Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 30th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Rahul spies on Shakti

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The Episode starts with Gauri telling Rahil about a master ji, who raised questions on temple happenings. FB shows the teacher asking students to ask questions and learn. He asks sarpanch about the traditions of temple, its wrong, it should change. He explains them the real meaning of knowledge. He doesn’t let them shut the temple door. Thakur asks why do you want to break the tradition running since 300 years, don’t act kiddish. Teacher asks who has seen the traditions’ formation, let anything happen, I will see what happens in this temple after sunset. A tamrapatra falls. Thakur asks Pujari ji to read this, where did this come from. Pujari says its written in sanskrit. Thakur asks him to explain. Pujari reads the answers will be given after sunset, Shivgan will do aarti.

After sunset, everyone gather at the temple door. They all get shocked hearing the Shivgan aarti. Teacher says there is no one in the temple, who is doing aarti. They all chant Lord’s name. Thakur says we will do aarti at the ghat every day. They all leave. FB ends. Gauri says then they started aarti outside the temple, tamrapatra started coming. Rahul doubts on Shakti and asks where is that teacher. Gauri says don’t know, maybe he got ashamed and left the village. Rahul thinks of the incidents. He says no human can do this, is this a miracle, no, what am I thinking, there will be some secret, if Shakti is behind this, I will get some proof, where Sarpanch made tamrapatra on Shakti’s saying, it means Shakti would have done this before, I will get answers from that shop.

Rahul visits the shop and asks the man did he made the tamrapatra. The man says yes, its made on special order, a man got ten copies made three years ago. Rahul asks just ten copies, did anyone made this before. The man says yes, I remember, another man gave its big order. Rahul asks who was that man. The man shows the register. Rahul reads Pashunath’s name and thinks Shakti and Pashunath want to stop me, but I won’t stop now, I will catch her red handed.

The man announces about the temple door getting locked, no one should come near the temple. Everyone leaves. Some men go through the jungle way. They rush and say this jungle comes in 3km limits of the temple. The man gets hurt by the thorn. Another man sees the bleeding and removes the thorn. The man prays. Another man says I don’t want to die, forgive me. He runs away. The man cries. He tries to run and falls down. After sunset, the man is still in jungle and finds a way out. He gets shocked seeing the Shivgan aarti commencing in the temple. He apologizes to Lord.

The man gets shocked seeing Kaal Bhairav and his Shuvaan’s shadow approaching him. He apologizes to Kaal Bhairav and begs for his life. Kaal Bhairav disappears. Rahul keeps an eye on Shakti. He sees Shakti talking to someone. He thinks how does she does those things in temple, I don’t understand, I have to catch her red handed, then I will get all answers. Shakti leaves. Rahul follows her on his bike. They reach the jungle. Shakti goes by walk. She meets some man and gives some papers. Rahul thinks who is he. The man asks is anyone following. She asks him to leave. Shakti leaves. Rahul says why is Shakti going towards the city, I thought she is going to meet Pashunath. He sees the tyres flat. The man sees Rahul. Rahul catches him and beats. He asks what photos is he hiding. He gets shocked seeing the pics.

Someone beheads the man. Rahul and everyone gets shocked finding the man beheaded.

Update Credit to: Amena

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