niti was upset. Ayaz reminds Utkarsh about movie tonight, Utkarsh says he will come. Siali says to Niti that the forwarded friendship’s hand, they must take it. Niti says they must be planning some drama in their minds, leaves saying she isn’t going to the party. Siali goes behind her.
In the corridor, Krissane says she knew they won’t agree if she would say. Sid comes and asks Krissane she can fool everyone but not him, she can’t be so excited for someone else’s birthday. Krissane says she has a plan, but runs away without telling him. She wonders what must be there in her mind. In the play ground, Siali and Sid come across, Utkarsh comes, holds her hand and takes her away. Parth watches Niti going to a corner upset. Sid comes to Krissane and asks what is going on in her mind, Krissane asks him to let it a surprise. Rishab announces it is time for their snacks, fruit and milk will be served in mess in five minutes.
The boys were curt why they will have to eat fruits, can’t they have chocolates or cookies.
Siali was worried that Niti is stubborn and angry at the same time, she won’t agree. Parth says Utkarsh will make her up. Utkarsh comes to Niti and gives her juice, he says if she doesn’t want to go she may not. Niti says she isn’t going, but why is this Siali going? Utkarsh says they might have realized their mistake, they must go to party as Siali says they have to spend two years in school. Niti says this is all their drama, they can’t ever be friends to them. Utkarsh says this risk is worth taking, may be Krissane becomes their friend too. Niti says she will never be Krissane’s friend. Niti had eaten all of Utkarsh’s fruit, throws the bowl and runs inside. Utkarsh says she isn’t agreeing, tells Siali that she must go to party then we will make up Niti.
Niti meets Charlie in the corridor, he smiles at her, she smiles back. Charlie kneels in front of her and wipes her sweat off her forehead smiling. Niti smiles at him and stretches his cheek. Suddenly, he was standing back and Niti was shouting at him. She jerks him away from her way and goes inside.
Kamini gives Vibha the responsibility to take girl’s dorm room tonight. Vibha says to Kamini that she always take it, Kamini says can’t she take it for a day. The new teacher has been allocated the duty for boy’s dorm room, as I have to read a book. Kamini goes and receive the parcel from peon. Vibha wonders is it a book in such a big packet.
At night, boys were coming downstairs, Utkarsh asks which movie are they going to watch. The boys discuss some vulgar scenes of movie. They ask about Sid, Charlie says Urmilla maam called him in his office.
Sid comes to office, Urmilla gives him a shirt saying his dadi gave it before leaving for London. Sid says he wants to say sorry to her that he couldn’t win Mr. Fresher this time. Urmilla says it is ok, the one who is better wins. Utkarsh’s performance was better than him this time, so he won. She says in life we must target winning in life, the winner is the best. Utkarsh was best this time, she asks today is his movie night. She tells him to take care of Utkarsh, Sid asks why. Urmilla says he is a new comer, and was behaved badly in his starting days of school. Sid says alright, he will tell her. Urmilla gives him a shirt to be given to Utkarsh, Sid asks why mom? Urmilla says he is an orphan, we must sympathize with them. Sid thinks he is getting extra attention because of him, and he must now do something about it.

PRECAP: Everyone waits for Siali and Niti in the party, Siali says she doesnt know she is being right or wrong but she just want their relaions to get better. Krissane begins a game in party, and thinks Siali will now see waht she can do.

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  1. Nice epsd..tnx sona….
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  2. everyday episode is becoming more interesting…
    thanks Sona for the update, always keep it up.

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