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Mahakumbh 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapadiya Maai pacifying the hospital staff asking them to be patient and help others. She smiles seeing Katherine help people. Rao and Dansh see the live feeds of Kumbh and smile. Dansh says we have to catch Rudra’s weakness. Rao says I know its Maya, but she has run away by Grierson’s mistake. Dansh says its fine, we don’t need her.

Rudra’s heart is so weak that it breaks seeing anyone hurt, he is seeing thousands of people hurt, we will make this plan of bringing the water in our hands, no one should get a drop of water, then people will die of thirst and then their protector will come to beg water from me, then I will do the deal. Rao says our thinking matches. Dansh kisses his hand. Rao shows the water tankers, and says the water of the whole city is in these

tankers and we have all these tankers. Dansh smiles. Rao gets call from minister Shiv Kumar Sinha and talks to him.

Dansh says come Rudra, till then I will have an account of your scores and take revenge. Vrish, Leela and the Naags go inside the tunnel and see the place. Vrish stops them and says no one will go ahead till I say. Leela asks till when will we be here. He says I don’t know. The minister comes to the people and clicks pics with them, doing charity and making his good image. He talks to the media and says this incident is not a danger, but a wound on devotee’s feelings, and promises them that everything will be fine, Ganga will come back in this Mahakumbh.

Shivanand looks on and greets him. He asks how will he get Ganga back, explain us, is there any way, did he do any arrangements. Shivanand blames him too and says its corruption here. The minister leaves. Rao says he knew this will happen, and now Dansh will be taking care of the tankers. Dansh asks him to leave everything on him. Rao says its time to take Amrit in hand.

The people start fighting by the thirst. Rudra, and other Garudas see this on live feeds. Rudra says they will take tankers at night. Charles comes and says all tankers are missing from the city, water is nowhere, I tried finding everywhere. Tiwari says it mean there is someone who knew this will happen. Rao talks to minister and says they can get benefit by this and explains him. The minister says you have all the water of Allahabad, what will he explain in conference. Rao says he has report ready and no one will doubt on him, you get ready for it now.

A man throws the water drums and goons stop people from drinking water, and waste it. Rudra comes there and the boy shows the goons to him, who have pushed the boy and throwing the water. Rudra beats the goons. Tiwari talks in the meeting and addresses his seniors, saying people come here to solve their problems by their devotion, and here people are looted. Tiwari says someone is doing this. The goons ask Rudra not to beat them and beat the man who made them do this.

Bhairavi talks to the Garudas in Saraswati kund. Rudra fights with Dansh and says he will get water in Kumbh today itself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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