Mahakaali 30th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani hits all of Mani’s men

Mahakaali 30th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mani says to Mann Mata will come. Mann says yes this time she has to come. We have to bring her here. Parvati is angry. Shiv says calm down Parvati.
Vishnu says Shiv will always be with Parvati and guide her. Parvati walks in anger.
Indra says Mann and Mani are trying to make Mata angry. We have to do something. A woman comes and says please help me Devraj. It Kuldevi. Her face is burned. She says this happened because of mata’s anger. Do something or I will be dead.
Indra says we have to take help from Mahadev.
Vishnu and Lakshmi come to Mahadev. He says we have to stop Parvati. Shiv says I know. She shouldn’t get in anger. Man and Mani will be taught a lesson. Kuldevi and Indra come to Shiv. He says please help us. Shiv says everything will be fine

don’t worry.

Mann and Mani come to jungle. Mani says today we will take Mata with us. They run after a child. He runs. Mani burns the house. His mom screams. Parvati comes there. Shiv comes there too. Manni tries to kill more people.. Vishnu and Lakshmi come there and stop them. The woman is screaming for her child. Shiv brings him out. Mani says you can’t stop us. I knew you will come here to stop us. You are responsible for everytime Mata didn’t come to us. We would go this time. This is what we wanted you to do.

Parvati is surrounded by some men. Parvati move from my way. He says be angry. That is what we want to do. Mani says no one can stop Parvati from becoming Parvati. Parvati is getting angry. Mann laughs. He says mata is getting angry.
Parvati says to Shiv doesn’t need to be here to stop me, He is in my heart. Shiv says ot mani think once again. You have no idea once you attack Parvati what new face will she take. There is still time.
Mani’s men move towards Parvati. He says be Mahakali. Hje comes towards Parvati to attack her.. A man comes and hits him. He dies. He says I will stand in front of Mata. Mani says where did Shani come from? Shiv says he comes when Mahaklai needs him.
Parvati says I don’t need anyone’s help. He says I had to come here.

Shani hits all of Mani’s men. They all die. Mann says all of them died. Mani says what will we do now. Mani says thats what mata did. Shiv says to Mani stop all this. Mann says the game is not over yet. He makes a fire ball and it goes to his cave. He says see my power now.
Parvato says to Shani go from here. She is turning into Mahakali. Parvati says go Shani. Shani says I just came here to see you. Of course you don’t need my help.
Paravti turns into Mahakali everything burns.
mani laughs and says its about time. See how I detain her now. Shiv says yopu can only dream that.

Shiv says Parvati calm down. She turns into Parvati again. Shani says thank God. He says trust me mata. Asurs are coming here again. I will see them. Shani fights all the asurs.
Shiv says to Mani you didn’t have to do all this.
Mani says Mata won’t come. Mann says no we will bring her. Mani says Mahadev can’t stop us.
Parvati says I am ready for all the challenges. I can even be angry.
Asurs come to Mann and says please pardon us. He tells them whats the next plan.

Precap-Mani says to you can’t stop us Mahdev.
He burns everything. Parvati turns into Mahakali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nice update.. thank u very much Aruba???

  2. nice update..thank u Atiba ???

  3. What kind of language is this? Even after reading a particular line, it makes no sense..where are the tenses, active and passive voices in your sentences??…if you read it without watching the episode,it absolutely makes no sense.

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